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  1. Finished desert course . 9 holes only https://atariage.com/forums/topic/292922-pro-golf-16-k-2600-asm-completed/?do=findComment&comment=4330875
  2. screenshot from Augusta . Also Desert Course ( in progress)
  3. while working on Augusta, I made a change to gameplay. Attached is updated version of original game . Now, if your lie is in sand or trees, in addition to your shot not traveling as far, there is a 20% chance of flubbing the chip or "hitting a tree". So there is a greater penalty for landing on sand or trees. ProGolfFinal2.bin GolfReadMe.txt
  4. This is as good as I can do for Augusta National ! Actual Course Map
  5. Just purchased my first homebrew carts from AA store ( besides my own ) : Colony 7 Space Cactus Canyon Blip Football Anguna Dungeon II Draconian All awesome. I also own a few others , such as Road Duel , Asteroids Deluxe, and Rocket Pod from Good Deal Games . More on the list , such as Space Game, Galagon, Amoeba Jump to name a few . Nothing like getting a real game and box/ manual .
  6. I will try . I had thought about this . I was a big fan of the Links 386 game , which had multiple classic courses . The only challenge will be that the game currently uses symmetric play field . I have enough ROM space for asymmetric but it's more work ! I'll see f I can render a decently accurate version of Augusta !
  7. There might not be more than 1 run ! But if the first sold out , I might give permission for folks to make a custom label through AA store. Or maybe it would be deemed worthy of AA store run down the road.
  8. Your target is probably out of range. The lower left shows active club. If it is - - then you can't hit .
  9. I encourage you to keep working on this ! You could use sprites for player and enemy , and missile for sword. You could have multiple enemies on screen ( might require flicker but that's ok ) . You could have enemies fire missiles. In order to have 2 players and two missiles on screen would require 2 line kernel but folks would help with that . Currently contacting enemies does not hurt player. Also, game needs an objective ( such as kill all enemies and win ) .
  10. Just placing a vote to have this playable in cart form with just console and 2 joysticks. Could you use a password such as in Anguna? Also, what will the objective of the game be ?
  11. Ok, I made a few last edits based on the feedback . I think this is as good as I can get it. I also made an overhead map and a scorecard . I hope to have some carts produced by October for PRGE . First run will be made by Good Deal Games. ProGolfFinalCart8-5.bin Pro Golf Instructions.pdf score card.pdf coursemap.pdf
  12. Thanks for the feedback. What I missed live last night I watched this morning. Most of it comes down to needing to explain things a bit better in the instructions. And there are limitations to 2600 and to my ability , so it can't be perfect ! I can routinely score 10 under par . So practice and understanding the mechanics/ errors/ wind is what matters. Answers to some questions: Hole Indicator on green : There is no way to mark the hole on the green while you are moving the pin to set the target . The only object free is M1, which would not show up over green which is P0, regardless of priority . Could change active ball to M1 and use M0 for marker and use P1 for green while setting target , but this is too much effort for the payoff. The green is small, You just need to remember where the pin was while you are setting the target . The pin resets to original position and hole is at bottom of pin. The other option is to leave a gap in the green where the hole is , but this does not look good since the green is wide x2. So the hole is too big and it looks bad. Wind: The Wind is based on the TOP OVERHEAD VIEW, not the first person view. I can see now how this could be confusing, especially since the wind indicator is below the first person perspective. But I just need to make this more clear in the directions. When you are not putting, the bottom first person view is for cosmetics only. I changed the wind display to always read 0 if you are using wedge. This way you do not have to remember that is does not apply to wedge. Trees: Ball travels over the trees. The affect of the ball being in the trees ( or sand) is that your shot from these lies will not travel quite as far as normal. This is in the instructions. This is not based on hitting trees, but is more like being in the rough vs fairway. So essentially the trees are just the rough. You cannot hit a tree. Ball Color: Ball has to be same color as green. So if you can't see your ball it's on the green ( or in trees) . Numbers at top: Explained in instructions Shooting "past maximum " : I thought about this a lot while designing game . A few of the errors might seem counter -intuitive. If you slice, the ball will go right of target , or left of target if you are above target . If you hook, the ball will go left of target , or right of target if you are above target . So, if your ball is to the left of target , and you hit max strength, and you slice the ball , it can travel to the right of the target . Opposite for slice. So this will look like you are shooting beyond your max distance. If you underhit the ball , the ball will go below target , or above target if you are higher than target . The problem comes in as follows: Let's say you are below the pin and just slightly to the left . Then an underhit should penalize you below the target , and a slice should penalize you right of target . But what if the pin is 45 degrees NE of your ball. Ideally , a slice should penalize you SE of target and an underhit should penalize you SW of target. What if pin is 3 degrees NE of ball. Then an underhit should penalize left and a slice down from target. But how to distinguish between these three cases ? In all cases ballx < pinx and bally < piny. I can maybe figure out a way to make this better .......
  13. simple but fun ! looks like you are using P0, P1 , and M1. You could use M0 for a 2nd enemy onscreen . Might require using 2 Line Kernel though. You also could add a flash when the midline is hit
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