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    Llamasoft games, Dark Souls, Hard Case Crime, craft beer, retro game collector, vinyl album collector, comic geek- wow I collect t too many things. Absolutely adore the Jag and 7800/2600. New to homebrew community as of 2018 but love it
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  1. I will miss the ports but wish you the best of luck Gaz. Thanks for everything. 🙌🙌
  2. Version 4 is killing me 😂- it’s taken me two nights of solid drinking and playing to get to this.
  3. Okay so here we go with V4. i liked V3 better. 😂
  4. I have a MacBook 🤔 what to do I need
  5. Well it takes a good 15 mins to turn on and decide it’s happy. I only have it for the skunk GUI
  6. It isn’t the lead it’s the laptop
  7. Although I must add, it took me 40 mins to get V3 on my skunkboatd last night due to the age of my laptop. 😂
  8. Isn’t working out how to beat the game part of the point of playing? The game we are all playing now is the same version so it’s a level playing field. However I’ll go with the majority. 😘
  9. I got most my points on those wobbly wobbly things that fall from the top- 500 a piece. Sometimes if you are lucky you can hit 4 or 5 in a row.
  10. They were when I went to bed! Plus I don’t think my heart can take the stress.
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