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  1. Rabbit Trail is actually much less common than Henhouse. Here is how rare each Funware cartridge is. Driving Demon (most common) Henhouse (less common than Driving Demon, but still uncommon) Ambulance (same as Henhouse, it's less common than Driving Demon) Rabbit Trail (Very uncommon, don't see too many) St. Nick (RARE.) Video Vegas (Very rare) Schnoz-Ola (Unbelievably rare, only known as a prototype. Only know of one in the wild.)
  2. According to the catalog, it said that screenshot was shown from the Commodore VIC-20. Look carefully under the description of the game in the catalog.
  3. That one is Miner 2049er because the Espial board had a Reset button on one side of the board, IIRC.
  4. Are those stripes showing up in the color bars or are they just an artifact of the picture?
  5. You know what I've noticed? Parker Brothers and even Funware carts have the label fall off A LOT. Here, check out my Ambulance, Driving Demon, and Popeye carts: the Funware cart missing the whole label is a Driving Demon.
  6. Dude, I have a Popeye cart missing the whole label and a Q*Bert with half the label ripped off. But you don't want to destroy a Popeye cart...
  7. This is mine. We put a new label on because the other one was WAY too small. This one fits perfectly!
  8. That pass-through port on the side of the Disk Controller is for the Thermal Printer, IIRC.
  9. EDIT: It will all be connected to power. They will also both have a PEB with the sidecars (black/silver system will have the original, the beige system will have the later model of the PEB). Plus they will both have a monitor (black/silver system will have a TI monitor while the beige system will have a COMMODORE monitor). The Impact printer will be connected to the black/silver system even though it's beige (cause do ya really need TWO 80-column printers on one system??) So far we have dug out the P-Code sidecar, a Disk Controller, black Pain Sticks, and a TI Disk Drive for the black/silver system. For the beige system, we have only dug out the Hex-Bus Disk Drive/Controller and a pair of beige Pain Sticks.
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