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  1. Awesome, I want to try it! :)


    Well release date might be comming up soon, I just need to try to make bB a built in software for those who just want it for it's four channel stereo, and make a basic mode for those who like the to stick with two channel limitations.

  2. First:

    I think somewhere on RandomTerrain's bB commands page that dpc+ pfpixel has three arguments, y, x1, x2.

    I meant x, y1, y2 :P


    I'm taking some info from this and this

    Both require trigonometry and square roots. Is that even achievable in bB (or the 2600 in general)?

  3. I would like to make a Raycaster for a game i'm working on but all the engines I found didn't work, are in assembly and hard to implement, or just don't suit my needs.



    Interactive sprites that move around the map

    doors (windows maybe) and changing walls

    on/off toggle to switch between main game and a screen/menu


    what do you think?

    I know how to scale sprites and provide layering.


    However I'm confused as to how I can accomplish the calculations needed.


    Thx. :D

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