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  1. I must be doing something wrong here- I cannot get any of the ST games to pause. 🤔
  2. He's moving house and isn't going to be making any new ST port games for the forseeable future. You can still get some of the released carts like UWOL on his Etsy store. If you go to the thread about the last ST ports he expplains it there.
  3. Wow CJ- thank you so much. 🙌 That’s my weekend game playing sorted along with Miles Morales. (Disclaimer- I shall not actually be playing these games with him.)
  4. I actually loved Highlander back in the day! However- Checkered Flag and Club Drive were not enjoyable in any shape or form.
  5. I will miss the ports but wish you the best of luck Gaz. Thanks for everything. 🙌🙌
  6. Version 4 is killing me 😂- it’s taken me two nights of solid drinking and playing to get to this.
  7. Okay so here we go with V4. i liked V3 better. 😂
  8. I have a MacBook 🤔 what to do I need
  9. Well it takes a good 15 mins to turn on and decide it’s happy. I only have it for the skunk GUI
  10. It isn’t the lead it’s the laptop
  11. Although I must add, it took me 40 mins to get V3 on my skunkboatd last night due to the age of my laptop. 😂
  12. Isn’t working out how to beat the game part of the point of playing? The game we are all playing now is the same version so it’s a level playing field. However I’ll go with the majority. 😘
  13. I got most my points on those wobbly wobbly things that fall from the top- 500 a piece. Sometimes if you are lucky you can hit 4 or 5 in a row.
  14. They were when I went to bed! Plus I don’t think my heart can take the stress.
  15. Okay then- I’m up for this too.
  16. This game is superb. Centipede is one of my all time favs. Let the high scores commence.
  17. Why didn’t you just sell it? Someone else would have really appreciated it.
  18. Played this to death back in the 90s. Utterly loved and loved it. The sound and atmosphere were both incredible at the time. When you heard a predator whisper anytime there were genuine chills. Don’t remember it being overly long. Me and my bud finished it without too much trouble.
  19. I had an original release Jag and CD- when my first son was born in 2003 I honestly thought I’d never play video games again. I sold both (the Jag CD boxed I sold for £30 😱) along with all my other machines. PC engine duo and GT, Virtual Boy..... plus all the games. I got about 250 for the lot. It’s my biggest regret in life! A few years ago I happened across Atari Age and was amazed at what was going on. I managed to get a boxed Jag for £130 but found no such luck with debuting the CD- that’s now a lost cause. I have gone in to rebuild my collection of not only Jag but I also picked up a really cheap boxed 7800 so now I collect homebrews for Jag, 7800 and 2600. I’ve since gone in to grab a Vextrex and have found some great homebrew games for that too. I also cane across a Colecovision for under £100 so snapped that up. move got a pretty reasonable games room now with about 30+ consoles and handhelds but it’s the Atari homebrews I love the most. So I may never have the CD again but I’ll be playing Last Strike and Rebooted next month for sure. Oh and the community on here is aces. 👊
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