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  1. This is really the heart of the matter. He vainly attempts to appear market-savvy by spouting this outright nonsense: and, at the same time, (mind-blowingly) equating Harley Davidson and classic automobiles with passing fads. Dude disingenuous as fuck. Not only is he glaringly business-illiterate, but it's painfully obvious he wants to be Superman SO BAD, oblivious to the fact that everyone looking at him sees a little boy jumping off a roof with a red towel around his neck.
  2. Before December? Hell, there's a big announcement right around the corner...right?
  3. I think it's important that we stop here and reflect on one glaring fact: Stefan Werner is a fucking dick.
  4. Last year was my first PRGE, and I'm looking forward to this one, too. I have a question that I haven't seen discussed anywhere. Namely, trading. I figure that vendors aren't up for trading for several obvious reasons, namely the exhibit hall is SO busy and cash is quick and easy. Not to mention that, as an attendee, hauling stuff around is unwieldy and impolite. So outside of the exhibit hall, are there groups/booths/etc. that are established and eager to trade? Are there groups/forums online discussing what they're looking for and what they have to bring?
  5. Would love one, thanks! Rod Bowsher OverMuch Federal Way, WA
  6. Hmph. I get nothing but a 403 "site not found" error when clicking the link...
  7. There is an incredible number of things wrong with Philipp's post, philosophically, morally, and otherwise, but I'll be succinct and stick with the most annoying: "journalists like me" "payed" Sigh.
  8. Quake 2? Doom 3? I can play those on my microwave, for god's sake.
  9. Hello and welcome. Are you looking to sell?
  10. That explains it. Go Buckeyes!
  11. I've never played it. :-/ I bought the only copy I've ever come across in the wild, but it was sealed. While I don't mind opening sealed games most of the time, I'm really not wanting to tear the plastic off this AK primarily because of the rarity. Hopefully I'll find a loose copy in some store somewhere, someday, and I'll go to town on that sucker...
  12. Seeking a CIB NBA Jam T.E. for $30, please. I need this or I will literally die.
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