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    Llamasoft games, Dark Souls, Hard Case Crime, craft beer, retro game collector, vinyl album collector, comic geek- wow I collect t too many things. Absolutely adore the Jag and 7800/2600. New to homebrew community as of 2018 but love it
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  1. That doesn’t work out much cheaper unfortunately. I did that with rebooteroids and still ended up paying over 20 quid in postage.
  2. Is this post a joke? It reads like a parody complaint letter to a newspaper about a video nasty via 1984. Your experience has been ruined by one swear word? Give me strength! You need to get a life and join the real world. I cannot believe Albert is being gracious enough to refund you because of this.
  3. I would say a very positive no. Gaz has just shipped out all the Turtles and Stunt Racer carts. He has a busy life from what I can gather away from this remarkable service to us. I’m guessing September at the earliest but that is just a guess.
  4. Kal

    JHL 20

    Sorry no- I thought we were just on about JHL in general. I got 15 from Gaz.
  5. Kal

    JHL 20

    I got a boxed one from Gaz last year.
  6. Jeff Minter classics vol 2, 3, 4............. I would love to have his back catalogue collected on to more carts. Dungeon Master Captain Blood as Ive never played it.
  7. And none of the money from the ridiculously priced legit battlesphere cart would go to the original developers.
  8. I bought battles-here gold on a repro cart. The seller was very dodgy- communication dropped to zero and the cart didn’t turn up for months. After a rather heavy public shaming on twitter and getting my bank to get a refund the cart turned up. Go figure. The game itself works fine and has not damaged the console in any way. Anyway- I don’t see the harm in actually buying repro carts of games like Atari karts etc. They are basically out of print games so the only guys you are harming are the scalpers who put these out at ridiculous prices. Repros of home brews available to from the people who made them are not acceptable. Songbird, Atari Age, Reboot games etc. I’ve bought a few repro Saturn discs as the originals on eBay are 100s of pounds each. Sega wouldn’t get any money off those 100s of pounds so why can’t people have the option to buy a repro for a fiver. Are my morals out of place here.
  9. So to answer the second part- any and all of Minters games would be welcomed by my bank account. I live in hope.
  10. Git to be Jeff Minter classics for me- wish we could see a volume 2 being done. Then `Star Wars. Honestly, Ive loved everyone of the carts Ive bought since last December: Bubble Bobble, Gauntlet 2, Buonic Commando, Switch Blade, Lopez, Midnight Resistance, Dragon Breed, Xenon 2, Joust, Badlands, Commando, JHL 15 and Commando. Oh crap- thats where all my money went. 😂 cant wait for Turtles and all the in program games like Cresent Memories and the Reboot stuff. Really want Impossimole but cant afford them all. 😪
  11. Oh my God- you may have just saved my life. 😂😂
  12. I have been into the homebrew scene for about a year now. I had a Jag and Jag CD back in the day but sold them along with all my other consoles about 15 years ago- something I regret still to this day. Since rebuying a Jag, I dont think Ive ever been happier as a gamer. My excitement levels when Gaz announces the new ST releases are stupid. I own a cart of Star Wars arcade on the Jag! Its one of my favourite games of all time. I own Llamatron on a cart on the Jag- likewise. In fact Im still hoping the rest of Llamasofts back catalogue gets ported on future Jeff Minter Classic carts. Rebooteroids is one of the best games Ive bought on any system in the last few years and I would certainly class that as a big release. Also- how the hell has no one mentioned Last Strike- have you seen that trailer? That game looks absolutely incredible- it looks very SNES in style to me. Then we have the Rebooted compilation coming this year too. My only complaint about getting into homebrew is my ridiculous addicting nature as Im now also buying 7800 and 2600 homebrews as well. If you want to play Double Dragon arcade so much, buy a Switch! I will happily continue to buy and play the ST ports of the games I want to play. For instance, Im not buying Stunt Car Racer this time as it aint for me but I am over the moon that Turtles is getting released. Now excuse me, Im off to try and get my head around inverted controls on Star Wars without a joystick- its something my brain hasnt mastered yet. Maybe I need the mouse adapter. Keep those carts coming guys- the majority of us here love them.
  13. I’ll be ordering Turtles before the end of April.
  14. I have purchased quite a few of the earlier games in the last year- including Gauntlet 2.
  15. Well that was a bloody enjoyable 15 mins. Thanks 🤗 and I cant believe what youve accomplished in ten days. And I thought I was cool learning to use Hopscotch with my year 5 class. 🤓
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