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  1. Saw this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/99-4A-command-Module-Internal-Board-Prototype-Texas-Instruments-CB-Wilson-Estate/193901361471?hash=item2d256bf93f:g:Z98AAOSw-XBgLwXX Apparently came from the estate of CB Wilson, who my Dad recalled as a very good engineer. It looks like a command module to me (although I've never pulled apart a sidecar either.) Might be interesting.
  2. Sorry to hear that TSH. Hope you change your mind someday.
  3. Been thinking about this. With the process described by TailChao, would it be preferable to use 320A for the larger amount of available colors as well as the lack of placement restrictions? (If I'm doing the math right)
  4. It's in the 160 mode. Hes probably changing out some palettes on each screen.
  5. I use http://www.ariaqvt.com/ for all my needs. It's an old family friend - a former UK TIer named Raj Gunawardana. Dont be fooled, hes a native/fluent English speaker. Good quality control, low price. Tell him Larry's son sent you.
  6. Sooo.... You don't know this, but I'm actually a Texas Instruments fanboy, pretty much. But not of the TI-99/4a, although I like it. I'm a fan of the TI Professional Computer and its derivatives. I'm also a fan of their failed computer projects, and among them is the TMS340x0 graphics processor line. The creator (Karl Guttag) wanted it to be the GPU/CPU for a video game console, but that never happened. A friend of the family named Raj worked at TI Bedford when it was being developed and ended up being the local guru for the architecture. It was eventually used in some arcade machines like Hard Drivin'. There's a little known demo from 1987 on youtube for that particular graphics processor showing a game. It's called Captain Pixel, and it was written by Michael Denio. I think this was the precursor to Captain Comic. Here's a link:
  7. Btw, I have two boxed copies of Captain Comic II that I can take pictures of for you if you need artwork references.
  8. LOL, Captain Comic was actually on my shortlist of good port candidates! That'll be awesome to see TSH, and it already looks pretty darn good.
  9. I'd very much like to see an Intellivision FPGA system that fits the system specs for the proposed Intellivision IV.
  10. Now this seems like one of those advantages over the NES/SMS that would have really wowed customers back in the day.
  11. Whoa whoa whoa... I know it's just an analogy but gold plating a Ferrari is just plain immoral. I have to be able to eat tonight you know.
  12. Just looked it up...holy mackerel the theme song on that is gooooooood
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