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  1. Didn't mean to ghost on this thread. I ended up first taking it to a local retro game store here. They advertise they can repair "any" game console. So I brought it in and they have a guy that assesses what to do with hit. Hasn't gotten back to me yet.
  2. Ah yes meant NES Does anyone know if I likely fried both the Jag CD and Jag? Its hard to confirm as the Jag doesnt work. I guess best to fix the Jag first then see if the CD will work after.
  3. Thanks for all the tips. I am not comfortable soldering but simply finding someone who is might be the best course of action. I was hoping for a send away service in the 30-40$ range but it seems most of the old threads I found the people have moved on.
  4. Hey guys first post here and well its an embarrassing one. I did the newb thing. I got a Jaguar and Jaguar CD from craigslist add very cheap but it only came with 1 power supply. Since I was too eager to test it without simply researching, I grab my SNES power supply and used it on the Jag CD while the regular Jag power supply on the Jag itself. I figure I burned the CD there. Then I switched the adapters around and fried the Jag itself. Pretty upset with myself as Im a pretty hardcore retro gamer (Saturn, Sega CD, NES etc) but definitely did bad here. Anyway, are there any places that repair these? Or anywhere on here? I tried emailing the Best Electronics place that was suggested somewhere here but I was told 3 month wait on Jag CD and no longer do regular Jag. Thank you for any help
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