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  1. Hi, i had a similar problem in my Mega Menu program development. The issue in my program was the array in line 200. I changed it to assign the value of max(x1,0) to a new variable and used the new variable in the statement e.g. 195 xn=max(x1,0) 200 if w1<32 then x1=xn this solved my problem
  2. I found this manual in an old collection of software:
  3. Hi, yes from my side! I have a nearly complete TI p-system with a TI console, a Peripheral Expansion System box with a sams card, a corcomp floppy controller and four floppy drives. I‘m using @apersson850‘s disks to make the fourth floppy available. Currently I try to use a Terminal via RS232 and I will connect an Epson compatible printer via PIO. The p-system let me feel I have a (very small) mainframe system for one user from the old day‘s in front of me. Maybe I can add my Horizon ramdisk to this system and maybe I can make the sams memory working with the p-system. I played a little bit with turtle graphics and with the TI-Pilot disk, but first I will work with the RS232/PIO connection to other peripherals.
  4. I‘m using an OSSC too for my EVPC2/V9938 TI-99/4a system. At the beginning I had the same issue (somtimes a black screen for a second or two). Then I played with the configuration of the OSSC with success and since about three months I never had a black screen. It is completely stable.
  5. @Tursi, yes my problem is solved. So from my site classic99 is working with the compiler. Please don‘t be frustated. Classic99 is super!
  6. For my update from 1.5 to 2.x I had to make a new SD image. But it was some months ago.
  7. Yes, Chess, chatti and snek are working again. Thank You!
  8. Hi @jedimatt42, today I tried to get access to the internet applications snek, Weather, Stuarts Internet Browser, chatti, Chess, Platoterm and tipi telnet. I tested the access from my tipipeb (with EVPC2 80 column card) and from my V9929A system with a sidecar tipi. Both tipis are upgraded to v2.17. For SNEK, CHATTI and CHESS I used URI1.progname, URI1 is configured to "URI1=http://myti99.com" Here are the results: - Snek program is running on both systems. - Weather is running on both systems. - Stuarts Internet Browser runs on both systems (chess application is working) - chatti: On both systems I have the same issue, it shows a mysterious message from usr/lib/pystatus? and the search command doesn't show any user. - chess is working only from stuarts internet browser. The program from http://myti99.com.chess shows some characters on the screen and a part of the version number. I can press BLANK and "1" but all screens shows some black blocks and some numbers, but not the chess board. During the program is loading it had access more than 20 times to the tipi (tipi led = ON), before it shows the screen with the version #. - Platoterm is working on the sidecar/V9929 tipi system. On the tipipeb/V9938 system it shows the first title screen and then blocks the TI. This was the first test of these applications after I added the EVPC2/V9938 card in my tipipeb system a few weeks ago, so maybe some of my issues are based on the EVPC2 card. Only CHESS and CHATTI show the same behavior on both systems. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or I have to configure something different. CHATTI: CHESS Platoterm: And I tested Telnet from the tipipeb/V9938 system to my TBOX99 mailbox system on the sidecar/V9929 system in 32, 64 and 80 column. In 40 column and in 64 column it is working on the tipipeb/V9938 system. In 80 column mode it shows three times the upper part (about 10 lines) on different locations on the screen: For this I selected 80 column in the TELNET program and 80 column in the Afterhour BBS program.
  9. Hi @tschak909, today I tested the Platoterm access from my both tipi systems. With my sidecar tipi on a plain console I got acces to Platoterm and could log in and I could do some other things. On my tipipeb system with a EVPC2 80 column card (V9938) I only get the first screen of the Platoterm system and then the TI99 hangs. Before I added the 80 column card I was able to acces Platoterm from this system, so I think it has to do with the EVPC2 card. This card should be compatible with the Mechatronic 80 column card, so maybe there is an update in the future to support an V9938 Videoprocessor?
  10. I tried the AT-X program in mame and it works there. I can input shift characters without a screen problem. But mame emulates only the EVPC card and not the EVPC2 card.
  11. Hi Tursi, Thank you for providing the debug tool. I'ts very easy to understand. You are right, the Isabella6 menu tries to load a file DSK6.QF after selecting "assembler" and in the wrong classic99.ini file I have a mapped drive to DSK6 on my tipi-SD card to Z:\C99FW\. In this folder I have the funnelweb system configured for c99 and there is a file QF. But this file doesn't have anything to do with the compiling process. With the fresh classic99.ini file there is no folder mapped to DSK6. so this failed to load and the compiling process can go on to assemble the program. I think the Isabella6 menu is using some type of auto boot tracking but I don't see anything to deal with the file DSK6.QF!? Maybe senior_falcon can check if he is searching a QF file on DSK6. It seems that classic99 is working correct! I changed DSK6 in the wrong classic99.ini file to Z:\MM\ (In this folder isn't a file called QF and the compiling process is working fine. In this case the Isabella6 menu can't open DSK6.QF and proceeds with assembling like the process with a fresh ini file. This are three log files of the complete process: - C99_AT_OK.log The compiling process with a fresh classic99.ini (working) - C99_AT_wrong.log The process with my corrupted classic99.ini (not working) - C99_AT_wrong_corrected.log The process with the corrected classic99.ini (working) - LOAD The Isabella6 menu file classic99_LOG.zip
  12. Hi, maybe you will find it on page 34 in this pdf: cc_2_texasinst_ti99.pdf
  13. Hi, my EVPC2 card, DIP switch 6 was OFF. (This was recommended by Michael Becker, he told me only DIP switch 7 and 8 should be set to ON) I set it to ON, but my screen is still broken when I press the SHIFT key in the AT-X program. If I break the compiled XB program, the display is fine again (as described in post # 757). I tested the program with both settings VDP MOVE=ON and VDP MOVE=OFF with the same results. Even TI BASIC shows the same results (After running TI-BASIC I have to make a CALL BASIC to see the correct screen). If I press one of the SHIFT keys the TI clears the screen, shows the TI BASIC READY prompt and I don't see any further input. So I have to make a CALL BASIC and NEW. Then TI BASIC is working again. It seems that the DIP switch 6 doesn't work in this case.
  14. Hi Tursi, yes there are errors after I select Assembler, the debugger shows an Illegal opcode. And this is the disasm LOG started before I select ASSEMBLER from the Isabella6 menu. disasm.txt And so it shows, when I use a fresh classic99.ini disasm_working.txt
  15. Hi @atrax27407, I'm using the snug EVPC2 80 column card without the extra wire from the console to the PEB. The card has a dsr, but I think it uses the standard GROM 0-3 in the console. Maybe I'm wrong. Usualy the EVPC2 is working without a console but with a HSGPL and a SGCPU card. In the HSGPL I assume the console GROMs are modified to work with the EVPC2 card. So I think I have no chance to use a modified GROM in my system. Wolfgang
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