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  1. In under the wire. Rocket - 2395 Major Blink - 292,280 Timeslip - 170,780
  2. Baby Berks - 28,550 Major Blink - 206,955 Timeslip - 152,410 Rocket - 555
  3. Goonies. Made it to level 4 But not sure I'll make it any farther. Did they really need to add the bats? I'm not sure I'd make it through even without the bats.
  4. Tapper Made it to round 10 and completed all three bonus rounds. 75,050
  5. Since poll is locked, I vote for Goonies/Tapper. Never played Goonies but played Tapper a lot.
  6. 157,400. It is amazing how many times I die right before the chance stage.
  7. One game of Gyruss and I'm reminded that my thumb will agree to play 1x per day. Gyruss 113,950 Block 82 Can you tell which game I haven't gotten the hang of yet?
  8. Slightly better on SWAT. Had I not killed the hostage twice it would have been a lot better.
  9. Not a fan of Gridrunner. If I'm reading the score right, I think I have 18,570. 4,317 on SWAT.
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