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  1. I think that is what stings the most. I paid about the same for shipping and can swallow that knowing I would get to play with my shiny new console a few business days later, but these delays are killing that excitement for me. I realize this is their first large-scale launch (as NT Mini was certainly more niche given the price) and there are obviously issues here, but I hope in the future they sort all of this out. If they don't I don't think I'll be first in line for pre-ordering in the future.
  2. Mine won't be here until Feb 15th if I'm lucky. Having it shipped to my work, but UPS is known to deliver "late" so my work will probably be closed and it will be delayed another day. Oh joy. I want to know why the switch from DHL to UPS last minute for Canadian orders. Analogue is ignoring my tweets on the matter. edit: Looks like they have a huge backlog of people in similar situations with shipping issues. I'm just salty with the fact that I won't be to play this until next weekend now with the switch to UPS.
  3. No one knows for sure what they'll do except Analogue themselves. As much as I like free shit, I also want a successful company so they have funds to spend on R&D that will help develop future products. Sorry you're sick of hearing about "good business model" posts, but Analogue is not a charity - they are a BUSINESS. That Super NES purple looks very good. I'd love to see photos with original controllers
  4. Love all you do kevtris You should hand over your footage to MLiG.
  5. They can do whatever they want. Sure they can charge to unlock cores - but you are also right about people sharing and piracy as well due to no internet connection. It's really all speculation. I'm interested to see what they do.
  6. I think people tend to forget they are a business that wants to be profitable. I would think they stand to make more profit selling hardware versus core updates only. My thinking stems from what they would charge versus what people would pay for these software "updates". I know I wouldn't pay $150 to 'unlock' a new core. If it's priced right, the core updates could be great. I just don't believe this is something they will take lightly, and will need to figure out what they think is best for them from a profitability standpoint. Also as eebuckeye stated, there is much more than just software to think about. Cartridge slots, expansion sockets, and controller ports are all things I would think people want when emulating via FPGA. I guess moreso for the "fans" of the systems. I know I would like the options to play with original controllers and my own cartidges.
  7. Well said, I agree 100%. This will be my first FPGA console (although I have been following for quite some time). I truly agree that Kevtris and Analogue should be compensated for their work. Many think we are entitled to these jailbroken firmware, but I disagree. If it cost me ~150-$200 for each physical FPGA console, i'm on board. If Analogue rather find alternatives such as a software core update w/ corresponding cartridge adaptor - count me in (although I would not be willing to pay as much for software without a new console). Not many people balked at Nintendo for using the same internals for their NES/SNES Classics and the sales prove it - albiet much is because "Nintendo" and a lot is because "Nostalgia" - but I don't see why the same can't be true for Analpogue and their FPGA consoles. I would love to have a physical collection of FPGA alternatives to get pixel-perfect hardware emulation on my HDTV and to ensure these games and the systems to play them on last many many years. As some have mentioned before as well, it takes a lot of time, money and effort to get a retro console working with a modern HDTV, and these Analogue consoles really come at a steal compared to mods, upscalers and cables - not to mention the console itself! Anyways, just wanted to throw in my $0.02 and state that i'm super excited to get my shipping confirmation next week!
  8. So to read about FPGA consoles in this lovely forum, I literally have to ignore 80% of people here? Jesus. Come on people, let's stay on topic. If you want to speak about the legality of ROMs that implement MSU-1, please, by all means, CREATE A THREAD ABOUT IT.
  9. Purchased Outrun 2006 - Xbox from Blazing Lasers. Smooth transaction, super speedy and packaged amazingly. Also a nice little thank you note that was much appreciated. A++ Great guy.
  10. Received the game packaged exceptionally well. Just in case someone comes across this, Blazing Lasers is the real deal. Super great to buy from.
  11. Looking forward to playing this one, nice smooth transaction Blazing Lazers
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