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  1. Fred, I use your program, DM2K whenever I reach for a DM. Question, does it format floppies? Just wondering. And also, I have used it on the Geneve to view a directory, but is there a version just for geneve, outside GPL or TI mode? Thanks so much for your work in this program. I love it
  2. Hmm. I need to make a game, "start now!" Ooops, you lose, NEXT. Oh, sorry, you've already tried and you suck. Were looking for the NEXT player please... bwhahaha .
  3. Yeah, that's why I mentioned it, it's done and working, all I do is map my bank, b @>3000 it will return after user key press, and I remap to original mapped bank, slam bam.
  4. No problem with using the program that I can tell, just a very fast flashing cursor
  5. My SNP program kept giving me an error while trying to read/write to a work folder I have been using for months after not using the program for a couple days. But after copying the folder and deleting the original and pasting the folder back- everything started working again. It was just weird and I couldn't find a reason until the folder move/replace. Thanks for letting me know though that it would all be on me.
  6. Thanks so much Beery for everything you do!!
  7. BTW, your NEW website is very attractive and easy to navigate. I think it's wonderful 😌
  8. Oh I found the GEN pdf files. I hope to locate the software. But I got to read up.
  9. I use DM2K and I couldn't tell when I told it speed 1 because the cursor is just flying, but maybe it's that program..be nice to have a command line switch and could switch at will.
  10. Ahhh. Yes. Here's where I need to be... GEN... like in general, not admiral, not major, not even "common" lol, but GEN I suppose general... Ok. I'll start studying this.. thanks for getting these into a common area . Cool beans
  11. ok, i printed and read the MDOS booklet, the first 20 pages have nothing to do with MDOS, but rather unpacking and setting up Someone told me that MDOS could easily do graphics line drawing in 5 lines or so, and the MDOS book shows how. I never saw any examples in this book on that. Are there examples and code commands anywhere, other than basic MDOS commands.? thank you. im still searching.. so is general programing going to be tied to those GENxxx manuals? is that what im missing maybe? I'll print those out and try to figure out what this is all about.
  12. it was something with this firefox - as i remember an update went through...
  13. oh, I see - i found download, looks like my fireyfix browser had an update, its a bit different now
  14. i found how to print but not download, anyway, i had to open the web page to full before the option was available to print
  15. oook....now heres another dumb question, how can i print it or download it
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