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  1. Rather late for a reply but ... back in the day I found that breaking button legs was a regular occurrence on the 1010. After forking out $$ a few replacements, I found that I could superglue the button leg back on and then glue a match stick along the leg to strengthen it. This worked ok, but some buttons would still break again eventually requiring replacement. it now occurs to me that the fix could be to use a thin rod of hardened steel instead of the matchstick. A thin diameter 25-30mm pin head nail (the kind used for light decorative skirting boards, scotias and architraves etc) might work but I suspect you’d want something harder and less flexible.
  2. Sorry Johnathan! Brain fade... AVG cart it is then. Thanks for all the great work you’ve done and are doing on Atari’s
  3. As usual very succinct and clear info Jason. I’m waiting for side 3 ... There seems to be a flow or trickle of new games which take advantage of 1MB cart bank switching - Wonderboy is an immediate example. Cash and covid restrictions permitting (im in NZ), I’m looking at ordering a cart emulator which can handle 1mb banked cart emulation. I looked at this about 6 months ago, marvelled at some carts which can emulate others (iirc one or two can even emulate side 2) and got totally confused. Which current (ie available) one or ones would you recommend as being the most compatible and useful?
  4. I’m Checking to see if U1MB can emulate banked carts but assume it can’t. Assuming I am correct is there any way that either U1MB or side 2 could handle banked cart emulation in the future ? Or does the hardware prevent that ever being a reality?
  5. No, that is definitely the game I typed in. One of the first games I had at the time. Around that time I started renting (Tape) games from a mail order place and copying them with a tape copier program I got somewhere (& if that failed, my friend’s double cassette boom box)
  6. Doh - usually my first port of call. Thanks for that. So having, played the game again (didn't know that Altirra can load *.bas files using the FILE - BOOT IMAGE option) I think it sucks! So much for my rose tinted spectacle memories...
  7. Could someone post a link to an archive of updated and error checked analog magazine disks please. i particularly want issue 24 (Nov 1984) for Bopotron. I remember typing it on and thinking it was the best type in I’d ever seen and better than many commercial games I had at the time.
  8. Did this project ever go anywhere? I've got a 130Xe in urgent need of case and keyboard...
  9. Any updates on this new case and keyboard project? I've got a 130XE motherboard lying around in need of a case and keyboard, so definitely keen!
  10. Just to add my 2 cents worth, after my U1MB upgrade installation on my Atari 800XL, I was experiencing very muffled sound at low volume (even with display volume maxed). Key clicks seemed normal but games and demos sounded horrible. After reading this and other forum threads, I replaced C19, C20 and C22 and the problem seems to be cured. These capacitors are all 4.7µf 35V NP (no polarity) electrolytic capacitors. As I was unable to purchase caps rated at 35v , I purchased 4.7µf, 50v NP capacitors and they seem to work fine. Here's some videos (fast forward towards end of first video if you want to get to the good stuff): Before: https://youtu.be/JrnVlW4U7QE After: https://youtu.be/P9zdhvcVFkg Once again, saved by all the great knowledge on Atariage!! Thanks guys.
  11. Coincidentally, both games were both programmed by Joe Hellesen - as I learnt this morning listening to Kevin Savetz interview him on the Antic Atari Podcast for 12 July. https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-352-joe-hellesen-deluxe-invaders-pac-man-pq-the-party-quiz-game
  12. As a follow up, Retroleum shipped the RAM and other goodies I ordered in record time, I swapped out the suspected dodgy hungarian ram with the units supplied by Retroleum and no more Memory test errors (ran it for 4 hours with no faults). I also ordered a number of IC sockets & pin cutters and was impressed with the quality. The IC sockets in particular appear to be of a better quality than a few I purchased recently from an Auckland NZ retailer - Suplustronics. Another bonus was that not only does Retroleum set fair P&P prices for shipping from the UK (unlike many other retailers), Retroleum combined my two separate orders and refunded a fair chunk of the total P&P charges I had paid. Retroleum gets my vote as a top hobbyist supplier!! Now I've just got to get my MMU and OS ship desoldered and socketed so I can proceed with installing Lotharek's U1MB! (a local AtariAge member has already offered to assist with his desoldering gun, so membership definitely has its benefits - probably helps a little that the same guy also sold me my Atari 800XL & also my ST). Once thats sorted, I'm looking forward to pimping my recently acquired real 16 bit Atari - an Amiga 500. (My recently acquired ST at least has a Gotek type FDD emulator, but after playing with that for a day or so, I remembered why - back in the late 80s - I took my original ST back to the computer store after a few days to swap for an Amiga). Thanks for all the great help here guys & gals.
  13. "NOS TI 4164's" I'm not sure what NOS means. Are these the same as the TI Rams that Vyper68 referred me to? This is what the Retroleum.co.uk listing for the RAM I ordered says: 4164 RAM Chip - Texas Instruments Brand Organization: 64K x 1, Speed: 150ns or faster, Package: 16 pin DIL Unused, clean, old stock parts (condition as new - all chips tested before dispatch) Texas Instruments brand. This chip will replace: Upper RAM chips in the ZX Spectrum 48K (Replaces TMS4532-15NL3, TMS4532-15NL4 , OKI M3732H-20 etc)* Spectrum 128 RAM chip (RAM in 'toast rack' 128k and in early 128 +2s) Commodore 64 RAM chips (most 'breadbin' models use 8 RAM chips. Note: The 64C uses 2 x 41464) * These 4164 chips serve as a universal replacement for all the different types of UPPER RAM chips originally used in the Spectrum 48K - IE: You can use these to replace any number of bad chips at IC15-IC22 no matter what type of chips were originally installed (and the configuration links can be left alone). Please note: These chips cannot be (directly) used to replace the "4116" chips used for the LOWER 16KB of RAM in the bottom left of the Spectrum 48 PCB. Faulty RAM chips in the C64 often result in an "Out of Memory" error on boot or less than 38911 bytes free. In the Spectrum, when the upper RAM is bad the system will often boot faster and work as a 16K machine. One crude but often effective way to test which chip is bad, is to "piggy-back" a working chip on each RAM chip one at a time. If the error goes away or at least changes, there's a good chance that chip is faulty. I presume that Speed: "150ns or faster" means the RAM switches state in 150ns or under. Hopefully this is quick enough for the Atari... Anyhow, Retroleum is showing 30 units still in stock, so assuming they work, the price @ £ 1.20 is definitely good! (fair shipping prices too).
  14. Thanks for this Vyper68. I have gone ahead and ordered 10 (8 plus 2 spareTI 4164's and will try them out. I'll report back when they've arrived and been fitted.
  15. Hi Guys, Resurrecting an old post. Posts I've been able to find on this topic are getting old... I have an Atari 800XL (mainly non-socketed) which had ram sockets and replacement (hungarian 4264) RAM fitted by the former owner. I have been getting random ram errors for about 6 months now. The computer will work fine and run ram test no worries for a couple of hours and then starts glitching / crashing and mem test fails. Sometimes mem test runs through no problems and then fails on subsequent pass. I havn't checked the soldering on the ram sockets and before I do that I want to get hold of some replacement RAM. What I have learnt: 1) It seems 4164 RAM is what was originally used. I understand that the mT brand RAM is to be avoided. 2) My Atari has 4264 RAM currently fitted. Many recommendations recommend 4264 or 4164. 3) Indeed. I have an original 130XE motherboard and all the RAM is mT 4264-20 except the module in top right corner which is marked NEC 8504R0167 D4164C-15. I have read this is a common RAM chip configuration for 130XE's - possibly because the first chip position was the most likely to fail, so Atari simply used more reliable NEC chips in the first position. I can't pull these chips for testing on my 800XL because they are soldered and I haven't tested or had the 130xe board running yet. 4) Futurlec is no longer selling 4164 or 4264 RAM - I have just had a 3 month old order cancelled and refunded. Questions: 1) Could poor RAM socket soldering be the cause of my random RAM errors? Or is the (Hungarian) replacement RAM installed by the previous owner more likely to be the culprit? 2) Does it matter whether I use 4164 or 4264 RAM? I don't want to make motherboard modifications to accommodate non-spec RAM as once I have RAM sorted I want to install Lotharek's U1MB upgrade. 3) Where is the best place to purchase replacement RAM at a reasonable cost? 4) what are best RAMs to use for reliability (and the required timing)? Cheers and sorry if I have overlooked the answers to these questions.
  16. Wireless USB keyboard for 8 bit atari would rock! Is this only planned for xegs? Id be keen to see this as an internal 800xl mod with orIgnal keyboard attached and still working. A wireless joystick port interface that communicates with modern Bluetooth joysticks would be a fine companion too. As I have no skills or expertise in this area I can only dream and wish. Good luck with this great project!!!
  17. Would you be keen to fit Lotharek's U1Mb for me?? ( Ordered a month ago and languishing in the Polish postal system)
  18. If your first name starts with "A", you live in a suburb starting with "G" and you have a 400 for sale on TradeMe - then yes, I bought from you (and an ST with a non working "help" key )
  19. Howdy all, I'm interested in this for my UK pal Atari 800xl (imported to NZ by the guy I purchased off) but I am wondering if its worth it given my display (Sony KLV-19T400A - multi region TV with component, PC RGB connector, HDMI, composite - but no S-video). Are there any converters recommended to convert the s-video signal to RGB, component or HDMI video? Or does this upgrade provide sufficient improvement to warrant installation based on composite video improvements alone? Another option is that I acquire another TV or monitor. If so, can you guys recommend any particular brand / model combos recommended? (A bonus would be proven available monitor suitable for the ST and Amiga!) I have seen s-video to rgb or composite cables on Ebay, but can't understand how a cheap cable can convert between what I understand to be colour incompatible video transmission formats... Apologies if Ive missed any relevant discussion about this - it's taken me about 4 days off and on to read all 26 odd pages on this forum.
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