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  1. I think I was added but... Add me to the list as well please!
  2. Extremely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need one copy
  3. Believe me, your wonderful work is greatly appreciated, this is a huge achievement and I am very grateful!!! congratulation!!!
  4. this project become sexier day by day, nice pics!!!
  5. This is one of the most important projects on this site for me, thank you for your good work!!
  6. a Cart sounds good, but the CD version would be important to have all the content, cutscenes and arrange soundtrack
  7. This game has great potential, I am a big fan of Ultra Vortek and I would like to see a finished version of this game, I hope news sooner or later. A mugen version can be a good idea if it is balanced and with good taste and if the original aesthetic is respected.
  8. I've already voted, 40 is a good price, but if it were more expensive I'm willing to pay, I have the Mega CD version of this game and it's really great, please count me in, my Jaguar CD claims more food!! Thank you for making this dream more and more real!!!
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