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  1. Hi Ksarul, please put me on your list for 1 of the PEB extender cards, I have a broken Geneve card, which I will soon try to get back into service. For initial tests and measurements, a PEB extender card is very helpful! Thanks.
  2. Hi Tursi, yes, my temp files are simply overwritten. It works. In my XB program Remind Alarm I simply use existing entries of the current day from the monthly file created by Remind Me. So that I do not destroy the original calendar file by a program interruption of my program I use a copy of the monthly file of Remind Me. If there is an alarm for the day and this was acknowledged, then I mark this in my tempfile. Is everything ok I copy my tempfile to the Remind Me monthly file and thus overwrite the original file. So far so good. So that the Remind Me directory contains no unnecessary files, I delete currently my tempfile with the XB command CLOSE # 1: DELETE. In XB, this works as intended. In the compiled version the tempfiles simply stay. With Isabella6 I can now use DELETE DSK1.Filename. As I said before, for me, no change in classic99 is necessary, since I usually use only my real TI anyway.
  3. Hi Tursi, the request for the function "delete" came from me (see post # 704). Since I work with temporary files, they should be deleted after editing. That did not go so far if I compiled my XB program with XBGDP. I usually practice on my real TI. Therefore the implementation in classic99 is not necessary for me. However, if it is not too much effort for you, I could also use classic99 for testing.
  4. Currently I'm using an Sony KDL-19BX200 TV. This LCD TV has a better picture as my very good 14" Sony CRT TV. And it provide an Yp Pb Pr and HDMI Input. In this picture I use the normal PAL TV converter, but I will make a new direct cable for Yp Pb Pr the German TI version should provide.
  5. Hi Seniorfalcon, many Thanks for your effort. Regarding your question, there is probably a functionality called BOOT Tracking. This is an option in the Funnelweb configuration. And in "The Cyc: Micropendium", 1.7 The Art Of Assembly - Part 7, Page 56 is an article in assembler to identify the drive from which a program was loaded. regards Wolfgang
  6. Hi Ronald, a fine card you have. I'm still waiting for the next F18A/mk2 for two of my TI systems. Attached is a EA5 Program to scan all the CRU adresses in your TI-system. DSRSCAN After loading the program DSRSCAN you see the first used CRU adress and some more informations about the device. with selection 5 you change to the next CRU adress til the last used adress. With the selection 6 you go back to the previous CRU adress. Regards Wolfgang
  7. Hi Greg, I made a EA5 file from Stuarts's browser to use it in my Mega Menu XB program. For this I used the RAG Linker tool and called the browser INT1. INT1_EA5.zip Wolfgang
  8. You are right, it was not the DM2K. Maybe it was the disk error I got before. Maybe sometimes I have a problem in my PEB. Today I tried the same thing and I had no problems.
  9. Hi Jedimat42, I'm using a TI Diskcontroller with the 40/80/80 track mod and a 3,5" drive as DSK2 and a 5,25" drive as DSK3. I have no physical DSK1 so it's always mapped to a tipi folder. I used force_command and it works between mapped tipi folders and between a mapped tipe folder DSK1 and my physical drives DSK2 and DSK3 very well. One thing I tested today in force_command 0.8: [1000.TIPI.] <-- tipi root folder $ COPY MM.MM-GER 1100.DSK2. <-- the file MM-GER was in the folder TIPI.MM. copied_block 7 of 7 [1000.TIPI.] $ DIR 1100.DSK2. Diskname: $0 Available: 1438 Used: 65442 Name Type Reclen Sectors -------------------------------------------------------- MM.MM-GER DIS/VAR 80 8 [1000.TIPI.] $ CD 1100.DSK2. [1100.DSK2.] $ DELETE MM.MM-GER cannot delete file DSK2.MM.MM-GER [1100.DSK2.] $ I think the file can not be deleted because there is a dot in the filename after the copy! Wolfgang
  10. Yes, I use DM2K to list files in my TIPI folder, and then select multiple files to copy to a physical disk. DM2K works mostly between TIPI folders and physical drives, but sometimes I get a drive or file error, then DM2K shows me only the physical DSK2 and DSK3 and not the mapped folder in the TIPICFG. I think that was my problem yesterday when I tried to update tipi to 1.40 and it went awry. Today I used some programs like REMIND ME and DM2K and everything works fine. Then I made the update to 1.40 and it works as expected. Everything is OK.
  11. Yes, copy function works very well between TIPI folders and physical disc drive. But DELETE works only from the path you are currently. [1000.TIPI.MM.] $ COPY MM-X 1100.DSK2.MM-X <-- This works very well! [1000.TIPI.MM.] $ DELETE 1100.DSK2.MM-X <-- This isn't working file not found TIPI.MM.1100.DSK2.MM-X [1000.TIPI.MM.] $ CD 1100.DSK2. [1100.DSK2.] $ DELETE MM-X <-- This is working! Wolfgang
  12. No, I only accepted the autoupdate displayed on the TIPICFG screen. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I used DM2K before the update. Sometimes, when I use the DM2K tool, I get access to the DSK1, DSK2 and DSK3 shown. Yesterday I had DSKx drives mapped to TIPICFG, but only DSK1 displays the TIPI directory. DSK2 and DSK3 both showed the directory of physical drives in the PEB. Then I made a new SD card with vB0.29 and update to vB0.36. Now everything works again with Beta0.36. But I will do the auto update today at 1.40. Now I have created some images of the different TIPI versions with my configurations. So I can try the update with and without DM2K.
  13. Hello jedimatt42, Today I have the update on version 1.40 activated and my TI99 worked about 15 minutes on the update. I thought there is something wrong. The TIPI card LED flashes and nothing happens. After 15 minutes I reset my TI and as I assumed, the PI / TIPI was faulty. The TI could not start anymore. After selecting XB in the FG99 the screen stays blue and the TIPI card is constantly lit. Now I have restarted the PI and then turned on the TI99. After selecting XB or TI BASIC everything seems to be OK. But a CALL TIPI leads to blockage and the TIPI LED lights up permanently. I think I have to create a new SD card. Can I download the version 1.39 or 1.40 somewhere? On your website I found only the version b29. Greetings from Germany Wolfgang
  14. That sounds very good! Yes, please a small tutorial would be very helpfull.
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