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  1. Hi Greg, @arcadeshopper if you have more boxes to sell, can I use this box to connect it to my TI-74? I‘m searching a storing solution for my little TI-74‘s.
  2. Hello everybody, A few months ago I started a small Bulletin Board System (BBS) project. Beery Miller had already announced in January 2020 that he would convert the After Hours BBS system to Telnet communication for the TI-99/4A home computer with Tipi extension. Even then, I thought it was a good idea to use my TI with this application. In mid-May, Beery Miller made the BBS software available in the AtariAge forum. That was when I installed the software on my second TI-99/4A with a Tipi extension. After all, the BBS system should run around the clock, 7/24 hours. In addition to the BBS program, Beery also provided all source files. That gave me the idea of gradually converting my BBS system to German. The changeover has not yet taken place in all areas, but the basic text information and parts of the menu control are implemented in German. I set up the system texts in English and German. The TBOX99 BBS system can be called with any Telnet client. A file transfer is possible with the XMODEM protocol. The TBOX99 BBS system has been available since 05/20/2020 at the following address: URL: mytbox99.ddns.net Port: 61643 In addition to my TBOX99 BBS system, there is a second AFTER HOURS BBS, which Arcadeshopper operates in the original English version. The “THEKEEP” After Hours BBS can only be called from the “The Keep BBS”. After logging into The Keep BBS, the After Hours BBS can be reached with the following two commands: /go dialout + enter then d 19 + enter Beery Miller has further developed the After Hours BBS system over the past few months. He has implemented a huge download area with a very extensive menu structure and more than 3000 files available for the TI-99/4A and for the Geneve computer. He has also implemented a search function that searches all files and brief information in the entire download area for a specific term and lists the files found. In addition to news and information in the message area, the BBS can now also be used as a program source for the TI-99/4A and the Geneve computer. For me this is a very good example of the practical (hobby) use of a retro computer! For everyone who has not yet created an account in the TBOX99 BBS, I have converted the current TBOX99 newsletter #3 to pdf format. This issue explains how to download files from the BBS system. The example uses the "Mass Transfer" (MXT) program on a TI99-4A. The TBOX99 newsletter is a pure text file that can be displayed on practically any terminal. TBOX99_#03_Newsletter.pdf Here are also the previous editions of the TBOX99 newsletter: Issue 2 contains an overview of the currently available hardware and software extensions for the TI-99/4A as well as an illustration of the menu structure in the TBOX99 download area. TBOX99_#02_Newsletter.pdf Issue 1 contains brief information about the start of the BBS system TBOX99_#01_Newsletter.pdf If you feel like it, you can log into the TBOX99 system and simply take a look at the system or leave a message. Wolfgang Hess (wolhess)
  3. This is a list of all files I added to the download area of the BBS system: BBS_DL-Files_List.zip For the games I made a new revision of the game shelf book. All program descriptions and if available the manuals are included in the pdf. TI-99 GameShelf_2020-08-06.pdf With the BBS_DL-Files_List and the game shelf book and with the search function in the BBS system, it is very easy to find a specific game or program in the download area. Happy downloading and happy gaming!
  4. Hello Beery, I have added 300+ games from the Gameshelf website to the BBS download area and to the Excel tool. BBS.zip I used the following categories for this: BBS Menu: [D] ata Library, TI-99 / 4A, Games, [A] Basic TI BASIC Games: CAT42 -> Filenames: GBnnnn-ARK BBS Menu: [D] ata Library, TI-99 / 4A, Games, Extended Basic XB games: CAT19 -> Filenames: GXnnnn-ARK BBS Menu: [D] ata Library, TI-99 / 4A, Games, [C] Compiled XB Compiled XB games: CAT20 -> file names: GCnnnn-ARK BBS Menu: [D] ata Library, TI-99 / 4A, Games, [D] Assembly Assembly games: CAT24 -> Filenames: GAnnnn-ARK BBS Menu: [D] ata Library, TI-99 / 4A, Games, [E] GPL, c99, Others GPL, c99, Other games: CAT16 -> Fileman: GOnnnn-ARK I also have added the files for my Mega Menu system and all demo programs configured in the MM-System. The Gameshelf games are listed again with a different name and these files includes an additional LOAD file for the mega menu system. BBS Menu: [D] ata Library, TI-99 / 4A, [D] Utilities, [E] Menu Programs Mega Menu Program system: CAT21 -> file name: MM250-ARK (Mega Menu Version 2.50) MFnnn-ARK (Mega Menu Demo Programs) MGnnnn-ARK (Game Shelf games) I have used the tool 50+ times to update and test the lists in the BBS system. In the zip file above the file listings in the BBS system are all working fine, but if I add one file in the category "CAT24", the file list breaks with an DSR error and I have to restart the BBS program. The error can be reproduced if you copy the file MUMMY3-ARK from "CAT08" (line 20) to CAT24 in the Excel tool and then execute "Create Files". If the file list is then called in the BBS system ([D] ata Library, TI-99 / 4A, Games, [D] Assembly), the following error occurs: The problem occurs only in the category "CAT24" and it depends not of the example file MUMMY3-ARK". It does not matter whether the file list is displayed page by page or continuously. I have tested all the file lists in the download arrea to check the DSR error and the Error occurs in three more file lists: 1. TI-99/4A - Applications - Music (CAT13) 2. TI-99/4A - Programming - Extended Basic (CAT30) 3. TI-99/4A - Programming - Assembly (CAT17) Maybe you have an idea to find this bug?
  5. Hi @Ksarul, how does xb3 indicate that it found sams memory? Is it in the size command?
  6. Hello @BeeryMiller, I have changed some menu files for the download area to avoid the query 'Press any key - ^C to abort' and to display the query "Your database menu selection - =>" directly. I deleted a blank line in the menu files: TEXTFF, TEXTFG, TEXTFH, TEXTFI, TEXTFK, TEXTFL. The files are in the following zip file: TEXTXX.zip In the BBS source file BBSSUBS, I changed the German text "Weiter mit beliebiger Taste - ^C zum Abbrechen" to "Weiter mit beliebiger Taste, ^C=Abbruch". That is only 39 characters and it fits in one line (in 40 character display mode). BBSSUBS I tested a few downloads with the MXT program. So far this works very well and reliably. However, sometimes MXT writes the string "[2J" on the screen. If you feel like it, maybe you can take a look at it and correct it? From the PC in the Telnet client, everything looks good without the "[2J" string! I took some pictures of it to see what I mean:
  7. Right now I tested the file download. First search a file then change to the File Transfer menu and choose download with CRC or Checksum. Both is doing well! BUT!!! I used your MXT v4.E program and at the first try I discovered that the download hangs the system, but this was my own fault. What was happening? I entered the file name "TBOXNE-ARK" to download, change to the XMODEM menu and the program asks for the file name to receive. I entered again "TBOXNE-ARK". MXT shows there are 6 sectors to download and hangs. So I went back to the previous version with same result. I went back to the version from June, 7 2020, same result and then I remembered I forgot to enter the device for saving. Next time I entered in the XMODEM menu DSK1.TBOXNE-ARK and all works fine. It was a massive level 8 error! It seems all is working fine and stable.
  8. Hello Beery, I have just tested the new search function in the BBS system. I searched for "MXT" and immediately saw four results. The query to continue or cancel searching is very good. Then I searched for "aligator" to test how long the search lasted. With my PAL TI (50Hz) it took about 4 minutes. Not bad for a search over approx. 12,000 lines (approx. 3,300 sectors, 830KB). I then searched for "HRD", "Ramdisk" and "Stratego" and every time I got the first result after a few seconds. Very impressive! 👍🙂 Here is my BBS system running the searching function:
  9. OK thanks. Then I will use the new tool to add more programs. But take your time.
  10. Hi, @BeeryMiller I have not worked with the Excel sheet, but I still want to add some files. Should I use the old excel version or rather wait until the new version is ready?
  11. Hello, In the last few days I received feedback from Vorticon with some ideas to make the menu control in the mega menu a bit more comfortable. Here is the result: MEGA MENU v2.50 – New version: Jul / 24 / 2020 MM250.zip The complete package with all demo programs and the Gameshelf programs. MM250_UPDATE.zip Only the files you need for an update of an existing menu system. Easy copy the files to the directory TIPI.MM. MegaMenu-250.pdf The manual with the extensions of the new version. New in version 2.50 This version contains some new commands for comfortable control of the menu system. - FCTN+3 Deletes a menu item – The program asks for the item 1-9 or A-U. If the menu item is a submenu call with a menu configuration file, the program asks whether this file should also be deleted. You can answer “Y”es or “N”o. If the menu item is not to be deleted, press ENTER to return to the menu view - FCTN+9 Always changes to the main menu 1/3. - FCTN+S Changes the main menu to the left. When the main menu 1/3 is displayed, FCTN + S changes to the main menu 3/3, a new entry to 2/3, the next entry again to the main menu 1/3. If a submenu is currently displayed, FCTN + S changes back to the menu from which the submenu was called. This function remembers up to 5 submenu calls. - FCTN+D Changes the main menu to the right. When the main menu 1/3 is displayed, FCTN + D changes to the main menu 2/3, a new entry to 3/3, the next entry again to the main menu 1/3. If a submenu is currently displayed the menu points to the next submenu if it has been selected beforehand. The function remembers up to 5 submenu calls. Now you can configure a menu item to run a program from a Ram disk or from a Hard disk drive. To run for example the program ARC3 from the Ram Disk Drive “DSKE.” The configuration shows in the picture below. The Device names can be DSK1 to DSK9 or DSKA to DSKZ. It should also be possible to use IDE1 to IDE9 or IDEA to IDEZ (not testet yet!). There are some more improvements about error messages for the file handling. See more info in the manual. Update Mega Menu from version 2.48 to 2.50 If you want to update your existing Mega Menu system from the version 2.48 to the version 2.50 you can easy unzip the file MM250_update.ZIP in your TIPI folder TIPI.MM. This change seven files in the Mega Menu root path: TIPI.MM.MM TIPI.MM.MM-X TIPI.MM.MM-Y TIPI.MM.MM-ENG TIPI.MM.MM-GER TIPI.MM.MMHELP-ENG TIPI.MM.MMHELP-GER That’s it, enjoy the new version! Coming soon: For the additional programs that are included in the package, I will conduct a separate workshop on using Stuart's Internet Browser and Force Command with the Mega Menu system.
  12. Hi Beery, this is a great feature, and even if the search routine takes more than 3 minutes, it is always worth it.
  13. Hi @ralphb, there are very good news. You have the P-system running on your SDD99. I‘m definitely interested in your card. Are the other capabilities like 32K/SAMS,Wifi still available on your card? Wow, what a thing!
  14. Interesting program, does it work without special hardware, only with the Centronics interface?
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