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  1. 5,040 First try and my thumb already hurts 😀
  2. Like others, it is BBSB. It costs so much compared to most 5200 items, it makes you pause and say "I'll wait."
  3. 13,250 first try, hope to improve 😀
  4. It is a little weird playing this game with all the recent news of crashing helicopters.
  5. I knew you all would know. Then it is me. There was a guy on Colecovision High Score Throwdown saying it disappeared for him also. I will figure it out and rejoin if needed. It is a great group and I am glad it is going strong.
  6. I was a member of the Facebook group, the Colecovision Lunatics. It was an active group, but it seems to be gone (or am I missing something)? What happened? Does anyone recommend a similar group? Thanks!
  7. For those that bought the original set, which 20 are the new ones?
  8. One joystick is not working. But, it will fire in one of the 4 directions, so I got a score 😀. 18,450
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