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  1. I wonder if these things will come out here in Australia? Not that we have many Burger Kings (I think there are a few way down south), we have Hungry Jacks instead, which is owned by Burger King. If not, Im sure the ever friendly members of this board will sell me a few, at a slight markup of course! Semper Bufo
  2. Atari 2600, It was a gift to my sister and I from our cousin in 89 or 90 Still have it and all the games he gave us
  3. I can just imagine someone with a Tawainese accent reading that out. Spider Monster Leopards? Just cant compete with the good ole Cobra Rattlers
  4. I recall reading in a newspaper article a few months ago that females tend to like The Sims because it is a sort of interactive soap opera. To me that sounds incredibly sexist, but the statitiscs (and members of this board) seem to confirm it. The women in my family tend towards puzzle games, Dr Mario, Tetris, et al. My sister enjoys playing Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, thats about the most violent game that she likes.
  5. So there are many hacks/pirates of Pitfall!? Thats pretty interesting, shall have to keep an eye out for them. Do you have a copy of them, Moycon? It could make for interesting reading.
  6. The_Cane_Toad


    Hello Gentlemen, I got a query about a game called Tomboy, and there was little info on this sites databse, other than confirming the game exsists Its been years since I played it, but as i recall it was bascially a Pitfall! ripoff, similar sort of gameplay, but much easier, with no crocodiles, no brick walls, and only rubys as the treasure. I saw a copy in the local thrift shop, but it is closed on Mondays, rest assured I will aquire my copy tomorrow, but in the mean time, does anyone know anything about this game?
  7. Well it turns out I have the Lynx Mk II. I dont think I've seen the other kind. I remember playing Klax years ago at an electronics expo, seemed like a lot of fun. Is Lemmings similar to the PC game of the same name, if so then i would definatley try to aquire it. Thanks for the info guys, I think (hope) you have steered me in the right direction.
  8. Mark II? Well there is nothing on it anywhere that indicates it is the mark II model. I guess the next question i ask as a n00b is what are the best games to get. Or even better, which games signifcantly define the lynx?
  9. Greetings fellow gamers! Today I bought an Atari Lynx with two games, Crystal Mines II and Steel Talons. I was never really interested in the lynx until i saw it on this website, and the maniacal fevor you have for your machines. Then I saw one for sale at the local second hand store. It seemed like an interesting system by my defintion of the word. All in all it was $28, which if i convert into the ole greenback is $21.20 Did I get a good deal? Are there wall power adapters? It seems a bit excessive to have that adapter with the six D-sized batteries Is there a way to remove the plastic screen, there is a fair amount of dust underneath it. Thankyou for humoring a dumb n00b and teaching him the ways of the Lynx
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