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  1. If it didn't have the spring issue I'd give you the full $250....I am not handy with this stuff at all and want one that's fully functional
  2. and with bed bath and beyond they have their 20% off coupons all over the place.....$60 off!!!
  3. thanks for the assistance.....but damn thing got sold like an hour b4 I saw it for $100
  4. Hi Folks...does someone know why the 1st cart is so much more price wise than the combo?
  5. Hi Folks....can one of these be used to play Atari 2600, Sega, Nes,etc or just for TV use?Thanks!
  6. Yup.....youtube has all the original recordings under somebody named nijipoop and the buckner and garcia website has the re-release for sale
  7. Fire up the ORIGINAL Pac-Man Fever tunes....such classics!!!
  8. not sure if I want to pay the $125 asking price
  9. here's the back....I'd be willing to swing to you rather than ship it!!!
  10. Can an expert determine what is going on here and is someone willing to repair for me as well?Thanks!
  11. Finally have my Model 1 High Def Non-TMSS up and running....concerning the headphone jack in the front...would connecting a bluetooth speaker using a cable produce sound from it or does it have to be a regular type speaker?
  12. Geez paid $30 for it plus $12 shipping and it didnt work so I paid another $12 to send it back and they said it worked so whatever...and it was a Gensis 1 non-tmss with the longer fcc#
  13. Thanks for getting back to me...although since this post I have exited my gaming ambitions due to getting royally screwed on a sega genesis console purchase on etsy
  14. Ok gotcha so there is no set color pattern when starting out...just finally got this game and trying to figure things out
  15. Trying to get the colors to match up on my crt with the 2600 version so I will give this a shot thanks
  16. Are there specific colors that the 3 rings should be?I have seen differents colors while searching thanks!
  17. at least you can............my stupid console I bought just for Frogger arrived DOA
  18. they actually asked me to ship it back and then will credit me for the shipping....yeah right
  19. yup...........ya live and ya learn and it was a non-tmss 1 model too
  20. Just trying to save on shipping ...I'm already out $30 and the shipping for a supposed cleaned and 3x tested unit...just want to get it working and move on ya know
  21. the ballpark price that Best Buy would charge to diagnose and repair a DOA unit?Thanks!
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