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  1. I finished this game in about 2 weeks . I spent a LOT of time figuring out the scoring , and once I solved that puzzle I kind of burned out . I have revisited it over the last week and have added a 2 player option . Plan on finishing a 32 K deluxe version with 2 player option , some gameplay tweaks , title screen, cut screens , Etc . With help from Kevin who has worked on graphics for Dark Keep and Kung Fu Combat . looking forward to a completing a more polished version hopefully this summer .
  2. Glad you like it. Remember if you hold up on the joystick during the cut scenes and battle reward images it pauses on that screen.
  3. Score is only awarded to the player who wins . This is consistent with original game . In previous version the score would duplicate on both sides . Now it is more clear that only the one player who wins the game earned the score
  4. Here is updated ROM and also PAL 60 version. This is likely to be the final release version . Changes from first post due to feedback received : 1. Gold Key color changed to be more yellow 2. Button action improved -- In previous version, occasionally a button press would not register or would register when not intended ( 2 in quick succession). Mainly noticed in Bazaar. This has been fixed . 3. In previous version, if joystick held down while on map to show inventory, screen would flash back to map for one frame after a time before returning to inventory screen. Now holding down stays on inventory without the flash to map. 4. If game won, only 1 score number shows : left score if P0 wins , right score if P1 wins ( in 2 player mode) . 5. Changes to the LOST screen Still no one has found the Easter Egg... It is not that hard to find .............. DarkKeep042622_RC2_NTSC.bin DarkKeep042622_RC2_PAL60.bin Dark_Keep_Manual_online_version.pdf
  5. unfortunately no, although that is a good idea . Would also need to change the scroll images as well . I think it always starts off as brass and there is a toggle sound effect ( I think ) so I suppose you could do it by sound . If there is not a sound effect could add one .
  6. This will be altered to look more yellow on all video setups for future updates .
  7. Yes . As soon as the art is figured out we will start the ball rolling .
  8. thanks for the feedback ! I am happy you like it . The burton action is something I plan to look at . You can get a feel for it after a while , but I will try to make it a bit better . It looks as intended to me. It is same as when you win it after a battle. It is a greenish yellow I guess . Kevin is very particular about choosing colors that strike a compromise between how they look on CRT TV and in Stella . Again , thanks . 35 is a a pretty solid score 😊
  9. Thanks to James and the Zero Page Homebrew crew for featuring the game. https://m.twitch.tv/videos/1456915875?desktop-redirect=true
  10. The first to find the game's Easter egg and send me a PM with : 1) where/how it is found 2) what it is 3) what happens as a result will win this dice roller Dark Tower, 3D printed by Kevin. Due to the cost of international shipping, this is limited to addresses within the US.
  11. Attached are game ROM and online version of instruction manual ( fixed a few typos from previous post) . Hope you enjoy it enough to persist through some experimentation with different strategies in order to beat the game ! For those who are familiar with the original game I hope we did it justice . We were able to preserve almost all of the original rules and add a few new things . Dark_Keep_Manual_online_version.pdf
  12. Thanks . I hope it is worthy of the expectation.
  13. Attached is a detailed instruction manual for the game. This is not a final cart release manual, but wanted to have something nice-looking for those just playing ROM. Definitely a Read the Full Manual game :)
  14. According to Kevin ( who drew it ) , hotter flame near source ( mouth ) should be lighter color . Makes sense to me so I’m rolling with it.
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