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  1. That thing is almost as big as an actual 5200!
  2. What will they think to do with 3D printers next? How about printing a gun?
  3. Joust. And it's not even close. I actually enjoy the 5200 port of Joust than I do the MAME/original version of the game.
  4. That would depend on the game, right? For Pac-Man, Joust, or Defender, a digital Competition Pro joystick should work fine. For Centipede or Missile Command, you need an analog controller, like the stock controllers, the trakball, or the Wico joystick.
  5. Fine. Toss the rest into a junk pile in the garage in case you need more parts later on.
  6. Buy a non-working 5200 from eBay cheap, take what you need, and toss the rest.
  7. Me, too. I've got a Masterplay Clone from Atariguy1021 and a Sega Master System Control Stick.
  8. It won't matter. eBay will refund him his money, and you'll be out of yours. Sorry I can't give you better news on this, but I've seen it scores of times. DON'T SELL ON EBAY. eBay sides with the buyers on nearly every dispute.
  9. You're about to get scammed. He's not returning the one that you sent him originally.
  10. Do the power supply mod instead. I did, and it took me about 20 minutes. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/20871-atari-5200-4-port-power-modification-warning-big/
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