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  1. Turtles is moving across the Indiana landscape right now. Target Destination: Evanston
  2. Another odd one: P-Code Sidecar (with the original box, as well as the keyboard strip)
  3. Speaking of the Video Controller, here's some pictures of the sidecar version.
  4. Now here's an oddity: a Japanese TI-99/4 monitor.
  5. Some odd cartridges (which consist of some of the colored-case Scott Foresman cartridges, the Milliken prototypes, and a Killer Caterpillar cartridge).
  6. Tachyon Systems 32K sidecar (and its hardwired Panasonic power supply)
  7. I'm Turtles and I approve of this message.
  8. Gamevision Demonstration Cartridge (and as you can see, I accidentally left other Gamevision carts in the background)
  9. I have a LOT of images to share here, actually. Like this CorComp branded GROM Buster.
  10. iliketurtles

    My feral cat.

    From the album: TI stuff

  11. iliketurtles


    From the album: TI stuff

  12. It appears to me that Driving Demon is the most common Funware cart- and it had the worst glue on the label of the various Funware cartridges. Almost every single Driving Demon cartridge I have ever come across had either a label in bad shape or NO label at all. Even the best looking one I have label-wise has an ink stain on it.
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