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  1. I didn't like the cover of this that came with RMT, so i took matters into my own hands. I also just generally like this song. blastermaster_area1.zip blastermaster_area1.xex
  2. i have no picture for this one so enjoy looking at the tracker i guess. mariokartgcn_mushroombridge_pokey.zip mariokartgcn_mushroombridge_pokey.xex
  3. this song is not optimized for .xex so the volume levels will probably be through the roof. crashman_pokey.zip crashman_pokey.xex
  4. Thanks! and hey, we could totally do the mm2 ost on atari together.... but i call dibs on crash man!
  5. Yes, i work very fast. This proves that i have too much free time.... Lol. Anyways, enjoy moar atari mega meng! heatman_pokey.xex heatman_pokey.zip
  6. I'd love to do that, but Fragmare already did that and it sounds amazingly good and accurate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpkjoB29fEQ
  7. It's been awhile, but I have come with another Atari cover made with Raster Music Tracker. Hope you enjoy! airman_pokey.xex airman_pokey.zip
  8. Hey guys! So, I really like Tim Follin and his music, so I decided to cover Tim Follin's Chronos on the Atari ST/ZX Spectrum + AY. I made this with Vortex Tracker II. I hope you enjoy! .TXT and .AY For Vortex Tracker II and .AY for any AY player respectively are attached in a .ZIP. I used MicroSpeccy. Chronos AY Cover.zip
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