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  1. I actually have one of those, but I'm not wanting to build a 8v section seperately, but I did just find an original transformer and power board. Just when I asked you vic announced his board.. Thanks so much.
  2. Let me know if you want to sell one, looks like that is what I'll need too.
  3. Put them in your nanopeb and pull the SD card and use TDIR to put them on your PC/laptop.
  4. The transformer blew. And no fuse in this one. A new ATX will be coming in, at least I know how to wire it. I just hope it lasts longer than 2-3 months.
  5. Ahh. The transformer blew. And no fuse in this one. A new ATX will be coming.
  6. I found a schematic, maybe I can figure it out.
  7. I also found these voltages listed on paper, but they do not correspond with the color codes I found going to the 4 PEB slots, ie., Green/black and yellow/brown. But I did find these as shown. Otherwise I'm getting like 25vdc and 54vdc on various other locations. I just didn't feel like wiring without knowing what I should have on the existing outputs.
  8. Dud or has anyone rebuilt a newer Power supply for the PEB? I haven't seen anywhere, I have seen the ones for the console. Id imagine the transformer would also have to go Along with the fan. But wouldn't it be less of a power hungry system? I don't think we should be using these ATX PSupplies yet, well my test of using one showed it only lasted 3-4 months. But I still think we could get a better board made for the PEB minus 220/240 inputs.
  9. Anyone know what values are output from the PEB power supply board? I'm getting 10, 4.2 and 20 last time I checked 3 connector points.
  10. I can read any attachments with my cell and my pc Firefox. I'm able to even dl and upload TI files as well with this attachment option. Yay
  11. I'm getting 20, 4.2 and 10 on my outputs on that board. And btw, I don't feel any heat coming off the 7805. I did put down thermal paste, but I thought I'd get some heat. Also want to point out that this was all working prior to me switching out the PS. I haven't added cards at this point as I'm just doing a voltage check just outta curiosity.
  12. On the input side, I've got 12. My mistake on my previous input reading, I mistakenly said 15, but it's actually 12.
  13. Ok. Powered up and I took a reading from my 5v regulator. It's showing, on my meter, 4.20vdc. I'm not sure if that's ok, the input was 15. So I went ahead and replaced it, now I'm getting 4.24??? Is it because it's in the board with other components? The cap to the right has 4.24 also. These are new regulators so I'm not sure if I should try another or not. But I'm guessing, I dunno but maybe because it's in the board with other components. I'll leave it alone until I hear back from you guys that know more on this stuff. Thanks! I've only got one meter too, I guess it could be the meter but my 12 is ok when I put it on my 12 v power supply, it's not part of this circuit.
  14. I was about to ask which wires are 110 for input on the PEB transformer but I've read the schematic and it looks like it says the white is common and the black would be my input for 110 and the orange and brown would be a higher voltage input if I wanted to use that as an input. But since I'm using 110 it looks like my input wires are white and black with the other white wire on the transformer being for the fan. I have a red dropping down to my power switch where I pick up the black wire to the transformer. I took pictures of everything back in July and now I can't find any of my pictures of my disassembly go figure.
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