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  1. Very little got done over the weekend. The building I was working out of had AC problems and no way I was going to do any coding in that HOtasSpLacE. So I did some paperwork and more planning on my MODI STRU command instead. Did I mention that we're dropping the "SAVE" file type to a record based write file method instead? Each screen could end up being a record I suppose, but I haven't done any math on that yet. Lee suggested to me a couple weeks ago and it sounds better. Plus the fact that I couldn't find the problem with the TIpi save issue I was having., Ahem.. . AND it's just a better approach in this case.
  2. Well get more done over the weekend here .
  3. Thanks so much for reminding me of that last field..I had considered it, but with so much going on lately it did get pushed out. But thanks for the reminder to NOT forget it.
  4. Right on. As a memo Field isn't added in yet. I'm thinking I'll have a around1300 bytes but we won't know until later after I get the basics in.
  5. Happy birthday.. https://hackaday.com/2021/10/15/heres-a-100-mhz-pin-compatible-6502-replacement/
  6. Modi STRUcture is back on the drawing board.. Here's the latest fixes, changes.. This is great going into the weekend. I'll be calculating modi STRUcture, which is a two step process, First we define fields and place that list into the database. Then we proceed with placement of those fields onto a screen. This actually becomes Record 1.,2.,..etc as we page up/down. We're allowed a max of 9 fields per screen (record). Fields can be a date, a date+time, a time, a value of 1-9 numbers and text field of 30 characters max. VID_20211015_210918221.mp4
  7. Looky that woodpecker... bwhahaha.. Well my ex said, why don't you just be happy...ok, we're Xd and im happy. How dare me not have a hobby car, hobby computer, hobby dog, hobby snack.. I wasn't made to sit on the freaking couch and watch your sorry ass Netflexs, but I'm up for a night of TI-994A or flight simulator. Or listening to my kid rock on the guitar.
  8. Actually modi stru doesn't open a file..my bad..too many things going on lately.. sorry for confusing.. and the command"USE" Will be changed to the word "SELE" another flabizaster on my part. I'll fix it all Saturday night and present another video.. dang...wth....I feel like Im Coding in my sleep lately... Can anything fix stupid, I Know it wasn't possible in 1985.
  9. The latest Foxit video and additions.. while the filing gets a makeover. VID_20211014_202434727.mp4
  10. When I used to ride dirt bikes back in Nevada, I always had vice grips clamped down on the side with safety wire wrapped around that with DuckTape wrapped around that.. and boy did that come in handy on many occasions...
  11. My 3 favs, DuckTape, wd40 and safety wire. Hahaha
  12. A word I haven't heard in quite awhile "Interface"
  13. Been playing flight simulator with my son, as he DEMANDED me to play since he did all the setup his self and is proud of his accomplishments.lol Real weather real aircraft and real traffic communication. Pretty nifty.. ok, back to my Foxit program
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