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  1. FYI: This was posted on Reddit, emphasis mine: "Atari has said in the official Discord that users should not use 4k mode right now because it is causing OS corruption. Until an OS update is released they ask that you do not use my 4k mode."
  2. The last estimate that Atari gave for pre-order delivery was "late Spring", so probably June at the earliest:
  3. The person you were responding to only said that running Tempest 4000 under Atari's Debian Linux didn't require emulation, which is true. Nobody used the word "natively" except you, and I'm not even sure what that means in this context. If you mean you can't run something on the Microsoft Windows operating system without Microsoft Windows, that's obviously true. But programs do essentially run "natively" on the CPU in WINE as Windows is basically just an API.
  4. To run Windows applications under Linux, you typically use Wine (which is not an emulator btw) https://www.winehq.org/
  5. The great hall shortage of 2020!
  6. Apparently the VCS will not support internal M.2 SATA drives for Windows, you have to use external USB.
  7. A response somebody wrote to PDubs' comments on that thread:
  8. Atari's now saying that they won't have any VCS units to the general public until next year. On Reddit somebody who ordered the Atari VCS through Atari's website posted that they received the following email:
  9. Uh, are we going to get some better explanation as to why the other thread was closed 6 weeks before "it starts shipping"? Seems odd.
  10. What a surprise, turns out the kid on Twitter who's Atari Hotel mom allegedly got them an Atari VCS can't post any more about it.
  11. Eh, it's $150 for the case and motherboard with no CPU, RAM, or storage: https://www.newegg.com/asrock-deskmini-a300w/p/N82E16856158064
  12. Doesn't sound like we'll be seeing a real review of any of those 96 units any time soon. It's odd that during their last push this month to get in more pre-orders at the "early adopter prices" that they're not actually sending those 96 units to anybody except their own two PR people. Especially when all of Atari's social media is now filled with people questioning their ability to deliver.
  13. There's so much that nobody can keep up with it all: - The abandoned Asteroids Outpost: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-04-01-whats-going-on-in-asteroids-outpost https://steamcommunity.com/app/330210/discussions/ - Their attempts at launching gambling games in Kenya (which has been mentioned repeatedly in their company reports) where there is a gambling addiction crisis due to lack of regulation/enforcement:
  14. FYI Atari finally responded to the Rob Wyatt lawsuit. I guess they saw articles and Youtubers talking about it and finally remembered that they were being sued: https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/33315895/Tin_Giant,_LLC_et_al_v_ATARI_GAMEBOX,_LLC
  15. I haven't been following that Amico that closely, but I work in the industry and have been following Intellivision's job listings for about a year, and their interpretation of those job listings make it seem like they don't know what they're talking about. I don't think it necessarily indicates that the project is behind schedule. There are other reasonable explanations for why they have those job listings, and they're vastly overestimating the seniority of that embedded position. That Youtube show is often kinda bad, even their last Atari VCS episode was really lazy.
  16. It just doesn't make much sense to me if they're serious about launching a console, which is difficult even with good games and more valuable IP. They have very little IP that's worth anything, and they basically licensed all of it to Amico. But of course it's not that much of a stretch to think that they were never really serious about launching a console that was competitive in any way in the first place.
  17. For some reason they confirmed it only on their dead subreddit (not that I believe anything they say until I see it):
  18. I've been contacted by recruiters about similar job listings of theirs last year. That is definitely not a system architect job, and they've been listing jobs like that off and on for a long time, which is pretty normal.
  19. Amico has rights to make their own exclusive versions of Atari's 12 most valuable retrogaming IPs (Centipede, Missile Command, Yars' Revenge, etc.). I'm still pondering how that happened. I asked Tommy on this thread a while back and he said "Let's just say that Fred owed me a big favor".
  20. Missile Command Recharged is available now for Linux on Steam, so what is being announced here? It's already been available for the Atari VCS -- just kinda need the actual console hardware to play it. Also no mention of Tempest 4000 for over a year even though people keep asking about it on IGG.
  21. Both the old and new design of their joystick is absolutely horrible, but the full sized TheC64 Maxi with the keyboard is pretty well made and uncanny. It's actually my favorite reproduction retro console so far, and I really wish Atari was doing stuff like that instead. A full size reproduction of an Atari 800 or one of the other Atari 8-bit computers would be amazing. And despite Covid, TheC64 just announced that they've delivered new inventory of the full size TheC64 to European distributors and are close to releasing a US version.
  22. Cannot wait to go home and play the new Atari VCS this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Here's Uberstrategist retweeting themselves using the Atari account to make it look like some people received the Atari VCS:
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