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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/gtkuDc6 Found a fun item today. A Sony WM-3 Walkman. It was at a flea market but the vendor was a local guy who I always see in local thrift stores hunting for items. I'm guessing this find slipped under his radar. $10. It doesn't seem to power on. I'm torn on if I should tinker with it or just trade it to someone who knows them. I don't think it's the exact model but I can pretend I'm Star-Lord. It would have made a great costume prop for Halloween.
  2. I guess you want us to speculate. I imagine the SG won't have save states so that puts an X7 a mark above. It doubling as a Sega CD ram cart is something I could see the SG having built in. EEPROM save support could end up absent. I think most games have patches now
  3. The additional cores could use some work. With the Nt Mini in limbo I dont think they will ever be revisted. With the master system core being used we may see some updates there. Fm audio will likely remain a close approximation rather than a 100% reproduction. I'm kinda sad we didn't see cartridge adapters or additional controller options on the Nt Mini.
  4. I wonder what kind of audio options this thing will have. I'm guessing he is reusing the master system core so fm audio will be just as flawed as the Nt Mini. Unless the system supports loading of Sega cd games via SD then I may end up passing. I'm already setup on a Sega trio and a everdrive. I was hoping I could finally stop worrying about Sega cd units failing. Finding a working unit is already difficult. Great option for people without a Genesis plus ossc/framemeister.
  5. The controller being 2.4g is weird. Do they really plan on doing 2 different Genesis receivers? If not that's a dick move after releasing those bluetooth conversion kits for Genesis controllers. On their other controllers the 2.4g models are made for the Nintendo classic consoles.
  6. I'd personally reject any knowingly defective electronic. Even as someone who knows that broken function is no big deal I would still not want to be dealing in broken items. It's just not worth the hassle. Would there have to be a note taped to the item explaining the broken function or would it just be a surprise for the new owner? If you do accept broken items where would you draw the line? Better to just take fully working items. There are already plenty of dishonest people who drop off their nonworking junk for them to deal with. He should have returned it to you but I don't blame him for not taking it.
  7. You all get to know the other regulars over time? We have a weekly flea market here and I frequently find vendors looking for new items to sell at local thrift stores. Ebay doesn't come up much. They are just looking for things for their stand. The regular vendors take it a step further and anytime a new table arrives I can observe the regulars swarming the booth for thing to resale at their own booth. How this usually works out is you have 10 stand regulars and maybe 2 people who just came to sell junk. The long timers are pretty aggressive and will stock up on things they know are worth money and just resell at their booth. I just find it fascinating. My biggest competitors are the other stand owners. They are hungry for cheap goods to resell. Sometimes you'll see a particularly valuable item switch booths several times. I was saw a vita mix blender move 4 timed in a month. First at $10,then around $45, then around $80.now it sits at $120 asking price. I imagine next week it will belong to another seller and is now $175.
  8. As long as it isn't the kind of memory with multiple pages then you shouldn't have any trouble. Anything with a little display or buttons that are needed to access additional memory are not to be trusted. That said I just stick to official cards now. I have enough of them from my yard sale days that it is a non issue. The lose of save data is enough to make me abandon a game so I just don't risk it.
  9. Any of you use the sprite doubling feature on the Nt Mini? I feel like I should be using it but I am so used to how the regular NES does things. I'd say yes. It sure sky rocketed the Ebay value. Controller prices also went ridiculous for awhile after the Super NT release. It calmed down though. I imagine a lot of those buyers are Super Everdrive owners. This new support was the tipping point for a lot of people on paying the extra money for an SD2SNES.
  10. Dang the last Nt Mini went for $1850. Awesome bundle but wow. I wonder if we will see it break $2000
  11. The Avs is a pretty solid system. Is there enough of a market left to redesign the Nt Mini? I dunno. I'm hoping they just start doing the Nt Mini again. It's novel knowing that it's value has ballooned so much in the secondary market but it's such a nice system that I hope more people get to experience it. I predict it will be at least a couple years until it reaches a point of decent availability. Right now the demand is so high that if another batch is released it is going to sell out quick and become a scalpers paradise. I'm personally hoping for an NT Mini 2. A better fpga with more room to grow. Port some of those ui upgrades, hybrid scanlines, and polishing up the existing cores. I'd rather spend several hundred on one powerful system than a couple hundred on multiple stand alone. Even if that meant I had to buy cores in a core store like situation. As long as it isn't a subscription service.
  12. I wouldn't worry about upsetting people. Passions get high. It's quite strange how people can't fathom why nt mini isn't pumping out plastic nt mini lites on their flag ship ultra premium product. I doubt they see it as a horrible business decision to release it in aluminum. The metal was a step up from making their consoles from wood. As beautiful as the neo geo cmvs system was it was prone to cracking and other issues. Who knows. Perhaps now that they have gotten a taste of big time popularity they will step away from the low production, high end approach. Sacrificing quality on their flagship product to sell a budget model seems odd to me but it would certainly sell units.
  13. Let's not pretend the flip side of that argument isnt just as self serving. People wanting Analogue to compromise its brand for a cheaper model so they can benefit. They advertised the Nt Mini as a very exclusive boutique like item. Don't act surprised the people who bought into that want the item remaining high end. You wouldn't expect Astell & Kern to make a budget model.
  14. None of the cores are open source. The only person messing with those cores is Kevtris. Whatever agreements he has made with Analogue isn't public. It's a little odd the cores even made it out to begin with. There is obviously a lot of money to be made off FPGA based systems. Will those cores be sold individually? Made into a whole new system or multiple systems? No one knows. A lot of people want a plastic version of the NT Mini at a reduced price but I don't see that happening. One that plays NES games only seems hopeful but seeing all the cores offered for free would be an odd choice after the huge success of the Super NT.
  15. Do you know something the rest of us don't? The NT Mini shortage wasn't something announced or planned for as far as I know. The majority of units sold have been used consoles so I'm inclined to believe they are just people who had their fun and would rather have the money. The people selling new in the box consoles I'll give the benefit of a doubt to. Even my own NT Mini has a layer of dust on it from neglect. Super NT and others have been taking all my time. Edit: To piggyback off my own post I am repeating my earlier post in hopes anyone has info. Does anyone know if the Famicom Network controller works on the Nt Mini (ColecoVision core)? How about the SNES NTT Data controller? Anyone know if that would function with a SNES to NES converter (Raphnet)? I've been searching through old posts but I can't find if the Network controller was fixed or not. Would also appreciate suggestions for other useful NES controllers for various cores. A good joystick for Atari games maybe?
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