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  1. this really could benefit from 2-button control to have the 2nd button cycle thru weapons, bypassing the vcs selector swich- plz somone put this one on yr to-do list! the game will be as improved as it can get if this happens!!
  2. could the code be fixed to make it more playable?
  3. i noticed on the update before last when i last rocked this (which i will again soon)- that it only works w/ joystick and not Sega controller. I was wondering if that was intentional, since most games usually are compatible w/ both- its forces me to use the joystick, and hey, out of ALLLLLLLL atari games, **THIS** prob is the one i prob most should be playing w/ my dusty ol Tac-2 joystick-- so yea just wondering k!
  4. Did they really have European/World electronics experts to back-engineer the TIA and other Atari designs in order the make these things?
  5. did you just 3D-print that thing my guy?
  6. now i cant get the 1st pitch to start on my light sixer- i played it the other day tough....its just stuck?!?!?
  7. after playing last night, i think it definetly would benefit from 2button control--
  8. you are the first to ever mention using the switch to switch weapons omg maybe THATS why i cant play the game---i gotta go thru this again, and yes i also support 2 button genesis controller hack, i bet it can be done, they've done some pretty complex ones- is that in the 1 pg manual- what switches, like both diffculty switches? yea i bet they can throw that over to a button- that'd be phat
  9. so the source code in the game he mentions............is that the crazy pixilated thing on the screen-part?
  10. the latest trend in vcs gaming!
  11. oh ive tried that one and its still impossible for me lol but on the one above i lasted the longest?!!
  12. theres a 2nd level to it?!?!?! i just watched a video? we cant hack the 2nd level out in a sepearte rom can we? i mean i dont wanna cheat or anything or destroy the fun, but i mean hell its so impossible itd be fun to rock that intersting looking shooter level-
  13. something in the "collision detection" or something else i do not really know or understand but something is better and more "playable", in the latest .bin posted--
  14. omg i think you really did it- im gonna load this up!!!!!
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