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  1. Hello Beery, thank you very much for the ansi version of the After Hour software. I still have to finish my current work, then I can test the new BBS version.
  2. Hi Hans and all, Yesterday I installed the F18A board in my TI system. The result is impressive! Image with 9929 and PHA2030 Image with F18A Image with 9929 and PHA2030 Image with F18A Here are a few pictures of the installation process: 1. Test the system with the 9929 video processor 2. Open the housing and test again 3. Prepare the upper part of the housing for the VGA connector 4. Prepare the upper shielding plate and swap the video processor 9929 with the F18A board 5. Test the system with the built-in F18A 6. Put everything back together in the case 7. Final test after everything is reassembled. Installation is very easy and the result is a great picture!
  3. I think this is a result of patching the original Multiplan version to work with 80 columns on the TI hardware. It seems this is not an official version from Microsoft. I have Multiplan for my CP/M Plus system and for my MS-DOS PC in 80 column and with these I have no problems.
  4. Yes you are right, my both multiplan versions are in different subfolders but both are named "TIMP"! MP40: DSK1. = TIPI.MM.P.TIMP and MP80: DSK1. = TIPI.MM.P.80.TIMP DATA: DSK2. = TIPI.MM.P.TIMP.TAB Today I tested to save a new worksheet on my real floppy drive DSK3. and this is working with both versions (40 and 80 column). Existing worksheets I can load and save on a mapped tipi drive only with the same name. (also with 40 and 80 column version). To save an existing worksheet with a different file name or in symbolic or other format I have to save it on the real floppy like a new worksheet. So my approach for new worksheets or new filenames is to save it on a real floppy. Then run dm2k and copy the new file to my tipi data folder. My normal work process is to map the TIMP folder to DSK1. and the data folder to DSK2. and I use DSK3. for my real floppy drive 3. Then I run the multiplan cartridge directly from the FG99 or from my Mega Menu program or from a Force Command menu. So I can load an existing worksheet, work with it and I can save it back to the tipi folder. If I need an other filename for the worksheet or if I need a new worksheet, I save it to the real floppy DSK3 and later I copy the new file to the tipi folder DSK2. All the above is working with the FG99 original phm3113.bin multiplan cartridge file. The picture shows my worksheet with which I document my drinks purchases. The modified cartridge file to autostart the multiplan cartridge is also working for existing worksheet files. But this bin file has problems to save files even on a real floppy drive! Multiplan displays the message "Cannot write file" and then it hangs so I have to reset the TI console. After I was doing this, the disk in DSK3. is corrupt. It cannot read or write data and dm2k shows an error 6. So I have to reformat the disk. The 80 column version cannot print a worksheet, so If I will print it I use the 40 column version. This is the reason I configured my Mega Menu and my Force command AUTOCMD so I can select both versions of Multiplan. I also tested to print the workspace to a file. This works also only on a real floppy and only possible with the 40 column version of Multiplan! This file I can load with the TIW or like in the next picture with Fred Kaals 80 column editor or in the Funnelweb Editor with 80 column: If I configure the PI.PIO printer with Print - Options - TAB (CTRL+A) setup: PI.PIO When I print the worksheet it prints to the tipi printer and I can show it on the PC and print it on my PC-Printer.
  5. Did you use the filname with the correct name in upper or lower case? If you have mapped the folder, you can catalog the files in DSK1 with dm2k or with call cat(1) in rxb. so you are shure you have the mp files in the mapped tipi folder.
  6. I think I can save a new file on a real disc with the 40 column version. I will check this with the 80 column version tomorrow morning.
  7. thank you very much for the detailed explanation. This is a very interesting way to supplement your own program extensions.
  8. I have always observed this behavior if the program is not found on the assigned TIPI drive. Then the DSR searches for the DSK1 device on other CRU addresses and finds the TI disk controller and my physical DSK1 on CRU 1100. As a rule, I have just entered a wrong path or file name.
  9. I can load Multiplan from the mapped tipi drive (DSK1.) and I load the data file from a mapped tipi drive DSK2. without an issue. In my tipi configuration I have AUTO=OFF. But I have load and save issues with the Multiplan tabel files when I use the 80 column version. My 80 column Multiplan only loads an existing table file. I can work with this file and I can save it using the same file name. If I will save a new file it doesn‘t work. So I have to use the 40 column version to create a new file or to save an existing file to a new name.
  10. Hi, Your bin files work completely. Many Thanks. Now I can select "Multiplan" in Force Command and run directly in the Multiplan start screen. What I read from your previous explanations, two steps were necessary for the Multiplan autostart. 1. Enter the program entry address for the automatic start and 2. Establish the system environment as after a reset via the title screen. If you have a little more time, could you please explain how you changed everything exactly to enable the autostart and function? I am interested in how you found the program address for point 1 and how you created the system environment for point 2. And somehow you must have taught the Multiplan module that the second bin file with the system environment is loaded before the main program? I was reading the nouspikel.com website with the standard header summary. As far as I understand you have also entered the address of the program list in the field for the power-up list. The change of address 0x003 from 00 to 52, the address 0x0012 from D6 to D8 and the handling of the C file is unclear to me. I looked at the old and the new GROM file and looked for differences. This is the original GROM file: And this is the modified GROM file_ Wolfgang
  11. OK, I think that's a bit beyond my knowledge.
  12. Wow, I tested your modified bin file right now and it runs directly in the Multiplan screen without showing the title screen. But then nothing else is working. The cartridge shows the Multiplan "Press Enter Key To Load" but no key pressing is accepted. Also in the unmodiefied bin file you can press the "blank" key to change the colors, now nothing happens. I think the Multiplan cartridge is a litle bit more complicated than a normal game cartridge.
  13. I was thinking more of a change in the Multiplan GROM similar to the autostart of Gazoo's XB 2.7 Suite.
  14. Super cool, your cpm emulation is another tipi application for the TI-99/4a. Now we have access to a lot of text based applications from the cpm world. Maybe there is a MSDOS emulator available for the pi too?
  15. Hello, maybe someone can help me to start Multiplan automatically. I have read in various threads that you can change a cartridge so that this cartridge program starts automatically. How does this work using the example of the Multiplan module? I regularly work with a Multiplan table on my TI system. (Console, FG99, PEB, TIPI, EVPC2 80 Column card, SAMS 1MB, TI Disk Controller with 80 Track mod, 1x5.25“ 360KB, 1x3.5“ 360K, 1x5.25“ 90K, Rave 99 Speech Adapter+speech card) Force Command version 1.17, tipi version 2.23 (dsr vom 24.02.2021) To do this, I start Force Command from FG99 and select Multiplan in 80-character mode via an "AUTOCMD" menu. The TIPI directories are mapped in the AUTOCMD and the Multiplan cartridge is loaded. This results in the TI showing the title screen and then I can start Multiplan with ENTER and choice 2 for Multiplan. With another ENTER the Multiplan application loads. If the Multiplan Cartidge Module starts automatically, the Title screen + Enter + Option 2 would be omitted. Perhaps there is also a patch to skip the selection "INSTALL PROGRAM DISK - PRESS ENTER KEY TO LOAD" and run Multiplan directly? This is what I do now: 1) Run Force Command 2) Select Multiplan and map the tipi directories 3) Press any Key 4) Select 2 for Multiplan 5) Press ENTER to load MP 6) Multiplan is running This is the menu part in my AUTOCMD to run Multiplan MP80: cls color 15 1 echo Setting up Microsoft Multiplan tipimap DSK1 TIPI.MM.P.80.TIMP tipimap DSK2 TIPI.MM.P.TIMP.TAB tipimap DSK3 TIPI.MM.P.TIMP.UTIL tipibeeps echo Loading Microsoft Multiplan cartridge fg99 PHM3113G And this is the Multiplan .bin File: PHM3113G I use in my FG99 phm3113G.BIN Thank You for any hints to make the multiplan.bin file autorunning.
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