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  1. EBay might be endlessly entertaining if they'd just add a comments section like YouTube has.
  2. No mention of 400's upgraded to 48K? I've got at least one for those. I don't have a mouse but both my 400's have B-Key keyboards. How about 64K upgrades on 600XL's I've got one of those. All of my 1200 and 800XL's are stock 64K but I'm in the market for an ultimate 1MB board for a couple XL's My single XE is a 130 and I don't think I'm going to upgrade that any time soon.
  3. I made a small edit on the replacement section, changing the word "will" to "with". The sentence about design language now reads as intended. This is what a Document Control guy does on his day off.
  4. Not from EBay, but a recent purchase from 2nd and Charles. They had a CX-85 keypad which looks to be in fine shape. A 1050 disk drive that had been shrink wrapped with the SIO cable and power supply. And finally, a modified 410 program recorder that has a toggle switch and two connectors on the back. The connectors look like female RF connectors and are marked "IN" and "OUT". I have know idea if anything works yet, or what the mods to the cassette player are for. I'll test them when I get a chance to plug them in or tear them down.
  5. Are these for sale yet? Either way, how much do you expect it to cost? I'd love to get at least one.
  6. The VBXE is amazing, but as mentioned isn't compatible with many modern monitors and NTSC Atari's. It's also a bit expensive compared to a PI 3A and a DIY custom interface board. I'm probably not the person to write the software for the Atari version of the PI-Storm, but I'd be happy to beta test. As for the Sophia 2, I've never heard that 80 column (or larger) displays were part of its feature set. Software 80-column displays were OK for playing around with back in the 80s but not something I'd want to deal with for more than a few minutes.
  7. I'm waiting for a PI-Storm for the Atari that gives modern resolution screens to the old 8-bit and also include an accelerator and emulation that supports your choice of OS ROM. HDMI output at 132 columns with some colored font tricks would be sweet.
  8. I'd really like to see something like the Pi-Storm for the Atari. I don't have a clue what it would take, but a real 80 column (or more) mode in high color would be my dream for the Atari.
  9. Hello all, My wife and I just recently were at the 2nd and Charles store in Whitehall, PA. Of course I went directly to the computer and video game section to see if there were any Atari systems ( I still want an XEGS, an 800, and maybe a 65Xe) to round out my collection. There were no computers (just as well as 2nd and Charles would have charged too much) but there were a few cartridges including a Basic and Star Raiders. Alao, they had two 1050XL Disk Drives in unknown condition. They were only asking around $35 for one, and $49 for the other. Both drives had SIO cables and power supplies.
  10. I would like a couple of these. Not because I can't solder, but because they can be moved between machines easily.
  11. My first 400 got the all brown keyboard. The 400 I bought last year has the multi-colored keycaps which was what I had hoped to get from InHome. I remember the keycaps coming on a separate piece of cardboard with a gummy layer that held the keycaps in place. It made typing in magazine listings bearable as the membrane keyboard left my fingertips nearly bleeding. I later got an 800 when Sears got rid of its demonstrator (when the 1200XLs came out). That demo unit got a lot of abuse but the keyboard held up great.
  12. I'm pretty sure Antic had a listing printer that did that and included the ability to print it in such a way that you could cut and fold the print-out into a disk sleeve.
  13. That's an amazing set of upgrades. Although with those LEDs around the base it should either play "Low Rider" or the theme from the X-files on start-up.
  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
  15. It was aimed at kids with their grubby sticky fingers and spilled drinks.
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