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  1. I have a crazy story. So my dad had this phone and two weeks later the screen cracked (my dad was helping my sister practice a few minutes befor the game and his phone fell out of his pocket). So my dad ordered a replacement screen from ebay and got it within the next week. He took apart his phone and properly replaced the screen and it worked with no problem for three weeks. Then came the problem(s). One day my dad came home from work telling my mom about how the screen was going crazy or no...

    1. VectorGamer
    2. Flojomojo


      Replacement screens are usually not as good as the ones straight from the manufacturer, at least according to a friend who found that the replacements broke MUCH more easily. And that's assuming you install them properly, which isn't something I feel qualified to do. Is your dad good with very small tools?

    3. jd_1138


      He needs to get a new phone probably, and this time I'd put it in an OtterBox type case. I have a Poetic Revolution case that was only $8 and is similar to an OtterBox. I drop it a lot and it never breaks.

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