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  1. Now this seems like one of those advantages over the NES/SMS that would have really wowed customers back in the day.
  2. Whoa whoa whoa... I know it's just an analogy but gold plating a Ferrari is just plain immoral. I have to be able to eat tonight you know.
  3. Just looked it up...holy mackerel the theme song on that is gooooooood
  4. I actually started designing on an atomic pi case....it got a little out of hand because I love sheetmetal construction. Anyway I'm waiting for some funds to do a prototype.
  5. I like this - I'm definitely down to design the cartridge caddy casing.
  6. A 30 dollar game in 1987 would cost 64 now due to inflation. It's amazing to me with the limited run that the dev's were able to offer this, a professionally built game for what would've been a fair price for an Atari game back then, not to mention the exemplary production values in it.
  7. I would figure any new-build hardware may as well be an improvement, since both avenues are backwards-compatible (the 99/8 and the Geneve) - which is why I lean towards the Geneve when doing hypotheticals, it being the biggest improvement. I figure priced well enough it might engender more homebrew for the original Geneves as well. If you really wanted to jumpstart homebrew development, you could also release a devkit/emulator disguised as a "fantasy" console, like the Pico-8.
  8. I've put some thought into it. I know that there's quite a few custom chips in the 99/8 to contend with. There is also the option to produce new build Myarc boards, possibly even putting the myarc architecture into new cases.
  9. Bmack had a good amount of input too. We bounced a couple of ideas back and forth - especially the power and reset buttons. The controller-knob-as-buttons was his idea.
  10. Okay...I want one. I don't even have a pro system yet...or the money. But when I do I want this in my collection
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