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  1. Can you make it do better vdp graphics as an optional video processer?
  2. My kids, 11 grade and the other just graduated cannot sign their own names. They can print. I asked my son, why can't you sign your name, he said I can e-sign my documents....hmmm
  3. I knew shifts were faster but never knew by how much. I'd definitely do a shift if possible. Great lesson here.
  4. I guess I was tired when I wrote that, work drunk, anyway, I tried to edit and clarify but couldn't. Yes, I finally figured that I could move my text I want to compare against into ram. I was struggling to figure out an address for my text. But after about 10 mins of hitting the pillow, the thought occurred to just stuff it into ram and do a byte by byte comparison. Duh.. sorry, Lee picked up on my crazy question with, huh. I tried to delete it. I'm cooking now. My so called, simple compare works fine.
  5. Ahh..I think I figured it out here, I pushed my predefined text to pos R0 of 960, off screen. And compared byte for byte for a eq or NE. It'll work, but I think there's a smarter way.
  6. I'm stuck. I've got to compare two strings. One string is located at POSITION 921 of R0 (on the screen) with a length of less than 30 bytes but greater than 1. The other string is predefined as a label with text that is 9 bytes in length, but could cart from one text length to another as there are multiple text statements I want to compare. What's a good way to do this? Could I include all my individual text into a data statement with it's length either on the first byte or last byte?
  7. It took me some time but now either I got used to it or I just started paying more attention to values in the statement rather than the arrangement of words then I looked at the arrangement as my last look. It gets easier the more you work with it. Be patient
  8. I fought for 2 days on my command line keyboard entry point code! Today I completed that section. My problem was that key lift wasn't being recognized in my timing delay and was making me agitated to say the least. But the program would allow correct keys to be hit but I wanted a faster response time, as for example, hitting "one" "two" with one hand two fingers would only give me a "1"not a "12" My auto-repeat worked flawless and it's funny because usually it's the auto repeat that is a bigger problem to take care of, that is why I was getting agitated. Lol Example, if you pressed "1" and then pressed "2" slowly then the results would be ok. Today I corrected that part with a compare of 0000 with >837C(status) and that enabled me to reset R12, my counter for auto repeat, to a zero. This reset would trick the counter and make it look like the repeat key was indeed a new key and that it could start a new repeat counter. Oh I'm Thrilled today! VID_20200516_105614207.mp4
  9. That's not forth doing that David , change your coffee. bwahahaha.
  10. I'll also add some predefined commands that the user can use to, for example, change screen color, delete page(s), copy page to page# and so on.
  11. So far Supernotes PRO is still lacking the ability to save/load files. But before I could do that I had to create an area, I call "command line". This will give the user a way to call commands such as SAVE DSK#.FILENAME I've almost got that command line ready to accepting commands. I'm not to far away from that as the video suggest an attempt at saving a file. But actually I have no file function at the moment. VID_20200515_235557115.mp4
  12. And some words are so close to performing the same task, such as key and key? And terminal.
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