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  1. I have this one. Works great for me. Get it with Pseudo if you wish to play Saturn backups as well.
  2. INTV—-Masters of the Universe Tron Deadly Discs (Recognizers!) Beamrider Nightstalker Buzz Bombers Atari 2600—- Room of Doom Crash Dive Circus Atari Tron Deadly Discs Phoenix Colecovision—- Frenzy Oil’s Well Gorf Venture
  3. Looking to see if anyone has an extra working Fairchild Channel F model II controller they would like to sell. Thanks for your time. K-Rod.
  4. It would be nice to see someone construct a portable Atari Jaguar (cart based of course)........... It's o.k. to dream once in a while, yes? Anyways, a very cool piece of machinery. I want one too!
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