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  1. yes exactly partition it off for each platform. the 2600 and been done to death from hand held to the mini flashback's from Atgames. obeviously with the newest technology duming down the resolution to low quality 8 bit and heck even up to the XEGS with better speed and qaulity of graphic's I have an Android TV box and I downloade a retro game playing app and it doesn't work I had high hopes I would be able to play the 800 series games. I think its called zach morris somthing like that loaded into one box that actaully works And I would be thrilled.
  2. even a mini unit that played 5200/7800 games they are close in resolutiuon to the 400/800 games. I have a labrary of disks that has hundreds of games on them would be nice to have a unit that has all the games loaded in it. maybe a library for each type of unit gonra . Like I mentuioned above this knock of clone for the NES for my kids is really a cool machine not a real old nintendo game fan but it has some of the same games I had foir atari. the ATgames units are ok but they only have 100 games loaded in them looking for that nitch of games . I have a flashback atari 2600 maybe version 7 or 8 .. I know that the 400/800 was a "computer" but it played some really cool games for it's day. the computer side of things has it's place in my heart as well but really enjoyed the games I ghd to play on it. when i got burned out coding in "basic" I could kick back and play some game and relax
  3. reviving an old thread. I bough an NES mini knock off from Ebay during the holiday's I never owned an NES it's pretty much after my game playing days. this thing has 600 games on it some of the Atari type of games I remember and the graphics rival that of the 400/800 series games kind of... A mini ataru to play all the games is something that I would buy if it were made. this chineese knock off was less then $50.00 and I have played a few games and my kids like it as well...
  4. yep got it surprisingly I have a couple hundred disks full of game files and programs etc. I only ran across 2 so far that will not boot. amazing after 30+ year that this stuff still works! they have not been stored in really a climate controlled environment either which is really even more amazing.
  5. got my mother board today and it works! Yeah! no this question will morph into something else forgive me. in basic Load"D1:filename.exttension" Correct? Just like that? How can I access the files on a disk though Basic? I have a bunch of program I wrote back in the day and never wrote down the file names. Doh! particularly I wrote a BBS system and I have all the disks I'm shocked I have a couple hundred disks with games and files and a majority of the disks still work holding down Option when turning on they all seem to boot. the files I wrote were all in basic basic xe to be exact it will load the basic cartridge and it's looking for a prompt command or what ever … so that all works.
  6. I have one of those RF adaptors to import the video into the TV that's how I could see that the ram was jacked up I have an old 5" TV I want to use it on. I wound up ordering a mother board from Best electronic's today they seem like really nice people to do business with. less then $100.00 with shipping. the ones I was looking at on eBay were more and were PAL a pole Pal1 which apparently will not work on a US tv
  7. Ok I already know the answer but looking for a solution. Brought my Atari 130XE out of a 35 year old coma when I turn it on with a cartridge in it it boots to the memory self test the rom bars are both green and a good majority of the ram blocks are red so I'm assuming I have faulty ram and that's why it will not run a cartridge or boot a disk. that bing said I don't have the ability to desolder and solder new chips on the board let alone know Which ones are bad most of the block on the self test are red. I found a couple of boards on Ebay that are rebuilt the question I have is there are different ones all for a 130xe which one do I need I'm in the USA I can't find a concrete answer as to which one will work on a TV here . thank you in advance.
  8. found the thread thank you It works and it's what I was loking for. last question will something liike this work with the emulator. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Sytle-USB-Joystick-Black-Wired-Controller-for-PC-and-Mac/201552794744?hash=item2eed7b9478:g:4tAAAOSwiBJaBGCz:rk:1:pf:1 using the keyboard is a huge drag. if something else works better please let me know. Thank you again!
  9. is there any simple emulator out there that has a bunch of 8 bit computer gamne to run on a PC? I have a 130Xe and the memory is jacked up on it and it will not play anything I have a slew of games that as a kid I enjoyed playng on the system. I could just as easily buy another used unit on ebay but that costs $ and I'm cheap. LOL one of the Atgames systems that had 8 bit computer games would be aweosme but they only have 2600 version that I know of. a 7800 version would be as close as it gets to 8 bit compouter games but that doesn't exsit either. I bought last years flashback game with the wireless controllers and well it found it to be Meh... My kids played it for about 1/2 a day and then forgot we even have it.
  10. Well that did it. 2 fist Not sure which one was the root cause but using that utility and I found the big file with all the games in it on page on of this thread and just copied the whole thing to the newly formatted card and it works I'm a happy camper thank you guys!
  11. For some reason it will only keep it as GAME I can't rename it with lower case I type it Game but it keeps changing it to GAME.. maybe I should reformat and try again as Game and see what happens.... ??
  12. Ok thank you for the reply. I have it 1 deep now and it still does the same thing. just get a black screen that says loading..... then goes back the SD screen. I know it's something stupid I'm doing but just don't know what. the main file name should be GAME not Game? shouldn't make a difference right?
  13. First off thank you for allowing me to joint the forum. I'm a newbie to this. I grew up with Atari from pong to a 2600 to an Atari 400,800,xl to a 130xe loved it as a kid an young teen. but I digress I got the hand held game from X-mas this year and brought back a lot of great memories I tried to down load a few games and I can't get them to work off the SD card. I formatted the card and have a file name of "GAME" and in that file there is a game with a **.Bin and when I put the card in the portable game and select sd card I get a screen that says loading and nothing happens it goes back to that same SD card screen. attached is the patch name on the SD card. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid and that is why it doesn't work. any help would be appreciated. thank you in advance. .
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