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  1. To try to sell their half-assed prototype on Pawn Stars for beer money.
  2. Again, not being antagonistic, but you are 100% incorrect and unaware of how a basic business operates. Atari's marketing department (which, as far as I can see, doesn't exist) is responsible for creating they "hype" and brand awareness. I regret to inform you that there are no "partners" that are going to pick up the slack, especially to the degree you believe they aspire. Atari SA does not have the money or the financial backing to make a huge showing at CES 2020, or any other showing other than a fart in a hurricane. It's simply not going to happen, period.
  3. I don't think you understand my first question. I'll just leave it be. As for the second question: You're mistaken. Even if the partners DID do that, what makes you think they could/will?
  4. That really didn't answer my questions at all. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no highly confidential partner waiting to be revealed, sorry. That's not how business works.
  5. Hi, Max. I have a few questions/opinions about this. Please don't take them as antagonistic, as I'm being completely genuine. I wonder what kind of hype machine you see Atari managing, esp. at CES 2020? I am absolutely confident that all eyes are going to be on Microsoft and Sony, and everything else will be a footnote. Beyond the built-in fanbases of the respective systems building up hype, do you think Atari could come up with the money for a media push that would make Joe and Jane Q. Public aware that the VCS exists?
  6. Just checking in to bump the post count tell you that if you have a California Burrito near you, try their chorizo burrito and their crispy tacos. Delicious!
  7. Regardless, I can't think of an Atari system that had any odd failure rate. Same for 3DO, CD-i, Vectrex, et al.
  8. I've never heard of high failure rates with Atari systems, the CD-i, or the 3DO?
  9. Assuming you're using an RF adapter, make sure your Atari's powered on and select the channel search function on your TV, as you did before. BUT - search for analog channels (antenna), not cable channels. Let your tv go through the search process. It should find the one your Jr. is set to broadcast on, most likely channel 3.
  10. If Atari announced the VCS shells were going to be made out of stillborn pandas and bald eagle feet, Wal-Mart might...might...take notice and sever ties with them. Atari is less than a fart in the breeze to Wal-Mart.
  11. I can't believe that anyone would still agree to be in the same room as Andy Dick.
  12. Been holding off until I read some reviews I can trust. What's wrong w/ it?
  13. Oh I agree wholeheartedly. The console and joystick look f'n awesome. Not awesome enough for me to throw 400 goddamn dollars at an unforeseen conclusion, but awesome nonetheless.
  14. This whole thing reeks of plebes bringing their tithes to the king in hopes of a blessing. And the king looking completely disinterested in whatever the asswipes bring in that isn't cash money. Or imagine one of seventeen grandchildren watching Grandpa open the Christmas gift he worked alllll year on. "What the fuck is this, Freddy? "It's ze UNconsole, Grandpapa!" ... ... "Sigh. Okay. Next. Whose kid are you again?"
  15. "Qbert could have great color and move by move Gameplay that matches the graphics." Holy FUCK. Wow. Just...wow. This can't be real. It just...wow.
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