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  1. oh....oh my god..........oh god i think i get it---
  2. so, the latter is a atari fan hack, and the former is actually hacked by the infamous BitCorp?!?
  3. whoa- thanks my guy- yea paddles are cool i just know id have trouble finding the perfect set...
  4. no, im way into sega 1650 controller- id have to go all out and get a deluxe set cause im sure a used stock pair off the rack would be jittery--
  5. Is there a hack to make tac scan playable via joystick in port 1?
  6. god i like 20th cent fox a lot
  7. I think im gonna play this one a lot- and im looking at the Magnavox original and yours is more than a faithful port- wowow
  8. oh bingo!! i shall move it from HOMEBREWS-->SHOOTERS to MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY 2
  9. oh you have to hit them from the back side oh god wow
  10. wow, how do you play! i shoot but do youhave to shoot multiple times to kill one?
  11. the wizzard of wor arcade maze generator from a few weeks ago- was that similar?
  12. ok i can comfirm in the program in the pic above but i think it is in computer language
  13. im gonna just try in dl it im too interested
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