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  1. I would also be interested in a 20" or 19" if available.
  2. PM sent (If it hasn't been sold yet.)
  3. Purchased mine with a few games bundled but my interest was for Berzerk. The fact that it had speech similar to the arcade was cool to me. As the collection grew, Space Invaders, Super Cobra, K-Razy Shootout and Gremlins are played more often now. Gremlins is such an addicting yet challenging game as you progress in the later levels, give it a try or re-visit it if you have a chance. I'm currently looking into finding/buying a converted 5200 Joystick-to-Paddle controller and wondering if anyone knows who sells or makes these? Playing Kaboom with a pad or stick after a while can deflate the fun factor pretty quick.
  4. Sorry for the "duh" suggestion, didn't mean it to come off like that. Just trying to help someone snag a Jaguar to enjoy all its goodness.
  5. Have them send you a pic of the console ON with a cartridge in. Maybe a bad RF unit? You can also get some composite/s-video cables or a coax adapter. It does look like it was stored in a shed with the dust and grime on it. And it also says 30-day returns on the listing but to pay return shipping for a unit that might not work, definitely ask for some pics of the console ON with a game and decide from there.
  6. I had my Game Gear repaired by this seller and it came out working great. They do different repairs on Game Gears and other handhelds, just message them if you have questions. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sega-Game-Gear-REPAIR-ONLY-CAPACITORS-AND-GLASS-SCREEN-Free-return-shipping/132021206580?hash=item1ebd13be34:g:-mIAAOSwJRZaVn48 Hopefully the prices are right for you.
  7. If a new batch comes out in the near future, I would like to be added to the list please. Thanks.
  8. After doing some quick info research for the 6 game changer, some have experienced that their games would not work properly or even fry them in some cases. I read some members on Atariage discussing this and even modding their units to prevent this cruel punishment from happening to precious 2600 games. Just something to think about.
  9. The GOAT Store has 2 for sale, 14.99 and 33.00 and shipping I would say averages somewhere in the 17.00-20.00 range. If it's priced right, I would pick it up and maybe see if you can test it or return it if it doesn't work but a rare item indeed.
  10. Saw this on a GOAT Store page, the Video Game Brain 6 Game Changer (that's what they call it.) Is this the one you saw?
  11. This is a tough one since the 2600 was my childhood for me and for others as well. Phoenix and Berzerk were the ones I played for hours and as I fast-forward to now, owning a 5200, 7800, Jaguar and Lynx, I find myself leaning towards the 5200 as my favorite with the Jaguar a VERY close second. With games such as Krazy Shoot-Out, Gremlins, Berzerk (with speech) plus many conversions coming out lately, have I played Atari today? Everyday with my 5200 (with 15 pin adapter and gamepad of course!)
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