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  1. Nicely done on all counts! Are you going to sell these or make the STL files available on thingiverse?
  2. I replaced the three easy belts. The main belt was hard as rock and stuck to the pulley. I cleaned everything with 90% isopropyl and cotton swaps. Of course rewind is not working at all, but fast forward works great. I then hooked it up to my 130xe and tried to load a Pooyan tape. Things did not go well. The take up reel seemed to be moving jerky and eventually stopped turning. when I stopped it, the tape had started to suck into the unit. I had to rewind it by hand. I don't think it was the pinch roller. I had cleaned that up and it looked great. Maybe I need to try some rubber conditioner on the wheel. Any idea what I should look at?
  3. I'm wondering if you have a follow up. I just bought a 410 that needs belts for sure. Now I'm concerned I'll be following that up with pinch rollers.
  4. I believe that Simius is correct. The wire going to the resistor follows a trace that appears to pass between the pins on the Pokey and ends up reaching one of the Port B pins on the 6520. The other wire goes to a capacitor on the side that ties to the ground plane. I think closing the switch grounds a pin on Port B...why? I have no idea.
  5. I'm not using the 19 volt supply to power the printer. I just bought it to snag the connector which I'm going to graft onto an Amazon sourced UpBright supply that advertises it fits the 1027 but had the wrong connector. It may also be a little weak as it's only 9.0 VAC. So, just as a warning for anyone that finds the UpBright supply on Amazon, it might make a good 400/800 supply or a 1050 disk drive supply, but don't buy it for use on a 1027 printer.
  6. I'm tempted to try the flexible 3-D printer medium and the printer instructions left on the print belt thread to see if that material works any better. I tracked down the information on the ?laptop? power supply I got at Radio Shack. It's an APD (Asian Power Devices) DA-60F19 model. A 19 volt 3.5 Amp supply with a 3mmX6.5mm female barrel connector. I have not been able to find a replacement connector on Digi-Key. Hah! I just found a compatible connector at Newark Electronics (Element 14) https://www.newark.com/mcm/27-860/6-3mm-x-3-0mm-barrel-plug/dp/38C920. It's a bit smaller on the outside diameter but should work.
  7. I recently bought a 1027 printer which I hope to get back into working condition if I can get the print head belt rebuilt. It's missing some pieces including the most critical, the power supply. I did a search for a new or used power supply and found a unit made by UpBright on Amazon which claimed: UpBright NEW 9V AC / AC Adapter Replacement For Vintage Atari Power Supply, Vintage Atari CO61636, Atari 1027 Printer, 1090XL .Interface 1200XL 400 800 810 822 850 1010 1020 1050 XF551 game systems 9VAC AC9V 9.0V Class 2 Transformer Power Supply Cord Cable PS Wall Home Battery Charger Mains PSU. It looks like an Atari power brick and may work well with any 9VAC unit, but it WILL NOT fit the 1027 as the plug size is wrong. So I took a 50 minute ride to the last remaining Radio Shack anywhere near me in Brodheadsville, PA. in the hopes that they might have a barrel connector that would fit the unit. The clerk had a key ring full of different plugs and not one of them fit. I had given up and was ready to go home when my wife pointed out a wire basket full of power supplies and cords and there was a laptop supply that had a connector that popped right in. So now, with a little splicing, maybe I can get this thing working. Assuming the Chinese supply doesn't smoke the first time its plugged in.
  8. Wonder what they'd think of Demon Attack?
  9. Fair enough. If the wrong televangelist tape was running it could get very creepy. Televangelists are creepy at best. It takes some nerve to expect dirt poor folks to send money for a private jet for Jesus. Second oldest profession in action imho.
  10. That may have been before he lost his lease. You may be in a better position to dicker on price now. Or maybe he just hasn't realized that unless he owns the storage he's moving to, it's going to be more expensive to sit on it than move it. All the stuff I bought was pretty cheap and I knew it needed work. I'm not making excuses for the guy. Yeah, I bought an oscilloscope elsewhere because his prices were too high for something I didn't know was working.
  11. Linux version coming soon? Like many users, when Windows 7 is no longer supported, I'm done with Windows. I'm not going to ever move to Windows Spyware edition! Does Altirra run on Wine?
  12. The mess is only going to get worse. The comment about the Christian videos is a little over-blown. The Kemners are practicing Christians and do play videos of old televangelists in the audio/video area mostly to show the equipment is still working. If they ever had the capability to play music throughout the warehouse they certainly don't now. I found the Kemners to be friendly and not "in your face" about their religion. As an atheist I'm often concerned about coming face to face with hell and damnation type Christians, but the Kemners aren't at all creepy. The father is just an old fashioned tinkerer and electronics geek who's feeling at a loss with the situation. He now has another job and isn't sure how he got into this situation. The daughter is just somebody that's had (and still is having) a tough life. She had a spinal injury in a car accident that makes it difficult to walk and sit, and working for her dad is about the only job she can manage. She has an old car that breaks down regularly and leaves her stranded. She has to rely on her father to keep the car going and can't afford to buy anything better. Nothing creepy here, just sad.
  13. I agree. At 65, I'm always looking at new technologies, 3D printing, electronics gadgets, programming languages. My son and people his age look at their phones all day long for what? They aren't learning anything, they are just adsorbing content, entertainment. I'm reading the Python book my son had for a college class. He never tore off the strip covering the code that lets him access on-line video content. I'm playing with Linux Mint (anything but Windows 10 Spyware edition as Windows 7 is poised to die.) I'm installing Python and playing with something that has strong feels which ties it back to the past of 8-bit computing. The idea of an interpreted programming language that's always a few keystrokes away and can access most of the computer. I'll likely discuss this more in the programming section. Prepper's are delusional. If something really brings down civilization, and they can't fix anything, they've maybe got a week to a month before they go along with the rest of us. They're just living in a delusion that they are going to ride out the zombie hordes (meaning killing anybody who isn't them) while they wait for the world to return to normal. Flash for them, the human world is not normal. If you want to see what the new normal will look like, watch the documentary, "After Man". It's not just the loss of junk collectors and repairers, it's the loss of the knowledge of the technologies between bronze swords and iPhones.
  14. For those of you that live near enough to make the drive to Pottstown, PA., Kemner's surplus warehouse has lost the lease on the warehouse. They are running really reduced hours while they move stock to storage. All weekday hours are gone and they are only open Fridays and Saturdays until 7 PM. There isn't much Atari stuff left, except for an 820 printer, some 1027 printers (in rough shape), and a few disk drives (2 1050, and 1 810 in really bad shape). There is one XEGS with no peripherals or power supply. However the owner still wants too much money for it. He was originally asking $250 based on some vague thought that it was really rare. He's now clearancing it at $150, but I couldn't justify spending that. Speaking of power supplies, there are a number of 400/800 supplies and what I believe are disk drive supplies; all 9 volt with various VA numbers. None of them seem to fit the 1027 printers. There's still a ton of odd stuff for Commodore, Apple ][, etc. Most of the Color Computer stuff has already been sent to storage. There's still a couple TRS 80 model 3 and 4 computers, condition unknown. The owner seems to be a bit defeated and is wandering the building taking mental stock, but has no plans to re-open anywhere as of yet. However, his daughter said they will still be selling on craigslist and through orders on Facebook. I think they have an E-Bay store, but what will show up there will be entirely based on whatever work his daughter is able to do. The place is reaching maximum entropy, so if you want to go down there, I would make it by next week-end at the latest. (July 5th & 6th, 2019) For my part, I bought a 600XL (unknown condition, no power supply or cables), a 410 cassette player that surely needs a belt, a 1027 that needs everything (no P.S., No top cover), and an Ape-Face Centronics interface for the Atari, again, unknown condition, but I have no Parallel printers to test with. I did look at a Commodore MP-801, but it was not parallel interface. My wife bought a working, but ugly cassette tape player, a Bingo game from the 60's, and an antique wooden stacking rings set. Her toys are decidedly low tech. Pretty much every other cassette player failed to work or at best worked poorly.
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