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  1. I would like to pre-order a LynxSD cart with case please. Ready to purchase! 🤑
  2. Wow. She might also have something more rare than even Bingo. This is pretty exciting stuff.
  3. That's a great idea. If I was smart enough (and I'm not), I'd probably try to use an off the shelf USB microphone thru the TIPI for input. As it is, I have no idea where to even start.
  4. I bought two copies in the first run. My recollection is $70-80 each. Before release, updates were posted on usenet. I don't recall how we "committed" to buying.
  5. Is it a bad version, or do you not care for 2049er in general?
  6. "You really don't remember, was it something that he said? All the voices in your head calling, Gloria?" Over 23 more hours of Gloria thanks to the St. Louis Blues!!! https://player.radio.com/listen/station/y98-st-louis

    1. retrorussell


      Happy for them. Next up: Buffalo or Vancouver.

  7. I downloaded Stella just to play this. It's Fantastic. Amazing. Hard to believe my eyes. This will be my first AA purchase.
  8. For a short period of time in the early 80's, I was really into the ZX-81. My dad and I built a Sinclair from a mail order kit (best thing we ever did together). The pieces shown here are pick-ups from either flea markets or thrift stores in the 1990's. I must say that the 1500 is really cool. If I had known about them back in the day, I might have hesitated just a bit before jumping over to the TI-99/4A.
  9. I'm thinning down my collection again. This time I'm selling Timex Sinclair (Sinclair ZX-81 family) items that I picked up back in the 1990's because I thought they looked great. But I've never had time to play with any of them. This means they are untested. These items are better off with someone who has the time and space to devote to them. Here's what you'll get: - TS 1000 in styrofoam shell - TS 1500 in styrofoam shell - TS 2048 printer in styrofoam shell - TS 1016 16K ram module boxed - loose TS 1000 The foam shells are not mint. They have masking tape on them. The magazines in the picture are not included. I decided that they would drive up the shipping cost too much. I'm asking $170 plus shipping. Thanks
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