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  1. Yeah, "save" option right in front of my face. 😖 duh
  2. I just got done playing the 2 freebies in handheld mode. I didn't notice any problems. But what do I know. Didn't save my high scores though. Reset when I opened it back up. Maybe I'm missing something. As someone stated above, I'll grab the 3 pack when it goes on sale.
  3. That never occurred to me. Wondered about all those insane scores (duh!!). Guess I'll be mostly playing in high score mode from now on.
  4. I've had my Switch for 3 years. Still don't have BOTW. Always wanted it, but rationalized since I have Skyrim, 2 huge open world games would be too much (and maybe too similar of an experience?) OP : I enjoyed Star Ghost as a cheap deceptively simple shooter.
  5. On sale on the eshop for $15.99. Going to pull the trigger today.
  6. I downloaded the Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 three days ago. Eleven NES games. I'm really enjoying it. Much more so than I expected.
  7. I totaled 820 hours this year. Don't feel as bad now!!😁
  8. Just bought 3 more of these making my total 13. I'm really hoping they continue to put out early 80s titles. I'd love to see Mr. Do! get a release.
  9. Nice "re-imaging" of Mouse Trap. Need to get my ColecoVision out and play that version.
  10. Feel like I'm cheating using the moving thumbnails!! No movement seems really difficult to figure out.
  11. SMO was what convinced me to buy the Switch. My first "modern" console since the PS2. For me, it lived up to the hype. I've put 95 hours into it and now play it casually. If I'm in between games, I'll go look for a few more moons.
  12. Never played any 5200 games. So I'm interested in it for that, but I don't want to shell out the $40 for the 2600 and arcade titles that I've bought numerous times over.
  13. All I can say about that is thank goodness for checkpoints. I only game for about an hour or so a day. Some days not all, or on days off, more. But I try to anticipate checkpoints or something else that allows me stop around the time I want to when I'm playing those kinds of games.
  14. I'm glad I "predate" all consoles. I have fun playing everything. Modern yes. I mostly use my Switch at the moment.
  15. Spent $30 retail on 2600 Pac-man which the an inflation calculator says is around $80 today. Didn't spend full retail on a game again until this year with SMO and Doom for the Switch.
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