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  1. It looks like it's free. Anybody in NY willing to go and try the tacos?
  2. They responded on Reddit. Kinda sounds like they're about to procrastinate further by announcing that they'll be showing it at video game conventions. This is the article they linked: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-02-21-covid-19-looms-over-planning-for-next-gen-launches
  3. That was me, and also "E.T.". They actually finally refunded my $2 today.
  4. Considering that they still haven't even officially started the production phase of the project, I'd guess June at the earliest. Although, if they know they'll deliver in the next quarter then it's kind of baffling as to why they don't just go ahead and switch the Indiegogo project to "production" status now to make people feel better. They claim to be working on production-related tasks, so it's odd that they're still listing it in prototype status. They've posted update after update without ever changing the project status even though they keep claiming to be about ready to finish production and deliver.
  5. If Atari had actually been on schedule, then manufacturing for backers should have been finished before the virus-related delays. The units were supposed to be delivered right now ("weeks not months") so they should have been on a transport boat before the delays became an issue. Spectrum ZX Next is delivering to backers literally right now in spite of the virus and previous delays.
  6. Looks like Atari finally noticed that I just contributed the minimum $2 to be able to post on IGG comments as a "backer": I felt conflicted about it, but I figured the paperwork to receive the extra $1.60 or whatever would cost Atari more than it's worth. For the $2 you also get email updates on this ongoing disaster, which is nice. Still seems pretty lame to just delete all my comments, I did pay 2 bucks. EDIT: Update, just got the email:
  7. For some reason Atari deleted this comment of mine on IGG:
  8. "still this spring" Looks like another delay announcement is imminent:
  9. I have a bad feeling about all of this.
  10. They've now effectively missed deadlines 3 times since they're obviously not going to deliver in "weeks not months". Original delivery date was July 2019, then Dec 2019, then mid February 2020 ("weeks not months") and now they're saying March but it's looking like they won't make that either, which will be FOUR delays.
  11. I can't see it either, although I doubt there's much real information other than that ridiculous rendering.
  12. FYI: https://fortune.com/2020/01/26/atari-hotel-vcs-new-console/
  13. For me the ideal modernized emulation system would be one that has perfect CRT simulation capable of running at 4K, which could look really nice if done well. CRTs are getting harder to acquire and maintain.
  14. Ouya's Kickstarter campaign sold 6X as many consoles as the Atari VCS, and their most prominently featured game sold 2000 copies at $15. And Ouya wasn't an open platform where you could just install Windows or Retropie to play whatever you want. Probably many people won't even use the AtariVCS store, which I'm sure will quickly be shut down when game sales demonstrate that it's not worth keeping online. It's not worth my time, and I don't want to associate myself with that terrible company. I've sold way more Atari 2600 Synthcarts on Atariage for $25 than I ever would on the AtariVCS platform for $1. And neither of my releases would be playable on the AtariVCS anyway with their controllers.
  15. Then again, maybe "Atari" fans are stupid enough that this could actually work!
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