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  1. a nolan bushnell vcs innovation award goes to the person or team who sees it through. so this unocart using ace is a step above my Harmony cart? Well for this game i'd be all in. So basically instead of upgrading to Harmony Encore I'd upgrade to Uno? this is my favorite vcs demo!
  2. is this 2 player only?
  3. so does this rom somehow have a way of bypassing the vcs cpu and provides its own?
  4. i have never played a game like this before- it is so very different than the reflex skills of most other vcs games. It is much more modular. Its very different set of reflexes and there are a million things going on at once and its a great conversion for sure. The start menu is also fantastic, just like a real arcade
  5. and by clone i mean do whatever you want to w/ it..... but just also add similar TI logo font
  6. *if you can clone the TI-35 I will move your rom from DEMOS--->Tools--->Calculators to my TEXAS INSTRUMENTS folder and add a new folder SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS were i will put your homebrew, along w/ where i keep the "Fall Down" game, which originated on a TI-83, so in the TI-83 folder would be fall down and in the TI-35 folder, would be SciCalc2600, for example. My harmony cart folders are complex, but organized.
  7. so no one else went wozers over this, the virus, crazy times- I'm really impressed. So you wrote the calculator program which functions thru the tia and you literally can do calculations on the vcs. theres a basic 4k calculator rom somewhere on here, i knew this was done but yours is advancing on that.
  8. making it easier for another generation of people to hook on to this stuff. Lookin good.
  9. the 3d gun revamp looks really good
  10. yea- good work finding it my guy!
  11. about ten years ago i got my jacket re-zippered in the same blsg next door over where his office was, but this was years later im sure there were no red sea crossing there by this point
  12. thanks for posting that- i like that one as a demo
  13. any pre typed out game list to ponder?
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