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  1. Yeah. That really is one of the better playing LCD handheld games. I'm not a big fan of Tiger (I owned a game.com ), but they got this one right.
  2. Just a few things I'd like to get out of the way. Thanks for looking. 🙂 Lot of 3 Nintendo Carts: Power Puff (GBC); Home On The Range & Backyard Baseball (GBA) $5 shipped 4 Vintage Mac software CD's includes You Don't Know Jack & Scrabble $5 shipped Jaguar TV Game Switch $5 shipped Atari Action Pack 2 CD and disks vintage Mac $5 shipped Simpsons Cartoon Studio vintage Mac $5 shipped Casino for vintage Mac SEALED $6.80 shipped Lot of Apple II games: Zork I, Type Attack, Where in the World, Magazine disk SOLD Box Only for Atari Jaguar Dino Dudes $5 shipped SOLD Manual for TI-99/4A RS-232 PEB card $3 shipped SOLD
  3. I'm not looking for PC games myself. I just wanted to say how generous you are.
  4. Man. That sucked. And at 2AM too. 🤬 It's not funny when it happens though. I always wanted to take a crack at making a WYSIWYG word processor for the 'ol TI, but I never really learned assembly. I'd like to know the name of that word processor too.
  5. Welcome to Atariage. I'm sure a number of people would like to know where to get a modded console... if not now, down the road. If your work is good, you'll build a nice reputation in the user feedback forum. And there's no need to apologize. Thanks for posting! 🙂
  6. This may be lame, I may be a chump, But please excuse, My Bally bump...
  7. Just added Memory Track cart. Here are the photos:
  8. Just added Fight for Life. Here are the photos:
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