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  1. Qualifying time 66.15, still trying to finish 4 laps ;-). High score so far: 29,150
  2. That was my experience too. And mine. A computer and a console were so different. You went over to people's houses and played consoles (like the 5200) in front of the tv. They may have had a computer, but it was often set up in their room and it wasn't treated like a gaming machine. I also didn't know anyone with an Atari computer. I had friends though with Vic-20s, Trs-80 CoCos, or C-64s. I thought they looked really robust and cool when I saw Atari computers, but they just weren't common in my experience.
  3. This is my exact sentiment. When my cousin and I (surrounded by friends) fired up his 5200 and played Pac-man (the pack-in when he got it) for the first time, we were in absolute awe. We felt like we were playing at the arcade, but now we were saving a quarter each time we took turns and played. We took a break and set up 2600 Pac-man just to play it and laugh (good naturedly, we loved the 2600).
  4. I think the 5200 gets a really bad name now. It's like the reverse of the Vectrex. Everyone thinks the Vectrex is a jewel and amazing (and it is a very cool console), but back when it was released it was a black and white console that bombed and ended up in clearance in mall toy stores. The 5200 gets bad press today, but it was the Super System. If you had one in 1982, you had a top of the line machine that looked the part and you got to mock your friends and their 2600 Pac-man. The 5200 tied with and may have overtaken the Colecovision by the time the crash came. The Colecovision vs. Atari 5200 battle was a great one that ended too soon.
  5. Does JiffyDos work on the Kung Fu Flash?
  6. Oh no! I'm missing a few. Time to contact pboland.
  7. 9,234 I need to read the instructions, it has been awhile. Amazing scores everyone else!
  8. I remember reading through the Digital Press forums when the original Xbox came out. There was a significant group of people with the sentiment that the Xbox would fail, as an American console that was really a computer. The 5200 was referenced/linked to this view and it made me happy to see the Xbox succeed.
  9. Thanks for the answers. I’m hesitant to open up the machine and put in Jiffydos, but it seems like that may be the only way.
  10. Now that I found out that WarpSpeed does not work with the SD2IEC, what fast loader does work with it AND the 128? Epyx Fast Load works with it in 64 mode, but is there a fast load cartridge that would work with the SD2IEC in both 64 AND 128 modes?
  11. 24,640 (pic is on my phone, will post later)
  12. The Reloaded cart looks great, but shipping to the US would be $20. That’s a lot for one cart.
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