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  1. This Byte article has some, actually quite a bit to my surprise, of reading material and related. I scanned over it just to get a glimpse, they even discussed the "Field Name lists", and it's makeup and a whole bunch of other good stuff. And some stuff I didn't even know about.. oh, and that breakout game written by, I think a high schooler at the time. 😂 I'll eventually find a copy of that byte magazine, I can't believe it's not listed on eBay, as I've found a few of the 1980's volumes, just not that one. It'll show up. I've already got 1985&1987 volumes. Yay 😁
  2. Way off topic, but that's me. I'm still looking for this magazine, of course at a reasonable price, not the$27 that someone is asking, but it's an august 1980 print. But at least I can read the online version. 😁
  3. Oh wow. And just like that, ini repair is what the Dr. Ordered
  4. Wish there was just a hot key instead of clicking the options for turbo.
  5. When I can start to pay for CL99, I'll get rt with the forum. I use both, oh. The drinks are free.
  6. Yeah, it's like everytime we see one we always say the same thing. 😂 One thing that doesn't change is bright people stay bright.
  7. I'd love to go too, but too much on my plate lately.
  8. Lee, is your general replacement of VMBW and VMBR,VSBW and VSBR, EDITOR assembler routines for reading and writing to VDP ram, what you recommend in the examples above? Or do you have or use something different for general use ? And what sorta savings does it do if I use them instead of the EA version?
  9. I found this little 12v fan in my stash. And we'll it's such a small profile and it fit rt between the cap and v reg. Console is still cool after an hour now. Well see over time how it does.
  10. I just finished installing one and had no issues. But good to know that Matt maybe INSIDE..
  11. Yup. My 80 col help file, (to be filled).
  12. Isn't it that the ps gets hot. So I believe there's room inside and near that ps to add a fan?? I mean, I've seen some really little fans.
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