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  1. Everytime I get a routine done I copy out the folder and place it in the current dated folder. Something happened when I did a shift rt click copy so I can paste into today's folder.. and..yup windows permanent delete wiped out what I got done today. Which is only 5 hours or so.. I do have my work logs that tell me what routines I worked on and variables I introduced, (I use SNP and an entirely different folder), But nothing specific as logic goes is documented. Well, easy come easy go.... I looked at yesterday's data, and the form information is there and a cursor blinking on field 1. So it's not too terrible. 🔥 is out... just got to replace code
  2. Just completed the"up" arrow key that allows incrementing the width of the field numbers. It doesn't have Auto repeat.. but maybe I can tweak it and provide it. But I'll do that after I make the cursor go to the left and allow direct plugin of values as well. Tedious little things tie up a lot of time..fun
  3. Don't forget the beep firstly...or lastly..
  4. The latest work.. VID_20211024_181045870.mp4
  5. Meee too. And I'm using my old PEB fan to push cold air from one side of my fridge to the other and I haven't needed to buy a fridge. Seems the circuit board relays and controls that pushed open and closed a vent fan and door quit on it, so this works. Been running for almost a year..or maybe a year already..lol
  6. No. Hahaha in a nutshell. Why? Well, I have very limited time with doing what I'm working with AND there's lots of things that may not go well, this is really a push to see if I can successfully make it happen in assembly vs forth. I may Hit a roadblock and have to drop it and move to forth. This is a hobby and this really teaches me things that I wanted to learn. I've come close to throwing the towel but I keep finding ways to go forward.. when and if it gets done I can explain the code and provide it here. I'll try to upload a video on the latest without the primetime players. Filing isn't ready yet either. But I have enough to work with at the moment. Hehehe...
  7. Weekend Update.... The form for the "FIELD" modify/create is in progress and I'm about a quarter of the way into it. There's a ton of, "what,ifs,buts and where's," going on at this point of the program, so it's taking awhile to knaw through. I ended up dividing my "HELPS" data SAMs bank into 2 sections. Half for actual help menu and the other half for variables dealing with making a screen form. This way I don't waste program space. I'll do a video as soon as I get a break.
  8. That's a fast reaction. Hmm.we need more built .. but I can't pay xxx for a built one. What's a good fair price for built product anyway?
  9. That's the one I could never get...along with most others. But I was real good at those asteroids. I can hit those suckers without looking.
  10. I'm half and half on Facebook. Zuckerdude says I can read posts there but I can't reply, it's called zucktape yo mouth. And you get that when you're talking like a sailor but I see the same verbage from it's advertising department. I'm just waiting for the day when they allow me to speak but not read. Watch out! Thats almost like changing your name after everyone got used to your original name. But I can't attend the fair either but would love to sometime.
  11. I had a funny answer but I'll save it.. I cleaned those parts because there easily gotten to. But never changed caps as I don't want to open it and ruin it. Bahaha 🤣 I mean, my tape recorder is really clean, and scratchless. It still does work and it's not worth opening yet, plus I don't use it often. Maybe a TI fpga can fit inside.. never mind.
  12. "DISP STRU" has been created and it works nicely. Giving an error message IF a DB file isn't in the open state. And giving the total number of fields that exist for the current DB file. But now the focus is MODI STRU now, as it will entail creating each Field and it's properties and how that will be set as an open record to be saved. I think we're thinking to save a bundle of fields, with the beginning of each record having information about which bank # it belongs to in SAMs, (it's direct address) + field properties type + screen col/row for each Field location+field length and allowance for 1 memo() field to follow at a bank# address for an xxx amount of bytes. A simple search routine to follow later. This will give me a direction on how I can make it expandable by leaving room for a possible relational approach if we have programming space that would allow it, because right now I'm not including the option to open multiple records and having a search routine that can tie other fields together. I just want a stable, simple and of course useable DB. What's the point if while doing a search takes 20 minutes to achieve. Because I think that's where that might head to with any storage Device.
  13. I have to play around quite a bit on my old recorder to get things working, but it finally does after a few minutes. Of course, it's not built as well as the to computer that seems to just keep on giving and giving. Ok, maybe the recorder just has way too many caps in it's board that are needing replacement.
  14. Just a common sense note for the time. For the first time, the price of a Raspberry Pi single-board computer is increasing and we have the global supply chain shortages to thank for it. Eben Upton, chief executive of Raspberry Pi Trading, made the announcement today, but also made it clear the price increase is only temporary and only impacts one model of the Raspberry Pi In February last year, the price of the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB dropped from $45 to $35 "permanently" and the 1GB model was discontinued. The 2GB model is reverting back to $45 and the 1GB model is making a comeback for industrial customers at its previous $35 price. The reason for this is one of supply chain challenges, with Upton confirming they will only manage to match 2020's shipments of around seven million units this year. The main shortages have been for the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 4 2GB.4. time.
  15. Very little got done over the weekend. The building I was working out of had AC problems and no way I was going to do any coding in that HOtasSpLacE. So I did some paperwork and more planning on my MODI STRU command instead. Did I mention that we're dropping the "SAVE" file type to a record based write file method instead? Each screen could end up being a record I suppose, but I haven't done any math on that yet. Lee suggested to me a couple weeks ago and it sounds better. Plus the fact that I couldn't find the problem with the TIpi save issue I was having., Ahem.. . AND it's just a better approach in this case.
  16. Well get more done over the weekend here .
  17. Thanks so much for reminding me of that last field..I had considered it, but with so much going on lately it did get pushed out. But thanks for the reminder to NOT forget it.
  18. Right on. As a memo Field isn't added in yet. I'm thinking I'll have a around1300 bytes but we won't know until later after I get the basics in.
  19. Happy birthday.. https://hackaday.com/2021/10/15/heres-a-100-mhz-pin-compatible-6502-replacement/
  20. Modi STRUcture is back on the drawing board.. Here's the latest fixes, changes.. This is great going into the weekend. I'll be calculating modi STRUcture, which is a two step process, First we define fields and place that list into the database. Then we proceed with placement of those fields onto a screen. This actually becomes Record 1.,2.,..etc as we page up/down. We're allowed a max of 9 fields per screen (record). Fields can be a date, a date+time, a time, a value of 1-9 numbers and text field of 30 characters max. VID_20211015_210918221.mp4
  21. But the the bird is nice though
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