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  1. Has anyone seen Ragasm and Ragasn in a .bin? It wasn't a cart but part of a disk package. Can those types get converted?
  2. oops.i see now..my programmer is missing the USB interface port. Duh...I guess I can't just wire it to a USB cable...
  3. I still need some help with setting up a gotek drive as drive 1. I'm not sure if I'm using the rt cable. Is the micro USB to the programmer supposed to be just power? I have it connected to a power brick. I copied the config file, and a hex file to a fat32 formatted USB stick and am using it in the USB slot on the gotek. I have my power leads running from the gotek power connector to the programmer. I'm only getting 2 red LEDs on the programmer and nothing else..what am I doing wrong? Thx
  4. Gotcha..now I got the picture. Yep. Im so happy with my SAMs card. I've been able to use it a lot further with the assistance of TForth..FBForth takes advantage as well as the RXB. I've gotten some code in assy for it and played a little, but I need a little more experience in assy to make use of it. But in TF I was able to make 3 char font sets that were each called by one word at snap! 5 or 6 blocks of code, but in assy I'm always worried about running out of memory just writing code...with file after file of 500+ lines of D/V80.. I just don't know how to manage my code yet..def a learning curve..
  5. Very good...im sure no one will see you're messy work..bwahaha .I got some of these crazy ideas about cache from the 86 erra..we used to put cache between HD and controller..and the CPU already had a small cache on it too...so I'm assuming this cpu could benefit from some kinda cache somewheres... But from what I gather from you guys is...it's too much work per benefit..or it's not addressably possible..-- one word...'shucks'.
  6. Ok..I got all the parts to put a 2 switch 32K cart together. I also found a couple 377 chips too. I'll update when I have a couple done.
  7. I just bought my first gotek. I can find utube video on basic programming, but nothing TI related as far as setting up. Should I just follow the normal process of programming..then dl the file and put that file onto a USB stick? Is that all I have to do?
  8. Is ram access just as fast thru PEB 32k or SAMs memory as memory would be at the >6000 space? What about a ram cache controller at the >6000 space? Haha..I have know idea what I'm asking but it sounds cool..maybe it could be cool so I ask. But thx for overlooking the source..lol
  9. Well? It's an idea. I think someone can make it happen?? Not in the tipi style but as an actual tcp/ip card.
  10. It would be nice to have a ramdisk equivalent with LARGE space. My 3 cents..
  11. Thanks Lee. Naa, actually I studied up on that when Matt was explaining it, BUT I didn't know about bits 0,1 or I forgot and I didn't know which Refs SHOULDN'T be rewritten generally. Good to know. And I always need a refresher anyway..memory issues on a personal scale...good stuff
  12. Ahhh.i was trying to do everything on the @GADR data..lol .. meaning without putting the address in a reg. Thank you.
  13. Looks like bad ram..anyone else chime in
  14. Ive got several pieces of data in addresses >6000 thru >6009. I know how to read the first batch, >6000 and swpb and grab the next. But how do I move my read address to the >6002 address? And so on... I'm using Gadr equ >6000 I've tried A 1,>6000 But RT now I'm guessing
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