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  1. Looks like Analogue has MiSTer in its sights. One FPGA for public development of cores....
  2. So we can’t even order it yet...🤔 I think I’m going to skip this and just use Woozle’s consolized GBA instead.
  3. That’s ugly as hell. Not a fan. Why the heck don’t they allow for it to dock flat?
  4. It sounds like it has hdmi output on the device itself. Unless Analogue has a “one more thing...” moment, it looks like Nt Mini prices are going back up. 😎
  5. The shipping cost is ridiculous. Analogue really needs to switch up their fullfillment to reduce the cost to their customers.
  6. Did Kevtris fix the hybrid scanlines bug on Mega Sg?
  7. If you guys are so against MiSTer discussion in this thread, then change the title to something other than “FPGA Based Videogame System.” Perhaps “Analogue FPGA Systems”? This thread has become an FPGA catch all thread, so you can’t fault folks for talking about MiSTer.
  8. The fact that Kevtris purchased a Mega SD is proof that Analogue has no intention of ever releasing a product or firmware with a Sega CD core. Kevtris goes out of his way to avoid the mere appearance of impropriety. For example, he has never touched a MiSTer to avoid any accusations that he would steal open source code to use on Analogue products (Although he was ridiculously accused of that last week).
  9. It was mentioned in the Terraonion discord that the FPGA on the Mega SD is big enough for “many” more cores, and that a Virtua Racing SVP core could be added in the future.
  10. Ok everyone, what are your last minute predictions for Terraonion’s new FPGA related product announcement tomorrow? My money is on a SSDS3 style FPGA based ODE Sega CD add on which would pair perfectly with the Mega SG. That’s all I can come up with that makes sense and is remotely feasible.
  11. I wouldnt mind an Nt Mini rerelease, but I would not want it to delay the release of a previously unreleased platform, such as TG16 or Neo Geo.
  12. Adding additional cores of systems from other manufacturers to the Super Nt and Mega Sg just muddles the whole intent and design esthetic of these products. Leave all of those niche cores for the MiSTer. We have had this debate before in this thread, but do not discount the popularity of Neo Geo and PC Engine/TG16, especially overseas. Ive noticed a lot more international customers buying the Mega Sg in Asia where PC Engine was king. A PC Engine FPGA would sell really well for Analogue.
  13. What is unreasonable is that the individuals packing the shipping boxes could not take 90 seconds to match the correct product to the shipping confirmation invoice included in the freaking shipping box. We are paying higher shipping fees for this?
  14. Five customers receive the wrong product - random, unfortunate mistake. Dozens of customers receive the wrong product - deliberate action by Analogue without the consent of the customer. Analogue MUST bring their fulfillment in house before their next big product launch. The excessive shipping fees and mistakes like this cannot continue.
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