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  1. Hi all, I am looking for Ninja Gaiden, brand new factory sealed. I pay for it or, also trade if owner preferes, I have some interesting stuff to offer thanks Sergio
  2. Perfect let me know if you finally get it
  3. Errrr this very embarrassing... I want to apologize to all of you if I made loose your time. And thanks to all for the replies. Sugarland, you hit the nail, POKEY was the issue but not damaged just.... err.... I removed for resitting all chips and put it upside down ! XD I realized while measuring Vcc to the chip, it seems that after removing it, something happened, I got distracted and by mistake I inserted it that way. I can't understand how it happened because i am very careful with those things, I even take pictures before removing just in case the socket is wrongly assembled from factory. I turned it and runs perfect now, well, sometimes after being on a long time screen turns into red, maybe a component not working properly when it warms. Also have to get a membrane keyboard, as it is crossing keys in rows 16 and 17 , with keyboard removed (crossing the pins of the connector directly) all keys work , so if you are selling one please, let me know.
  4. Thanks, that is exactly my case, as you said. I will buy a OKEY chip (at this rate I will end buying the full computer by parts XD ) Is it possible that changing the GTIA chip that had the stuck SELECT key problem for a new one caused this problem? Because it worked perfectly (except the SELECT key issue) before the swap. The lines between POKEY and GTIA are only data right? I go not think an overvoltage could damage the POKEY now. Or may be just a coincidence?
  5. Thanks to all for your efforts, I want to emphasize the fact that everything was working properly (except the always pressed SELECT key, which only happens with the original GTIA) before the change of the GTIA, but now with both GTIAs there is no MEMO PAD . Also I tried what DrVenkman suggested, everything is very clear, even checked with the tester checking continuity , the cartridge slot is ok. I just get a narrower (compared with the one when I boot with the Chess game) blue screen with just a cursor when I boot without the cartridge. See attached pics:
  6. Many thanks for the replay , no, I do not have the BASIC cartridge, only CHESS, and it loads and works properly, I can tell if keyboard works as I think it only works with joystick Also , I put back the original GTIA chip and now do not get the MEMO PAD neither with the original chip. Something has happened to the ROM board, I think. I remember the vertical board next to board where the GTIA is, received a very small impact while inserted in vertical (the mobile phone fall and hit the edge of the PCB while taking pictures), but I do not think it can be the issue was small impact.
  7. Hi all, I recently bought an Atari 400 that , I thought , had a problem with the membrane keyboard (a row of keys not responding). After some tests (including changing the multiplexers) I realized that one of the keys that are directly bound (SELECT key) to the GTIA , was stuck , "pressed" permanently. I bought a brand new chip and, indeed, the problem with the select key has gone, but now if you do not insert a cartridge it does not show the memo pad, so if you turn it on without a cartridge inserted you get a blue screen , no beeps , nothing. However cartridges are loaded and run properly. My original chip had this reference C014889-03 and the new one (which is new old stock) is C014889-01, does anyone has any idea what to look at? Thanks in advance
  8. Happy 2020 ! I have the following rare brand new Lynx games to trade for Ninja Gaiden : Xenophobe , Hyperdrome and Super Asteroids , all are rare games brand new sealed (Super Asteroids and Hyperdrome are super mint condition, Xenophobe very good but seal har a rip behind (someone removed the hanging tab and ripped the film) I would trade any of those for Ninja Gaiden (the first one) in same condition (brand new) , also would buy if needed
  9. I would like to trade 1 copy of Atari Jaguar Power Drive witht the american cover, new , sealed and in pefect condition, for a copy with the european cover (with the Toyota Celica). Please contact me if you want to trade
  10. I would like to trade a copy of Atari Lynx Missile Command and Asteroids NEW & Sealed and in mint condition for one of these in same condition Xenophobe Hard Driving Lemmings I can add money to the deal in the case of Xenophobe or Lemmings. I also have some other games to trade if needed also brand new: Casino, Super Off Road and Jaguar : Doom and Wolfestein 3D
  11. Hello, I would like to be added to the list for the Lynx SD multi-card. I don't care too much about if cased or not
  12. Thanks for the information, in that case I prefere to trade than sell, in general I set high prices for sale, because I prefere to trade them. Nice avatar, by the way !
  13. I have several brand new sealed games for Atari Jaguar that I want to sell or trade for other Atari Jaguar games. They must be complete in MINT condition or brand new. These are the ones I have with the price I am asking for sale: Breakout 2000 ......... 140 USD Zero 5 .......... 100 USD Doom ............. 90 USD Wolfenstein 3D .............. 75 USD Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls ........... 90 USD Brutal Sports ....... 60 USD Attack of the Mutant Penguins ..... 60 USD Original RGB SCART cable used in perfect condition .... 45 USD All games are brand new mint, Wolfstein has very very slight mark in the box ( The ones that I am looking for, although I could accept others in are brand new): Power Drive Protector SE Missile Command 3D Alien vs Predator Raiden Pitfall Pinball Fantasies Battlesphere Defender 2000 I would be sending from Spain, I am new in this forum but have sold lot of things in other arcade/pinball (petacos.com fipkuje.fr...) forums in Europe, always use the same nickname.
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