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  1. Maybe a little premature, BUT... When will you start taking orders? Do you have a order form out yet? We really can't thank you enough!!
  2. I had one of those, ended up leaving it behind when I moved. Not intentionally, but accidentally. Sad
  3. Is the video F18A or higher graphics, like more sprites? If not, im walking.. it might be cute, but I'm looking for for an upgrade which will produce better games etc...if so I'm all in!!!
  4. I definitely enjoy TF because if it's memory handling, if I can make use of it, anyone can. A1meg program isn't unrealistic, but better color does help things.
  5. I would like to have as much multicolor as possible, rt now I only have two.. VID_20191009_204519986.mp4
  6. That ram is good if you have a purpose for it, as in, there are some nice ramdisk tools you can use for it. But you can kinda see how your local cache is doing and determine if you need more ram also pay attention to the processes and your ram use, I doubt you need it, especially if you're running a win 7 or 10 home edition, now maybe Linux has a flavor that might work well with that ram, but 1st make sure you have a program that needs it. My 2 cents, someone else may have a wildly different take.
  7. I'm on a list for an F18MK2 but, I sure could use it now to help me with my coding.. but I'm using all of that SAMs for buffering at the moment, but it's supposed to be for multicolored data... and it ain't going very well.
  8. I still use win10 with VMWARE and have no issues running win 7 and classic99. Not worrying.
  9. Would that time be worth it - if using a ramdisk instead of floppy? I'm thinking about when I get a ramdisk and how things may change on load/save times. --- Lol, I never saw why my problem arose, but it's gone after I changed my sequence of routines to load. The issue, if it is one with TF is how often you have to stop and flush. It's way too often, but I'm sure the author had little choice as there isn't much ram to use, but I started to think, they made a SAMs manager, why not use part of SAMs for buffering if it was found on a system or at least a choice..but again, I'm still learning and maybe I NEED to figure out how to do that.. thx for your feedback
  10. Start at Facebook ti99er. Dang, i wish I had $$$ I'd buy a couple! Then try eBay, but this is the place I'd think.
  11. So today I added my cursor routine into the rest of my application. The order of loads are as follows: SAMs memory manager, Sound driver, some basic routines and last my cursor. Sounds simple. previously all those run well in that order, but after loading the cursor routine and starting it, I see that the cursor is flashing at half speed?? Why..so I changed the order of loads to load the cursor first then everything else. It fixed the problem, but I dunno why..no duplicate words or variables are included.. but it fixed my issue..wow, that was close.
  12. I also sped up the left and right movement for faster response time to 1/3 faster than it was, giving a nice smooth left/right directional movement. <Happy>
  13. Sorry to put ya through the pain of watching me type, I didn't have a way to hold the phone, and I have to type with one hand! The program does respond well and actually better than a one handed key punch..lol
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