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  1. I'm still waiting for the F18a mk2 version. Currently I am thinking of a 40 character version that I can compile with XB256. This will be my challenge next year. As soon as I get an mk2 extension I also want to try an 80 character version.
  2. Hello, MEGA MENU v2.47 - New version: Dec/12/2019 Today I present my new version of the MEGA MENU program. New in version 2.47 - Additional support for alarming. Remind Alarm is a new function of the MEGA MENU program. This function complements the calendar program REMIND ME (by John A. Johnson). - New and fast HELP-Screens for the MEGA MENU program and the Remind Alarm function. - Some changes for better reliability, e.g. Error Handling - Extension of the setup program for the configuration of Remind Alarm. - Mega Menu now works in classic99. However, only DSK1, DSK2 and DSK3 are supported. The alarm function in the MEGA MENU program How do I use this new feature? Use your Remind Me program for your appointments. Make an entry with the time you want to be notified and enter a short comment. Save your entries before quitting the program! If you then work with the MEGA MENU program, the program waits for your selection and works as usual. Approximately three minutes after you start the MEGA MENU program, the program will search your Remind Me program calendar file. If an entry exists, it will be signaled in a calendar icon on the menu screen. With CTRL + E you can view the calendar entries. If the program in the Remind Me file of the current month finds a left-aligned time entry at the position of the current day and the time is almost reached or the time is in the past, the program screen changes to the alarm screen and displays the time and comment, you entered in the program Remind Me. The alarm screen plays a small sequence of sounds until you press the ENTER key and confirm the alarm. If an alarm has been acknowledged, Mega Menu marks this in the Remind Me file with a "-" after the time entry. If the program Mega Menu is restarted, there will be no new alarm for this entry. With CTRL + E you can show the marker in the Mega Menu or you can look in the program Remind Me. Attached is the complete MM package with the program files and the DEMO programs. For installation, all files are simply unpacked into the TIPI directory. "TIPI.MM" contains the Mega Menu programs "TIPI.MM.P" contains the DEMO program folder and programs MM247.zip Here is the new manual: MegaMenu-247.pdf Have fun with the new Mega Menu Program and Happy Alarming!
  3. I like this...👍 Thank you for putting together the information and the various flight simulators for our small TI home computer.
  4. Hi Matthew180, please take the time you need for the development of the mk2. I like to wait until the mk2 version is ready. Thank you very much for your effort. Wolfgang
  5. Today I got a TI-74 Basicalc with one additional 8KB card. I am very interested in a cassette interface, a PC interface and maybe a floppy drive and / or SD card reader. Which Hexbus / Dockbus peripherals are there? wolhess
  6. Hi, I am interested on one PHA2037 mini ! I‘m using a PAL console. Wolfgang (wolhess)
  7. Hello Klaus, I'm pretty impressed with what you have for contacts and what interviews you did. Thank you for providing the interviews. Very interesting!
  8. I’m Interested in 1 assembled 8MB and 1 bare board. Thanks!
  9. Hello Jim, I am very interested in a RAMDISK card for my PEB. So thank you for doing that. Wolfgang
  10. I continue to use the printer port of my RS232 card. Sometimes I still use an RS232 interface for connecting to an old laptop. Wolfgang
  11. I would like to see the game Lemmings on the Ti99. I do not know if that's possible, but I've seen a version for the c64. My second wish is a complete version of Sokoban, as there is already a version for the TI with some levels.
  12. Hi Ksarul, please put me on your list for 1 of the PEB extender cards, I have a broken Geneve card, which I will soon try to get back into service. For initial tests and measurements, a PEB extender card is very helpful! Thanks.
  13. Hi Tursi, yes, my temp files are simply overwritten. It works. In my XB program Remind Alarm I simply use existing entries of the current day from the monthly file created by Remind Me. So that I do not destroy the original calendar file by a program interruption of my program I use a copy of the monthly file of Remind Me. If there is an alarm for the day and this was acknowledged, then I mark this in my tempfile. Is everything ok I copy my tempfile to the Remind Me monthly file and thus overwrite the original file. So far so good. So that the Remind Me directory contains no unnecessary files, I delete currently my tempfile with the XB command CLOSE # 1: DELETE. In XB, this works as intended. In the compiled version the tempfiles simply stay. With Isabella6 I can now use DELETE DSK1.Filename. As I said before, for me, no change in classic99 is necessary, since I usually use only my real TI anyway.
  14. Hi Tursi, the request for the function "delete" came from me (see post # 704). Since I work with temporary files, they should be deleted after editing. That did not go so far if I compiled my XB program with XBGDP. I usually practice on my real TI. Therefore the implementation in classic99 is not necessary for me. However, if it is not too much effort for you, I could also use classic99 for testing.
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