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  1. And I've been here for three  yes 👍

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    2. GoldLeader


      Any Maybes, Trip?

    3. Kiwi


      I had mental autocorrect on, opps.  I believe it is "And I've been here for three years."

    4. Trip2018


      Indeed it was Kiwi! thats what I get for posting from my phone 👍

  2. Trip2018

    Finished fursuit2

    © Trip2018/Brain52

  3. Trip2018

    Finished fursuit1

    © Trip2018/Brain52

  4. Just something I whipped up real quick.

    © Trip2018/Brain52

  5. Me and my sister have been talking about Don't hug me I'm scared, and all the sudden DHMIS is showing up my sister's YouTube suggestion 😨

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    2. ZippyRedPlumber


      Looks like youtube's getting....creative...

    3. carlsson


      Do you have any Alexa, Siri, Cortana etc active that could pick up your conversation, or would just about any app be eavesdropping?

    4. Trip2018


      Nope just our phones

  6. Trip2018

    Kelvin headshot

    Though I'd give realistic fur a try

    © Brain52/Trip2018

  7. So my sister has a folder of my pillow guy memes... 


  8. Imma be at area 51

    Image result for bout to head out meme

    1. DoctorSpuds


      Don't forget to pack a lunch!

    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Are you going to storm the gates?

    3. save2600


      Sounds like Woodstock, just that it's out by Area 51.  lol

  9. Trip2018

    Kelvin base

    © Brain52

  10. Trip2018

    Kelvin base pt2

    © Brain52

  11. Trip2018

    Kelvin progress

    © Brain52

  12. Welcome! If you haven't already, please read the rules before posting. It is prefered if you post an art piece or ref sheet of your fursona. You can rp with others here as long as it stays to a simple meetings, greetings, or welcomes! Anything beyond that and you will be asked to start a new topic.
  13. Trip2018

    Allta the Mantaglider

    Oof mispelled her name. It's actually Allsta
  14. New semi-open species came out about a week ago. I finished mine yesterday and It got approved this morning.

    © Trip2018

  15. Rules: - All chat/rp content must be safe for work. - Try to keep swearing to a minimum. - Be respectful. - No politics, arguing, or hate. (Take ur beef elsewhere) - Constructive criticism is allowed. - Nothing is stopping normies from entering, try to be as welcoming as possible! And most importantly: - Have Fun!!! 🐺🦊🐾
  16. Congrats man! That's awesome!😀
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