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  1. RangerG

    WTB: Tandy CoCo3

    They are worth $350. They are getting hard to find.
  2. If you are like me and have all the original 5200 overlays and you bought the PBoland Super Overlays, then I believe you are missing the 10 new ones below (which I will be ordering asap ;-): Activision Reproduction Overlays: - Beamrider - Keystone Kapers - MegaMania - Zenji CBS Electronics Reproduction Overlays: - MegaMania Parker Bothers Reproduction Overlays: - Star Wars Arcade Game - Star Wars Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle - SuperCobra Big Five Software Reproduction Overlays: - Bounty Bob Strikes Back - Miner2049er
  3. 1,986 Not very good, but it's a start. How long does it take to score 34,000 points? Wow!
  4. 5,040 First try and my thumb already hurts 😀
  5. Like others, it is BBSB. It costs so much compared to most 5200 items, it makes you pause and say "I'll wait."
  6. 13,250 first try, hope to improve 😀
  7. It is a little weird playing this game with all the recent news of crashing helicopters.
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