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  1. Hi everyone, Fish Fight, Hot Box , and BackYard Football are now available for purchase through http://gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari%202600.html ES
  2. Thanks . That is reassuring . I just was freaking out and thinking everyone else was seeing what I was seeing !. I have watched several streams before and have not seen that . Maybe I watched those live on twitch and that’s why. the game takes practice and patience to get the offense controls and pass timing down but once you get it is plays pretty well. Thanks 🙏
  3. On the stream the video did not look right . the players were flashing on and off like the frame rate was slow . That is not how the game is supposed to look or how it looks on Stella or on hardware . Is it just my phone or was that How it actually Looked ?
  4. fixed bug where touchdown would not register if entire end zone was not showing . This version sent to production. BackYardFootballCART.bin
  5. Can you change it to where the ball does not reset to midfield until after the "GOAL" stops displaying?
  6. This is like table top foosball. You could add the sliding bars
  7. I have an X Arcade tank stick . I believe they still sell these although they are a bit expensive . It has Usb output . Maps to keyboard . This would work with Stella don’t know if it could be Configured to real hardware or retron 77 https://shop.xgaming.com/collections/arcade-joysticks/products/x-arcade-tankstick-trackball-usb-included?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp_uPg_rH6QIVXgiICR2QwQZ3EAAYASAAEgK_TvD_BwE
  8. Looks good . Just a thought , but could add the black bars behind the players with background color to make it All out foosball since that is what it resembles. Might clutter up the screen though
  9. Thanks to extensive testing by intergalactic419, I think I have a version with a much more challenging AI opponent. The red zone offense is better and the player is just a little smarter. This will most likely be the cart version . BackyardfootballR9.bin
  10. A few years ago I programmed some games in M68000 assembly language using a program called easy 68K. Just wondering if this sort of program could be adapted to Atari jaguar . There are some specific routines specific to that program , especially for playing sounds and drawing graphics, but these games are in a purgatory and I would like to find a home for them if possible .
  11. Thanks to Intergalactic419 for continuing to push for improvements. I have improved the AI offense a bit more. I have even lost a few games ! I'm gonna let this one sit for a while . Don't know if I can do much better than this! BackYardfootballRC8.bin BackYard Football.txt
  12. wow. that looks like a lot of work ! But awesome. Maybe you could require people that have games listed to be paid subscription members . Could also add info about hardware / bank switching methods for completeness, although personally I do not think this is necessary but some might like it .
  13. Maybe it's just me , but it seems the ROM page is down on the site ? I think this has been discussed in another thread , and if so I am fine with this being moved there, but I would like there to be an archive of Homebrew ROMs available with the author's permission. There are so many good games that have been developed that I am afraid might be forgotten or slip through the cracks , whether from homebrew pioneers from early 2000s or from current people on the scene like me . There are many finished games that are maybe not quite up to Atari Age store standards but would be considered good enough to be on this list . Of course that presents the question of who judges this.... Now I know that some people ( Arenafoot I think? ) maintain a database, but I think that most people looking for ROMS or Atari-curious people probably come to AA as a first option. So as the go to place for Atari, it seems like it makes sense for Atari Age to be a library for this content. Easy for me to say I know since I don't have to maintain it . For every game that I have seen , played , or seen played on say ZPH that I downloaded and have somewhere , I know there are many that I am completely unaware of or have forgotten I saw . I recently found a thread about "legacy " style games ( games that could have been made in 80s) vs advanced chip games like ARM games. There is concern about older games , assembly games , < 32K games for example being lost to history or unfairly compared to the more advanced hardware games . Perhaps a repository that classifies games by style and specs could help tell the story to casual players and keep apples from being compared with oranges, while also providing quality homebrew games that meet some minimal standard of quality .
  14. a few more tweaks : 1. improved the AI defense a bit more. Also if P0 Diff = A , even a little bit more challenging ( your fumble rate goes up and your tackling is worse ) 2. So now P1 Diff controls mow lines on / off Got a working label : also , here is a photo of my birthday party ca. 1981, 1982 ? I am hard to spot -- behind the kid in the Blue shirt ( Blaine). The guy being tackled in gray shirt was 2 years older than everyone else and "Tecmo Bo Jackson" ing us ! BackYardfootballRC6.bin
  15. Ok a few more fine adjustments, such as AI offense variety . Also , the mow lines revealed that the yard numbers were not exactly symmetric . Fixed now . Very happy with this version. Please let me know if there are any bugs / crashes . I am aware of the "bug" where tackle doesn't register. This is only after the runner has run over an opponent. This could be fixed, but I like it as a temporary "beast mode" where the runner "drags" the tackler for a second or so . Also , defender occasionally trips and falls . I decided to keep this in as it sometimes leads to longer plays. There are 4 different fields possible. Think of it as playing at each player's different house! P0 DIFF A B BW white markings white marking & no stripes & stripes TV TYPE Color brown markings brown markings & no stripes & stripes BackYard Football.txt
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