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  1. @BeeryMiller I finished the work on the Excel sheet today. BBS.zip "TableNames": - The CAT02 has the same text file names as CAT11, I used CAT11! - CAT09 is missing in TableNames! - I have renamed the 2nd submenu from "Disk Utilities" to "Tools" in CAT44 and CAT45! All files are sorted into categories 1 to 73. There are 7 new files: Archiv Byte Description Category MXT-ARK 98688 Actual Mass Transfer Program for TIPI CAT01 ARTIST-ARC 60800 TI-Artist, INSCEBOT Program for TIPI and TIPI mouse CAT11 ROS842-ARK 69248 ROS 8.42C vom 14.03.2020 CAT03 STRAT-ARK 31104 XB Game Stratego compiled with XBGDP CAT20 TIPIT-ARK 52864 Tipi Tools Config, Map, Browser CAT40,CAT46 TBOXNE-ARK 1664 TBOX99 Newsletter in English and in German CAT70 DIR-LIST 6273 Directory list of all files CAT71 "New Files.xlsx" file with three tables: New Files This is the New Files list, same as above. File List This is a list of all downloadable files with category and description Manu Text This is a alphabetic sorted list of the download file menues like the table "Table The Tool creates all the Textfiles correct.
  2. Most of the excel work is done, I think during this week I will finish it.
  3. @BeeryMillerHi, it was nice to have a sysop Chat in the BBS with you. The sysop break in Routine is in the file BBSSUBS, but the Problem Maybe should solve on another place. In BBSSUBS on line 392 there is a remark about giving the user credit for time spent with sysop.
  4. Yes, you mentioned it in the FileCreator text file.
  5. No Problem, I saw this and some others. I will make the corrections.
  6. Your Excel tool is working with file names of up to 12 character, but the TI will accept only 10 characters for a file Name. So I have to cut some file names to the proper length. Maybe I will use onle xxx-A so all info before is save.
  7. Hi Beery, I will clean up the complete file library, but I need a few day's to do this, I think. I will also add some more files (<10) to the library with actual versions of programs. For this I will provide an extra list. The DV80 file creation works very well, you had a very good idea to use Excel for this. Thank you.
  8. @apersson850 Is UCSD Pascal able to use a hard disk in the P-system. I think about the new batch of IDE cards, there will come these days. Or is the P-system able to use the Horizon 4000b RAM disk? The normal system is using only the three floppy disks, I have in my TI.
  9. @Shift838 My pre-order has now been placed. Thank you for your explanations.
  10. Hi, My beige TI console is broken, No Power and the 0.200A fuse in the transformer is also broken. I replaced the transformer but immediately the second transformers fuse is broken. I think the power supply board is defective. So my question is, can I replace the power supply board of the beige console with a power supply board from a silver/black console? Here are the pictures of the both power supplies: The PS of the beige console: The PS of the black/silver console:
  11. Hi, I always change the filenames on my tipi system to have names without a „/“ or a „.“. Mostly I changed these characters with a „-„ too. There are some characters, tidir can‘t understand and will not show the folder with souch file names. These characters I change too mostly to „-„, or „_“.
  12. Hi, My thoughts on the data file library for the BBS file download. BBS_Download_File_Library_Tree.zip In the excel file I have 6 selections in the main data File Base. Then there are a first sub library with currently 5 items and a second sub library with maximum 8 selections. You can add or delete points as desired so that all file contents are addressed if possible.
  13. Hi Beery, the new version has solved the problems I had yesterday. For your next version I have two suggestions: 1. When you are in the message menu, you can go back to the main menu with [CR] or [E]. When you are in the Data library menu, you can go back to the main menu with [CR] or [Z]. I think better is we can go back to the main menu with the same key-pressing. Maybe with "[CR] or [X] to Exit to the main menu". 2. When you select a sub data library from the data library menu the sub library is displayed on the screen. This is OK. But if the last page is displayed the system clears the screen and shows immediately the data library menu again. No chance to read the last page. After the last page is displayed, the system should ask for "any key..." and then return to the data library menu.
  14. Yes I copied the additional Base and Point-files.
  15. If a user is leaving a message for the sysop from the message base menu the BBS system crashes. First I tested in your BBS 9640NEWS:9918 I tested also the private and sysop message base. I cannot select “Z” for a private message. The system tells me this is not on the menu. I can select “S” for sysop messages. There I can read all messages like a normal message base. But the messages 1 to 4 has garbage text for mesg #, From, To, Subject e.t.c. The messages itself is correct and I can read it. I leaved a new message and the new message has the correct mesg # To, From Subject etc. Then I selected the Sysop message from the main menu. I leaved a message there, but this is maybe another type of message base, because this message is not readable from the sysop message select in the message base menu. SYSOP messages is different on the TBOX BBS! I loged in as a user: Here I cannot read the sysop message from the Message Base Select “S” Sysop message. If I select the “S” and “R”ead the a fatal *DSR* error occur. If I select “L”eaved a message, I can write the message but after I press “S” for save, the Fatal *dsr* error occur and the program is running to the desert. In this case I had to restart the BBS program! If I login with my user wolhess #2, and select the sysop message from the main menu, then I can write a message to the sysop and I can save it without an error. I think we need a separate sysop menu with the sysop message base selection and a user message base menu without the sysop message selection. Then I logged in as SYSOP When I log in with my Sysop #1 account then I can read and write messages in the message base with the sysop selection. I can also write message to the sysop as sysop.
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