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  1. $2.50 each or 5 for 10. Shipping will be cheapest usps plus $1 for new box and bubble wrap.
  2. No offers so far on 2600 & 7800 boxes. I’m happy to sell individual boxes.
  3. "The Earth Dies Screaming" is the best name for a video game EVER.
  4. Great guy to deal with. Fast communication and payment. He tested the items immediately. It was a super smooth transaction. Thanks ClassicGMR
  5. Things are not going my way today. The Cardinals don't have a real closer and I can't count. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. My math must be worse than I realized. There are 10 boxes each for 2600 & 7800 games. No change in price though. Still $30 for the 2600 boxes & $35 for the 7800 boxes--plus shipping.
  7. Sorry about the delay... family stuff interrupted. .
  8. I'm still in love with my Lynx(s) & 2600(s) & 7800. But I'm not enamored with the space the boxes take up. And so I'm selling off the boxes, as I continue to downsize. I'm the original owner of the boxes. Some sides/edges/corner are bent, so you'll want to look over the pictures closely. 24 Lynx boxes for $90 plus shipping ***SOLD*** 11 7800 boxes for $35 plus shipping 9 2600 boxes for $28 plus shipping If you have any questions about the items, or me, please shoot me a pm. You can also check out my user feedback.
  9. I'll try to sell the bundle for a bit. If I can't, I'll shoot you a PM.
  10. The disc housings have plenty of scratches and scuffs, but the discs inside look relatively unscathed.
  11. The DS has seen a lot of use judging by the scratches and scuffs. The photo of the screen doesn't show it well, but the screen has small scratches to that basically match what you see on the console body.
  12. I'm selling a few portable Nintendo & Sony items for a friend of mine. Nintendo DS items included: Super Mario Bros with case Super Mario DS loose DS handheld (loose & no cord) DS Lite handheld (loose & no cord) Sony PSP discs (all have case & instructions): Beavis & Butthead Volume 1 Street 2 Unleashed MLB I'm afraid that I haven't tested the Nintendo items. The power cords are long gone and I'd rather not buy one. I have no way of testing the PSP discs either. Instead, I'm hopefully offering a good deal "as is". I'm selling everything "as is" for $35 plus shipping. If you have any questions about the items, or me, please shoot me a pm. You can also check out my user feedback.
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