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  1. Indeed it does... but mine allows much faster prototyping. FridgeGrid is already pretty good. It is as multi-purpose as MSExcel, but you have to look up all the cycle counts for all the instructions, since it doesn't do it itself. This quickly becomes tedious... I build this tool to be able to quickly draw out my kernel, and to not have to keep an 6502 instruction sheet and a playfield timing sheet to my side. You can actually touch the opcodes; actually you are the assembler, since you effectively drag and drop machine code! So my tool is closer to a conventional assembler. However, it is at the moment only tuned for the VCS, and I do believe that modifying it for other machines might be a bit of an hassle...
  2. Thanks for your modifications, Seldon Sims. Of course I don't mind, feel free to add things! If you don't mind, I did add your reflected version to my Github... I didn't have time to add other functionalities yet, though.
  3. Hello folks, After the positive response from the Homebrew group on Facebook, I decided to start creating a tool for drawing out kernel code. This would ease out development of correctly timed drawing code, using a simple drag-and-drop tool. Here attached is a HTML demo of what I've made last 2 days. It is still very preliminary, but it is just to give the feeling. kernelpaint.html see also on Github: https://github.com/Yvar-deGoffau/Kernel-Paint Please send in any feedback, and I hope to find more free time in my week. Of course, all contribution is more than welcome!
  4. Oh help, that is the game I made in one winter holiday and totally forgot about! Anyway, thank you all for reminding me about it. Indeed the game could use quite a bit more gameplay, and there are scanline bugs all over the place. In fact, the kernel is so bad I decided in the end it needed a complete rewrite. I did spend quite some time pushing out the last cycle out of the system, and what I finished with was 10 times better. But then I became bored and didn't want to get back for writing new game logic. So if anyone would like to build some nice zelda-like RPG for Atari, feel free to use my code! quickboy.zip
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