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  1. The 15" monitor covers are now long out of stock. Any other ideas for a dust cover for a 1702 monitor? Thanks!
  2. This looks so cool, congrats.!
  3. What's the issue with my stock joysticks (or is it the console) if they work perfectly with Berzerk, but they won't go down while playing Blueprint? Update: I went back and read advice from before, I need to adjust the analog adjustment pot. TZ101 has a nice write-up. I'll do this. Thanks
  4. Does this work on the NTSC C64? I thought it was still experimental.
  5. You can use an Atari 7800 joypad. This lets you use both buttons, but you need to keep a stock controller in port 2 or use a special y-cable or Champ adapter.
  6. That’s a good thread, thanks. Looks like I have some work to do.
  7. Any advice on how to better use the joystick? I can only use it in the top half of the circle. I see old threads where some people say it is the game and others that it is the controller and others say it the person playing. My controller works on other games but it is a mess with Gyruss, gets stuck in the top half.
  8. You need to play the system or the controllers stop working properly. The 5200 does take upkeep, but it isn't like a Vectrex or an Astrocade. Also, I have had good luck with the system, while the Colecovision is what I finally said no more repairs to and I pre-ordered a Phoenix. The 5200 is my favorite console. The carts and the manuals and everything just showcases Atari in its prime. On the other hand, the 7800 with its black and white manuals and sad cart labels make you realize Atari was in decline. Also, except for Bounty Bob, you can fairly easily collect a complete collection. It's a quirky beast that is more than worth it to me.
  9. Nice find! Where do you live because the shipping on this (and risk) is going to be high.
  10. I use the stock 2600 joystick and a Champ keypad. I use the roller controller in joystick mode for 2 button games (or the SAC).
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