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  1. There is a type of SD Card that does this, if the Harmony supports it. People have used them with the Ultimate Cart on the 8-bit computers successfully. Toshiba FlashAir SD WiFi card.

    Ohh yeh I forgot about the Wi-Fi SD card. It lets you send/receive, doesn't it?


    And I would think the only compatibility issues that'd arise would be the FileSystem and size. If the Harmony can hande it, it'd be good to go wouldn't it? You could then transmit your games to the VCS without having to worry about plugging and unplugging the SD card.


    Personally, I believe the tech world tends to create solutions to problems that don't exist. In fact, I might suggest a Harmony cart user have several SD cards at the ready. One with favs, one with space games, one containing the early first 2 years of releases.. Or homebrews. Or whatever. Just a thought.


    Alternatively, if you're one that genuinely likes to play with tech toys, then, yeh, sure.. The Wi-Fi SD card + Harmony could be a solution for you, if they work together, just that it would operate slightly different than a PlayCable or GameLine. You could potentially write a script to transfer groups of roms to the card on a set schedule, thus simulating a broadcast. That'd get you closer. Just thinking here.

    That's a great idea. I didn't know that wifi sd cards existed, Thanks. ;-) :thumbsup:

  2. True.


    But once you are running an ARM processor with megs of RAM in the cartridge and bus stuffing on every cycle, I have to ask "why?" - just to hijack a TIA?


    I suppose it would be to stretch the definition of what you could accomplish from the 24 pins on the cartridge port. Meh, if you make it, the demo crowd will probably make some really impressive demos.

    Isn't DPC+ ARM, or is that just me. Not to mention It added extra ram.

  3. Does anyone know how the color effect of chetiry was achieved and if there is a bB kernel avalible?


    I am working on the japanese equivilent of it (hopefully that makes sence). :D

  4. THIS idea may not have panned out and may not be worth time. But what about other things? Surely you have ideas for other projects?

    That is why I closed It. 20% of my ideas are just ones that I throw out there to see if anyone is interested, another 60% are unfinished, and 20% are finished or just need a little adjustments (probably spelled that wrong). I'll stick to programing in Bb and scratch. And if you are interested in some of the projects I have made you should check out my scratch account https://scratch.mit.edu/users/Brain52/or my tennis homebrew http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273748-atari-3d-tenis/?view=findpost&p=3924374

  5. Extra RAM is one thing, but buss stuffing and extra sound/video hardware makes it not an Atari anymore for me. Its cool, but with the 2600 it doesnt take much to turn it into something else.

    Well dpc+ and dpc optimised video and dpc+ added extra sprites (didn't pitfall 2 use dpc). Also "ball blazer" for the 7800 used the pokey chip for its awesome music. The starpath super charger enhacned the graphics and made one of the best versions of froggeron the system. Also, there is the harmony cart that gives the ability to load game from an sd card or you could download games to the cart.

  6. Did you start working on it yet? Or are you still collecting ideas?


    Unfortunately my wiring expeirence isn't top notch (I do have some expierience, it's not as good as you might hope) nor do I have the parts, however I am still collecting ideas, parts and expeirence. Maybe I could start after I finish some of my other projects as I have a lot of them on my plate. :woozy:


    I did think up one idea:

    wifi pcb

    Instead of downloading games it would be online high score board and server cost could be as cheap as $30 with a raspberry pi zero W and cooling system provided by the developer.


    Any Idea/suggestion is appreciated. :)


    p.s. If anyone could help find some scematics for some sort of wifi cart or the harmony cart deveolpment that would be awesome, Thanks :-D

  7. I mean, I love Sid too, it's a great sound chip, but Pokey is easily on par, if the right person knows what to do


    I mean we could include both if its possible. :?


    But I'm sure I know what I want. :grin:

  8. I can see that your trying to convince me that harmony is superior and in some ways it is, but the reason I came to this idea was because I didn't want the labor of downloading every rom out there, not to mention the questionable legality of it. So when a new home brew is released it will just be there to download and play.

  9. Basically a supercharger with some extra goodies, and a pass through for enhanced carts to make use of it? I've thought of it. Could be cool. I seem to remember a similar device for the NES though I don't remember what it was called, or added to the games.

    The only thing I can think of is the game genie. :P

  10. I was thinking, what if there was something like the harmony cart, only instead of reading from an sd card it read from a subscription website via wifi, almost like the sega channel :-o, except if your not subscrbed you would have access to free demos and betas. :P

  11. Dang, that's to bad. So then your saying that those 16 to 32 pixel wide sprites are just vectorized NUSIZX sprites?


    EDIT: I used your 2x sprite converter but I am having trouble adding it into my bb code. I tried using the asm, inline, include commands and got nowhere. Can you help? I have no assembly expierience.

  12. Hey, I know bB can only generate sprites only 8 pixels wide, but im working on a game that reqires a slightly wider level of detail. True I could shrink the width down to 8 pixels then use NUSIZ0, but it looks awful that way does anyone know of a kernel. Thanks.

  13. New list


    -Built in bios

    -Extra 8k ram

    -Cartridge pull out protector (If you pull out a cartridge, it will reboot to the bois)

    -Pokey chip


    -Savekey support

    -Easily compatable with bB (I don't have any assembly expierience, hopefully someone is willing to code a kernel)

    -pcm sound sample chip

  14. So I was puting away my 2600 when an idea hit me, what if there was an advanced passthrough cartridge almost like the sega 32x. Here's a list of features it could include.


    -Built in bios

    -Extra 64k ram

    -Cartridge pull out protector (If you pull out a cartridge, it will reboot to the bois)

    -Sid chip (so we can finally have better music in our games)


    -Dpc+ and Superchip compatible


    I would love to do this myself but I'm not very good with electronics nor do I have the budget to do it. XD

  15. Seems like you could get the 3D effect without the flicker. Looks like you are redrawing things that may not need to be redrawn when the player moves left or right, so the game is going over 262.


    I ran out of cycles when I added the 3d. So I made the playfield take a few frames to update.

  16. First:


    Happy New Year!


    Well, that's clunky :-). But who am I to judge. I couldn't accomplish anything at all with Bb... And my own programming efforts on the Commodore 64 back in the days looked much worse than this. Anyway, welcome to AtariAge!


    Second: Yeah the ball physics are pretty bad, and i wasn't to happy with the playfield.


    This is cool! Donyou have a manual though? I don't get how to do a backhand. But it seems possible. I love how the ball.scales when it's far and close and the guys animation. Nice work!

    Third: You can't do a backhand, its just a 3d pong where you have to hit the ball back. Also, I am working on a manual.

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