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    Can you post any music binary using your 4 channel technique?

    Will it play 4 sounds at the same time, or is the 2 extra channels for doing percussion and effects fitting in between notes?


    Yeah I'm going to try to get a demo rom out soon. It will play 4 notes (sort of) at the same time (Two sounds every other frame). There is a catch though, it take about 14 to 18 variables (18 only if used with sdata).


    A tool for bB would have to output bB source code.

    Music routines work in regular and DPC+ bB without changes.


    bB is a framework to convert your Basic into assembly and then compiles it with DASM into a Atari 2600 binary.

    It can create 4K on up.

    Just compiling your music player would be creating a stripped down assembly binary.


    The IDE “Visual bB” (made with vb.net) is not batari Basic. It calls the bB routines.

    It has a Music and Sound maker that you can just listen (temp files get deleted) or create .bas 4K that you can use or edit.

    The output is this:



    Your tool would be your own player (and even include .asm if your player is only written in assembly) but still needs to be text source that bB can convert and compile.


    I know, I took care of that a while ago and have two methods of export: 1, File, export as bB. 2, play audio (exports a temporary file which can be compiled and auto run in an emulator of choice).

  3. I am no expert with how bB compiles basic into assembly, but looking in its files there are 11 kernels. I dont know if it chooses one out of the functions used, or if it uses more than one of those 11.


    bB is nothing but programs that turn your plain basic text file source code into assembly.


    The Visual bB editor is Windows .net only and has stand alone programs that help you create sprites or titlescreens or playfields or music and sound. Those tools put their code into your plain text source code.

    The music and sound part of Visual bB write an entire program with your data, one for the standard bB and a different one for bB DPC+.


    jEdit is a Java editor that can color bB code like Visual bB does.

    It doesnt have any additions like sprite creation.


    Not sure what you are asking for.

    As far as stripped down, I know if your program doesnt use scrolling and you know what that looks like in assembly, you can free around 200 bytes in the first bank.

    I mean I'm making a bB tool in vb.net and was thinking of having a stripped down version of bB built in for those who just want the tracker but don't want to have to install bB. Just curious due to the fact that I can't find license.txt.

  4. Awesome, I want to try it! :)


    Well release date might be comming up soon, I just need to try to make bB a built in software for those who just want it for it's four channel stereo, and make a basic mode for those who like the to stick with two channel limitations.

  5. First:

    I think somewhere on RandomTerrain's bB commands page that dpc+ pfpixel has three arguments, y, x1, x2.

    I meant x, y1, y2 :P


    I'm taking some info from this and this

    Both require trigonometry and square roots. Is that even achievable in bB (or the 2600 in general)?

  6. I would like to make a Raycaster for a game i'm working on but all the engines I found didn't work, are in assembly and hard to implement, or just don't suit my needs.



    Interactive sprites that move around the map

    doors (windows maybe) and changing walls

    on/off toggle to switch between main game and a screen/menu


    what do you think?

    I know how to scale sprites and provide layering.


    However I'm confused as to how I can accomplish the calculations needed.


    Thx. :D

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