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  1. Great seller. Got a nice 1050 that is working perfectly.
  2. Just digging through this topic. Seems to have ended rather abruptly. Did this project die or did some other project supersede the need for it?
  3. I have a dumb question about getting sound from a 1200XL: I get proper sound when using the RF connector and a TV set but when I try to pull sound from the pins on the monitor port, it comes out super quiet. I first thought this was due to using unpowered headphones but I then connected to standard PC speakers (with a 5V power supply). Even when I cranked it up, the sound is just a whisper. In case it is important, I'm using a 5 Pin DIN To 3.5mm Male Stereo Jack adapter cable from the monitor port and a Sophia to DVI for video. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Yes. I found it on ebay for about $6.50 (U.S.). Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. I've made some great progress and will post some pictures of my mod soon. Sofia works great and picture is incredible. I have only one remaining issue and that is sound. To the monitor port, I connected a Din 5 Pin To 3.5mm Male Stereo Jack Audio Adapter Cable. This I used to connect to some standard powered computer speakers and also to a pair of headphones. I can hear the sound but, even at maximum volume, it is very quiet. When I connected to a standard tv using the RF connector, the volume was fine. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Thanks! I also found part number A128014-ND, which is a 250mm (approx 10") cable with the appropriate connectors. I think the ribbon cable that is provided is 200mm (8") so this might be 2" longer. If I go with the A99461CT-ND connector that you showed, is there a specific type of ribbon cable that needs to be used or will any 10 position cable work?
  7. Does anyone know what type of connectors are used on the ends of the ribbon cable that is supplied with the Sophia board? I have been trying to find a longer version of the same thing because, depending on where you mount Sophia inside a 1200XL, the ribbon cable could stand to be a few inches longer. I've been searching around on ebay but can't seem to find that type of connector.
  8. Is it stretched? I might be wrong but it doesn't look stretched. I would expect a small black bar since most of those "square" monitors have a 5:3 aspect ratio and 1280x1024 is 5:4. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. Quick update to the last post. The included extra chip socket does in fact mate to the pins on the Sofia board. I wasn't pressing hard enough. Thanks, Simius, for getting back to me quickly with answers to my questions. I'll post another update once I get everything back together.
  10. I ran into a snag with my Sofia chip and just wanted to alert anyone who might have the same situation. On a 1200XL, you will need a double socket in order to install it. Here's what a TRIED to do: First, I pulled the GTIA and inserted it onto the Sofia board but, then noticed that the board would need to sit up higher to avoid the small chip nearby. I tried using the extra socket that comes with the chip into the existing socket (seemed to fit well), but the Sofia board will not seat into the socket that was supplied. It easily pops back out. I then desoldered the factory socket (destroying it in the process. I am now going to get one or two sockets from the electronics store solder one to the board and insert the next one on top of that, with the Sofia chip on top of that. If there is a better way to do this, someone let me know. Still very excited about this but I had planned to do this to all three of my Atari 1200XL's. Not sure if I want to go through this all over again though.
  11. I like the idea that _The Doctor_ suggested about pushing a button to swap slots. I did mess around with this a little more and have to admit that I didn't realize you could drag and drop from drive 2 to drive 1. That is certainly easier than the way I was doing it. Not quite as cumbersome as I thought. Would be nice if the next version of RespeQt would take it a step further though. All in all, a great piece of software.
  12. Not that hard, was just thinking it would be slick if you could use the first four slots and not have to move anything. Oh well. No big deal, I guess.
  13. I just got RespeQt all set up with my SIO2PC cable and it is working great. My mission this morning was to figure out how to play multi disk games, but I'm running into a snag. Take, for instance Ultima 4, which uses 4 disks (or two disks, 4 sides). When you load disk 1, the game interface asks if you will be using 1 or 2 disk drives. I select 2. I put the iso for "program" into drive 1 and "Britannia" into drive 2. But when the game tells you to "insert disk 3 (dungeon disk) into drive 2, your only option appears to be to manually change the iso for drive 2. This is cumbersome. Is there any workaround for this? I fear there is not.
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