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  1. you are the first to ever mention using the switch to switch weapons omg maybe THATS why i cant play the game---i gotta go thru this again, and yes i also support 2 button genesis controller hack, i bet it can be done, they've done some pretty complex ones- is that in the 1 pg manual- what switches, like both diffculty switches? yea i bet they can throw that over to a button- that'd be phat
  2. so the source code in the game he mentions............is that the crazy pixilated thing on the screen-part?
  3. the latest trend in vcs gaming!
  4. oh ive tried that one and its still impossible for me lol but on the one above i lasted the longest?!!
  5. theres a 2nd level to it?!?!?! i just watched a video? we cant hack the 2nd level out in a sepearte rom can we? i mean i dont wanna cheat or anything or destroy the fun, but i mean hell its so impossible itd be fun to rock that intersting looking shooter level-
  6. something in the "collision detection" or something else i do not really know or understand but something is better and more "playable", in the latest .bin posted--
  7. omg i think you really did it- im gonna load this up!!!!!
  8. did you "fix" the game dawg! it took me 11 seconds to die instead of the usual 4..........;) maybe ill load it on cart, lemme see if i can get the hang of it?
  9. oh the orig. programmers have them. oh thats cool at least someones got em. you really think mattel would go nutz if they got out?
  10. who are BSR? who is holding them?
  11. oh....oh my god..........oh god i think i get it---
  12. so, the latter is a atari fan hack, and the former is actually hacked by the infamous BitCorp?!?
  13. whoa- thanks my guy- yea paddles are cool i just know id have trouble finding the perfect set...
  14. no, im way into sega 1650 controller- id have to go all out and get a deluxe set cause im sure a used stock pair off the rack would be jittery--
  15. Is there a hack to make tac scan playable via joystick in port 1?
  16. I think im gonna play this one a lot- and im looking at the Magnavox original and yours is more than a faithful port- wowow
  17. oh bingo!! i shall move it from HOMEBREWS-->SHOOTERS to MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY 2
  18. oh you have to hit them from the back side oh god wow
  19. wow, how do you play! i shoot but do youhave to shoot multiple times to kill one?
  20. the wizzard of wor arcade maze generator from a few weeks ago- was that similar?
  21. ok i can comfirm in the program in the pic above but i think it is in computer language
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