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  1. Thank you for your answers. Today it is very difficult to contact Telesys. I've only got the names of some of its members, but nothing more. About the case of Capcom vs. Data East, I want to mention that I read about it and also about some other cases (such as Sega against EA, Fox Interactive and Radical Games, and another case in which EA sued Zynga). That's why I have the concern. Anyway, my game will have no relationship with Ram It (that's why I will not even use a name that resembles it), except the use of the same basic mechanics. Moreover, I do not have access to the source code of Ram it, so I will write the source code of my game completely, create the designs, compose the music, etc. I would like to get something that brings new ideas, but without losing the essence. I will wait for more answers to have a more generalized vision, but I greatly appreciate yours.
  2. I intend to create a game for HTML5 based on Ram It. It would be a modern version of it, with music, power-ups, new graphics and other features that Ram It did not have (in addition to a completely different name). However, before starting to develop anything I would like to know if I could have a legal problem from Atari or Telesys because of the similarities between both games. I have read about several projects of this type that Atari has taken off for not having agreed. The truth is that my game would not be a port (as I just mentioned), but something like a remake that would include several things that have occurred to me and with which the original concept did not count (that in essence; it may be that over time my product will be a quite different game, but for now I plan to do something faithful to the original concept, but with additional content). I have searched for information in order to contact Telesys, but it seems impossible. Would it be appropriate to write to Atari and request written permission? Thanks in advance!
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