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    Homecinema with 4K Sony Beamer, SACD Music (classic), an old Jukebox from 1970, a very old Grammophone, AKAI tape Maschine, Playstation 3
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    TI-99: Fruitee - I just wanted to try the game for a moment, but then I played it all day. Unfortunately, the computer always won.

    PC: The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt, FS2020

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About Me

I live in Germany, in the small town Bruchköbel about 30km east of Frankfurt am Main. I bought my TI-99/4a in 1982 and used it until 1985. Since then, the computer was well packed in the basement shelf. At the beginning of December 2017 I rediscovered the box with the TI99 and installed it on my desk. Many of my XB programs on tape are still running today. But unfortunately I have completely forgotten the programming and start almost from zero.

This forum is great for beginners like me to get back in the game!


My systems consists: 8 x TI-99/4a (silver) PAL version, 1 x TI-99/4a (silver) and 1 x TI99/4a (beige) NTSC version.


The main system, on this system I'm working on my Mega Menu program and much more:

                            1 x TI-99/4a PAL (silver) console 

                            1 x PAL Encoder PHA 2030

                            1 x PEB with TI controller (80 track mod), 3.5”

                                  and 2 x 5.25” DSSD floppy disk drives,

                                  32KB/1MB SAMS expansion

                                  RS232 card (2xRS232, 1xCentronics)

                                  P-Code card

                                  Tipi card

                                  HRD4000B Ramdisc card

                             1 x Speech Synthesizer

                             1 x FG99

                             1 x Sanyo Data Recorder

                             1 x Sony Bravia 19" TV


My second system is now a BBS System with Telnet connection. It is up and running since 20.06.2020:
                             Host name: mytbox99.ddns.net

                             Port: 61643

                             1 x TI-994a PAL (silver) console

                             1 x Component cable Y Pr Pb

                             1 x 32KB sidecar expansion

                             1 x Tipi sidecar with Pi 3+

                             1 x Sony Bravia TV


My third system I use for test and for gaming

                             1 x TI-99/4a NTSC version (beige) console

                             1 x Composit cable

                             1 x Speech Synthesizer

                             1 x Nanopeb (with DSK1 to DSK3 and a COM port)

                             1 x Odys 15" LCD TV


The fourth system I will working on to make some MOD's but this is future:

                             1 x TI-99/4a PAL (silver) console 

                             1 x TV Interface PHA 2027 (RGB)

                             1 x PEB with Corcomp controller DDDS, 3,5"

                                   and 5,25" DDDS floppy disk drives,
                                  32KB expansion

                                  RS232 card (2xRS232, 1xCentronics)

                          {      IDE Controller in order process }

                                  RAVE 99 Speech Adapter card with TI speech card

                             1 x Sony Bravia 22" LCD TV


I have some cassettes and some 5,25" disks, TI Extended Basic, E/A, TI-Writer, Disk Manager 2, Minimemory, Editor/Assembler, TI-Writer, XB2.7 suite, XB 3 suite, XB 3in1 with RXB, Statistics German, Personal Record Keeping, Individual Accounting, Terminal Emulator II, Gazoo's Extended Basic Fun, The boxed version of Dragon's Lair, about 22 game cartridges, serial connection to my Windows-PC, classic99 and IP connection to my Windows PC from the two tipi systems.


My projects in 2018 were to change the fan in my PEB and using a tipipeb card. Then I worked with XBASIC/RXB to learn BASIC programming and first steps in AL programming.


My projects in 2019 were to finish my old program (from 1983) for "collection and evaluation of car costs" from cassette to disk operation.

I wanted to start all possible programs from my tipi system, so I started a new project and developed Mega Menu. The menu program can be expanded almost as desired and is available as of August 2020 in version 2.52. I got a SAMS card for my PEB and worked with it to run the existing SAMS applications from my tipi system.


My projects in 2020 are to expand my TI-99/4a main system with a Horizon 4000 RAM-disk and maybe to get a F18A- or MK2-extension for one or two of my TI systems. Changing the fan in my second PEB. Learning more about AL programming. Some of my consoles show errors or don't work at all. Therefore I will try to repair the defective consoles.

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