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  1. I want to believe. If Atari comes back, Sega might make consoles again.
  2. Remove one letter and change the gameplay and graphics slightly to accommodate it. Asteroids. Remove the A and you get...Steroids! Kaizo Asteroids, anyone?
  3. If "Father of the Year" actually meant what it should mean, I'd say it. Start 'em off young. I'm cheering you on, hoping that kid joins me in the next generation of AtariAge...those of us who grow up with the Atari 2600 and the Xbox One. (Okay, we don't have an Xbox One, but we do have a 360, so...)
  4. I for one would recommend using a name used in a different region, so Gradius for the 2600 would be Nemesis everywhere except Europe, where it would use Gradius. Lawyers from other countries can't touch you, from what I know. Unless you want it to be called Gatana, of course. (Gradius = Gladius, Gatana = Katana)
  5. (necrobump, but not as bad as my previous ones thankfully) I'm actually wondering about the opposite. Klax wasn't made for the Atari 2600 here in America, and I'm thinking about collecting every final game (like BotW on the Wii U, Wario's Woods on the NES, etc.) for each console we have.
  6. I'd rather Big Brother.
  7. 2600 Congo Bongo is like the Wii U; it sacrifices graphics for gameplay and is an underrated gem.
  8. As in, what games would be in an Attari 5200 Flashback? I nominate Super Breakout.
  9. HOOOOOOOLY CRAP that game sounds stupid!
  10. Well, considering I'm 13 and my first experience with Atari games was the Flashback 2, there are a lot of games that I will never get (Adventure 2, Quadrun, Wizard, and Saboteur, just to name a few).
  12. I would very much appreciate if someone would trade their copy of any AC games for a paperback copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I don't care if it's a repro or not as long as it works and it has a silver label. Keep on dreamin', me.
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