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  1. Feel like I'm cheating using the moving thumbnails!! No movement seems really difficult to figure out.
  2. SMO was what convinced me to buy the Switch. My first "modern" console since the PS2. For me, it lived up to the hype. I've put 95 hours into it and now play it casually. If I'm in between games, I'll go look for a few more moons.
  3. Never played any 5200 games. So I'm interested in it for that, but I don't want to shell out the $40 for the 2600 and arcade titles that I've bought numerous times over.
  4. All I can say about that is thank goodness for checkpoints. I only game for about an hour or so a day. Some days not all, or on days off, more. But I try to anticipate checkpoints or something else that allows me stop around the time I want to when I'm playing those kinds of games.
  5. I'm glad I "predate" all consoles. I have fun playing everything. Modern yes. I mostly use my Switch at the moment.
  6. Spent $30 retail on 2600 Pac-man which the an inflation calculator says is around $80 today. Didn't spend full retail on a game again until this year with SMO and Doom for the Switch.
  7. Ps....call me "casual" all you want.....just don't call me late for dinner!!
  8. Exactly. If a game gets too hard this days, I lose interest real quick. Not going to waste my limited gaming time being extremely frustrated in order to "git gud." Thank you for posting your experience.....good reviews were getting me to consider buying Dark Souls. Don't need the aggravation.
  9. Not true...I'm 49. Anyway, I'm just now playing NES games due to the NES Classic and Switch Online. After being heavily into gaming from around 79-83...I lost interest by the time NES was on the market. I can't recall even knowing anyone who had one. Didn't start paying attention again until a friend of mine showed me the Sega Genesis. I enjoy games no matter when they came out. I still dig Pong. Back in the PS2 days....I went hardcore retro and was only playing VCS, Colecovision, O2 and Intellivision. Let my kids use the PS2 as a DVD player. I play everything now. Indeed, I love these "new to me" NES games!! Solomon's Key
  10. Been though it few times now. Must say I really enjoy this "dumb" game. It is dumb that's for sure....but I dig it!!!
  11. Once I got the hang of the Switch version, I thought it was a lot of fun. Hated the boss fights though. I gave up on the very last one at the end of the game. I'm considering playing the game again, and doing a more thorough job. Don't know if I want to download that 8 gb though. Maybe I don't have to? Anyway, I'm interested in this new one, minus boss fights.
  12. After burning my brain out on the stressful Hell of the Outlast Bundle, I've gotten back into SMO again. I'm only at around 450 moons, but I've been having fun. A few really nice surprises. Probably the most impressive game I've played and very relaxing (compared to Outlast).
  13. Yes, PB did a nice job on most VCS games. Wish they would of gotten the rights for DK. Interesting, I've read the opposite. SS came out after DK.
  14. I respectfully disagree. I do indeed find a hook there.
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