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  1. I don't know about the TMS9901 but a lot of my TMS9902 (both -4 and not) seem to run at 6mhz clock quite happily. That running the TMS99105 at 24mhz and the TMS9902 connected directly to CLKOUT.
  2. Hi all, This is the cpu board from a Fluke 1722A Instrumentation controller, normally used to control IEEE488 (yes the same as a PET) instruments. It's based around the TMS99105 cpu. It has 60K bytes (30 k words) of ram plus it has Macro ram. There is a bootloader in EPROM It has a 612 memory mapper and can take additional ram boards up to 1.5meg total. I've dumped the ROM if anybody fancys disassembling it. I don't know if the Macrostore ram will be loaded from the bootloader or if it happens later in the loading process. I've got this board booting using it's serial port for keyboard/ display (there is a separate video card) as far as looking for a floppy. I'm in contact with somebody who i hope has some disk images from a floppy emulator. If anybody is interested in more details please let me know.
  3. Doh, i already have a PDF of that book, Stuart has it on his site http://www.stuartconner.me.uk/tms99110_breadboard/downloads/the_99000_microprocessor_-_architecture_software_and_interface_techniques.pdf Good thing is was cheap, maybe i can do a better scan of it. Jim
  4. Yes, thank you, I've just ordered a copy from Amazon UK, only £2.21 GBP I'd never found that book as i'd searched for TMS99105 not TMS99000 Jim
  5. Did you mean TMX and TMP prefixes ? Jim
  6. I have 2 TMS99105 chips at the moment, 1 reads as a TMS99110 and the other doesn't. The Fluke 1722A and 1752A Instrumentation controllers use a TMS99105 cpu I've been trying to get hold of a system at sensible money for quite a while, have just manage to get hold of a cpu and video card. I also just bought a complete Fluke 1720A Instrumentation controller, i couldn't find anything about them on the net so i took a chance. Turns out the 1720A is based on a TI 9900 cpu not the TMS99105, not to worry, still interesting, due to get here from the US on Monday. The main issue with getting these doing something seems to be getting hold of the Fluke FDOS floppy discs to boot them. Jim
  7. Can't you just use a shift register and clock a 1 bit into it. Then the outputs will give you 1 to 8 wait states (for a 8 bit shift register). I've got a 99105 based system running with a 9901 on it, but the 9901 is on a E-Bus card not on the cpu card. It's a few years since i worked on it, need to get back to it. Jim
  8. I didn't think the 99000 existed as a specific chip, i thought it was just a name for the 99xxx series of chips, the 99105, 99110 and the probably never made 99120. Jim
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