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  1. Well thank you david schmidt for the run down. I guess I have no choice but to wait for the uthernet card. Its just the kid in me wants to play now, lol thanks, cheers
  2. so if i was to go with the wifi unit do I use adtpro? then where go i go from there. Programmed on the //e in the 80's but now I dont know whats available. thx
  3. So I see there is no one selling a Uthernet II anywhere on the net. So I was wondering has anyone use a Ethernet to Serial box like, "https://www.amazon.com/SainSmart-Ethernet-Intelligent-Communication-Converter/dp/B008BGLUHW"with an Apple //e. thx
  4. Hello,thanks for the reply. so at this point I am getting a disk error form the floppy drive just before the format routine. so I am not sure if its a floppy issue or a drive issue. floppies will be here thursday. Asciiexpress.net they have audio files in wav format to load thru the cassette port of the //e the floppy drive is a 19 pin unit with an I/O board 655-0101-B
  5. update, ok found audio was not loud enough with phone, with laptop, it loads up to the insta-disk formatting screen then gives me a disk error after drive vibrates and says disk error, bad floppy ???
  6. First day here and loving it. bought a //e cheap. the owner did not want it. i attempted to load disk it failed so i tried cassette load and it attempts to load 3.3 dos up to 19 sec then errors out. I am using asciiexpress files. it error out to the astric sign and I believe it dumped me into assembler. I am wondering if there may be a chip on the MB that got fried. I have tried to load with and without FD i/o board and same thing happens. tried to figure it out thru schematics but to no avail. I have tried to load other things like apple presents and it does the same thing. anthony
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