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  1. Slight improvement: Serpentine 6400, Mr Robot 57420.
  2. After about a thousand games, a sad score of 5250 was the best I could get on Serpentine. Level D on Mr. Robot.
  3. That took a lot out of me. Not sure I'll be able to top that. 10,734
  4. Funny: I've never played this game. I think I'd heard of it but not even sure of that. Well, this will get me started: 3,601
  5. I can't imagine ever making it to level 20. 68,500.
  6. Well, it's a start. I always found this game to be harder than the arcade version. I think it is the 4:3 aspect ratio making some very long, dangerous horizontal alleys. 28,630
  7. I feel like I'm doing well but, looking at the scores....not so much 36,165
  8. Finally got a copy of the game that worked. 28,360
  9. Anyone else having trouble getting either the XEX file or the COM file to load? Not sure why I'm having trouble. I use a 1200XL so I thought maybe Translator would be needed but won't seem to load this one. Don't have any issues with anything else on the SDrive Max.
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