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  1. Thank you. They work and I used them.
  2. Sorry to dig up an old topic, but I am looking to RGB mod my japanese 3DO with the 240p switch and where you would expect there is not an RF output, there is a large 'box' on the PCB attached to the 240p switch. This leaves me with no obvious place to place the RGB DIN. Any recommendations? At this point I am considering drilling a hole through the vents on the top piece (yuck!) or sticking it on the left side of the console (also yuck!).
  3. My mama always said I was a good egg!
  4. I'd be happy to assist in testing beta as long as there would be opportunity to exchange it for a finalized product once it's finalized.
  5. Maybe release a second upmarket version with additional built-in gen-2 analog output thus enabling working with a 32x and the additional sideport or additional FPGA headroom to allow for potential expansion in future. I know its a pipe dream but how nuce it would be to have what amounts to a sega Neptune
  6. How did you order it? Ive been waiting for it to be in stock for a month and it never popped in.
  7. Kevtris, is there any concern damaging the console playing cheap chinese repros on the super NT? I don't really know if they exhibit the voltage mismatch previously discussed, but am sure they utilize whatever the cheapest components that they can find. I purchased a half-dozen repros of cost-prohibitive games off of ebay and want to make sure I'm not slowly destroying my console.
  8. Excited about all the fixes on this new firmware. Can't wait until our Mysterious BenefactorTM releases the update to the jail-broken firmware.
  9. I originally thought it was hidden files because I used my mac to copy stuff over, but then I reformatted and did it on a windows desktop and had similar results.
  10. I have that problem too! I tried reformatting and it happened again so I have been ignoring it.
  11. Are there different revisions of the game? Its helpful you were able to reproduce it with SD2SNES, as somebody can provide Kevtris the exact revision of the game they were playing that triggered this. (If there are multiple revisions)
  12. I am pretty sure Analogue sold 5k of each color variation in the initial pre-order (and sold out of all 20k). Now they have sold out of 2 more colors. Here's hoping that means they made 2.2 or so... Now if Kevtris worked out 50% then damn, I need his help renegotiating my contract, but even 5% would pay 100k and thats not considering any further sales....
  13. I am so glad to read this. I love bouncing back and forth between different generations of games on my mini, and when I was reading how the flash was being re-written every time I switch cores I started getting worried about what happens when the flash hits its write-limit. So does this mean that the flash is only re-written when we update/change the firmware?
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