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  1. Albert, About to send you a PM. Thanks
  2. I'm pretty much the same way. I started out with an XRGB mini a few years back and it just never looked right to me. Since then I do all my standard def gaming only on CRTs. I have a few CRT setup in my game room of various size so I can have several systems setup at once.
  3. I just got a Lock-On cart today from Chris and I was very impressed with it. I recently picked up a 7800 and games like pitfall would not fit unless I took off the case. Using this lock-on I don't have anymore issues with 2600 games on my 7800. Very ingenious solution thanks again!
  4. What a great dude to deal with. I bought a boxed cib console and the way he shipped everything was amazing. It all got here in great shape and just as described. I'm very happy with my purchase and Ben had great communication. Thanks again!
  5. SainT, Really appreciate all your efforts on this and I love my Lynx SD cart. Don't worry about what anyone says and don't feel rushed to have an answer for anyone. You take a break and do what you want when you want. The Jaguar has been around for 26 years so people can just keep waiting.
  6. I got #100 and I am very happy to see that everyone is ordering the cart. I do have a question after looking at the site before I placed my order. It says that the cart should be used with the Jag CD removed? Just want to know that so I will not use it as a pass through on the jaguar cd. Thanks again for making this and I'm looking forward to getting one.
  7. No, games do run on Analogue's SMS adapter I was just testing out various accessories that I own.
  8. I did not test the FM part on the power base converter. I can confirm my everdrive x7 with the FM turned off was putting out FM sound on the mega sg. I did have to turn off the sms bios on my everdrive as that caused the sms rom not to load.
  9. My power base converter is older and had the back trimmed to work on a model 2 sega genesis. Using this power base converter I can confirm it does work on the mega sg. I tested the sega cards and that loaded as well.
  10. I totally agree I just got a neosd for my AES recently and the games really are amazing. I play in RGB on my modded Sony crt and it's just pixel art heaven. Everyone thinks the Neo Geo library is only fighters but there is a lot more to play than just fighters. I think an FPGA neo would be a good idea.
  11. I'm interested in one of these are still being made.
  12. Thanks for the reply I tried that and that did not make any difference. I set the settings then saved it and then rebooted. Same black screen with the super everdrive.
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