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  1. I haven't used TDIR in awhile, wondering if it makes changes based on Pc keyboard settings. I mean, is it determined on wether caps lock is already on or off when using TDIR? That would make sense to me.
  2. I have a little corner of the world.. this is just my hardware area.kinda small, but it's growing.
  3. A lot of people made this their first $100 computer. Rip https://www.engadget.com/clive-sinclair-dead-obituary-212309487.html
  4. This to me is easier to understand, even though my copy/paste sucks on a phone. But anyway..
  5. Energizers just keep on going... It's a haul of Fame haul of hauls.
  6. I'm currently blocked on Facebook, yeah..it's called fb Jail for using my 1st amendment, cuss words. But so far. Fingers crossed, I'm not blocked here. But again, I'm nicer here because good things happen here.
  7. Is The source available for digisynt? I'd really like to know how to make just the player portion to inject into an assy program.
  8. Latest vid. My video was cut short, but I ended by saying, that's the latest. VID_20210908_204833651.mp4
  9. Ok. Gotcha. That's making sense.
  10. Nope, just using my 3 cents. Ok, I'm being a smart ass, but I'm trying to follow what your saying, but some of it I'm gonna have to look harder at, but I'm trying to follow.lol
  11. I always try to keep all my constant and variable DEFS up front and prior to my structured DEFS, ie;, loop DEFS and other words.
  12. Yup. I've played with it a bit. Just need time to do what I'd like. I'm just glad it's there when I get ready.
  13. It's more about finding time. Not that it won't happen..
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