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  1. No I am not using a TV/ game switch I heard those are pretty bad I am using a weird cable that seems to have one end as a rca cable but the other end is coax it . it seems to work well.
  2. I recently got an atari 2600 and some games all of them work fine except for Pitfall and adventure. Pitfall plays and looks fine but there is a sort of crackly sound in the background but only in colour mode. And in adventure in level 1 the dragon in the room with the black key just disappears witch is not supposed to happen. I cleaned the carts several times and it did not seem to do anything. here are some video clips of my games with the problems. Let me know if you know anything Video_1.MOV Video.MOV
  3. I found out what the problem was I guess the person who had this Atari 2600 before me messed with the color pot on the bottom because I turned it a bit and the color is back to normal for all my games.
  4. I am not sure how can I check if a cart it is NTSC or PAL?
  5. Sorry I am new to atariage I added pics but it flipped them for some reason I am in NTSC by the way
  6. Hi I am new to Atari and recently picked up a 2600Jr and some games. Some of the games have very weird color issues even after I cleaned them. most noticeably on Pitfall and Donkey Kong.In Pitfall almost everything is pink purple or green and in donkey Kong everything that is supposed to be blue is brown. Cosmic Ark,Yars' Revenge and Adventure have color issues as well. but weirdly enough Space Invaders and Solar fox seem to display fine.I don't know if it is and issue with the games or my system so if you know anything about this issue or have any suggestions on how to fix it please tell. I attached images of my Pitfall and Donkey Kong.
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