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  1. My definition of “hit” is the same as everyone else’s. I don’t change the definition of the word to suit my defensive stature when I’m called out on my b.s. That said, I think it’s reasonable to go back and change your sentence to “I think they have the potential for actual short-term sustainability regardless of what peeps here think,” yeah?
  2. I need you to write this down: there is absolutely zero chance this thing is going to become a “hit.” It is absolutely not going to happen, period, end of story, amen.
  3. If only someone, somewhere had seen this coming...🤔
  4. They are indeed. There was one that someone was asking 999.00 for. I mean, I'm willing to pay a premium, but come ON. 🤨
  5. There is absolutely nobody here that is upset with you enjoying your purchase, and that point has been stated by numerous people time and time again.
  6. I literally have no idea what this sentence means.
  7. I think they were selling it for 300.00. You definitely got a great deal.
  8. Ah nice! It was at Super Smash on S. Tacoma Way last month. It’s been there for about a year now and they had dropped the price a bit. It was CIB and in like-new condition. Best of luck! Lemme know if you snag it.
  9. They will not. Respectfully, that's a TREMENDOUS leap. First, you'd have to have some sort of awareness that this product exists, which is not the case, by and large. Second, you'd have to have them available by Christmas. You don't have them now and I'd bet my paycheck there won't be any available next Christmas, either. Third, you'd have to have a whooooole bunch of people willing to make a $400 impulse buy of a console they haven't researched or know anything about. It's just not going to happen.
  10. Still looking, but honestly ain't expecting to find a seller...
  11. Where do you live? I know of one in a store in Tacoma, WA, USA. I sold it to 'em.
  12. Just saw this. Might have an extra one. I'm at work, but I'll let you know by tomorrow am.
  13. LOL Like this thing's ever going to see retail release.
  14. I’d gladly take that off your hands.
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