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  1. I’ll take if no one claims. Kenny R.
  2. I picked up the Onyx console-only version a week ago for $149.99. Crazy they sold the All-In bundle for 99.99, not sure if I would have bought one in time since the others sold out quick.
  3. A+ service from sixersfan105. Purchased a Nuon DVD player and the unit arrived in excellent condition, well packaged. If you purchase from Ben, you will get top quality service. Thanks Ben!
  4. I agree with amiman99, maybe hold on to your collection. I'm introducing my collection to my 11 year old and my 1 year old will be enjoying it soon. If it's a financial situation, it's understandable. You see and read the stories though, about collectors selling and then realizing they miss it and trying to recollect it all over again. If prices are high now to collect for retro gaming, imagine in about 5 to 10 years. Oh and before I forget, that is an awesome Jaguar collection you have.
  5. In a couple of days, August 29th, SKYNET becomes self aware.  Should I unplug all my gaming consoles?

    1. ClassicGMR


      You're 24 years too late. SkyNet could be my daughter by now. Wait... shi....

  6. I am also in search of a Lynx I as I have 2 Lynx II's, one of them to get a Benn Venn screen soon.
  7. Food Fight is # 1 for me and Choplifter in my top 5. Galaga and Ninja Golf are up there as well. Check them out if you can.
  8. Thanks everyone. Hopefully more Mystery boxes will be given away and I want to wish everyone good luck!
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