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  1. The other poster didn’t follow up, so if you’d like it, send me your info and I’ll get it out to you tomorrow. 🙂
  2. I added them right after I accidentally hit “submit.” Heh. PM me your details and it’s yours.
  3. Nothing too crazy here, but it might be interesting to the right collector. I have no use for it and can’t stand to throw stuff like this away. I’ll ship it within the US on my dime, and I t’ll be sent flat in a padded envelope.
  4. Putting this comment here as a vouch for you. Everything arrived just as it should. Thanks for the fast shipping! Much appreciated!
  5. I'm pretty sure I have a number of those available on my site. Not at my office right now, so I can't be more specific, but feel free to check us out! www.RetroRocketGaming.com
  6. This person just hit me up with almost the exact same scam. He's now "prizealot."
  7. Oh damn! Been looking for a decent CIB light pen. Will PM ya! Edit: Ah, I misread, sorry!
  8. Winding down my list of 2600 wants/needs, finally. I have two ONE left that I'm looking for: Halloween & Crazy Climber. Would LOVE cib, but not holding my breath. Message me if you're selling!
  9. Update: I ended up buying the box of carts after quite a bit of back-and-forth. Turns out the mystery cart is a Frogs & Flies. Will try to see if there's any difference between this copy and another copy I have in an attempt to determine if this is a prototype or not.
  10. I saw this cart label in an OfferUp ad today, and I’m perplexed. Anyone got any idea if this is an actual thing, or is it likely that some extra just slapped a random sticker on the end of a random cart? Tried to ask the owner, but got no reply.
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