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  1. I actually started designing on an atomic pi case....it got a little out of hand because I love sheetmetal construction. Anyway I'm waiting for some funds to do a prototype.
  2. I like this - I'm definitely down to design the cartridge caddy casing.
  3. A 30 dollar game in 1987 would cost 64 now due to inflation. It's amazing to me with the limited run that the dev's were able to offer this, a professionally built game for what would've been a fair price for an Atari game back then, not to mention the exemplary production values in it.
  4. I would figure any new-build hardware may as well be an improvement, since both avenues are backwards-compatible (the 99/8 and the Geneve) - which is why I lean towards the Geneve when doing hypotheticals, it being the biggest improvement. I figure priced well enough it might engender more homebrew for the original Geneves as well. If you really wanted to jumpstart homebrew development, you could also release a devkit/emulator disguised as a "fantasy" console, like the Pico-8.
  5. I've put some thought into it. I know that there's quite a few custom chips in the 99/8 to contend with. There is also the option to produce new build Myarc boards, possibly even putting the myarc architecture into new cases.
  6. Bmack had a good amount of input too. We bounced a couple of ideas back and forth - especially the power and reset buttons. The controller-knob-as-buttons was his idea.
  7. Okay...I want one. I don't even have a pro system yet...or the money. But when I do I want this in my collection
  8. Aha...DMA time. There's the bottleneck I was expecting. So, if I understand this correctly, MARIA halts the 6502 to read the DLL, determines which display list to generate, goes out and finds all the appropriate elements, then determines what pixels will be in the raster, and finally outputs the raster. Just trying to clear this up so I can theorycraft some more.
  9. That's pretty much what I was looking for. The Sally-Maria interface is so quirky though that I don't know if there'd be any bottlenecks or anything like that that would make this idea a non-starter.
  10. Hi all, First post in the A7800 forum for me. I'm mostly a TI-99 guy, but the 7800 has interested me since I heard about it from this forum. I think it's a shame it never really had a chance to shine (kinda like my brother's Jaguar and my own Lynx). I've been reading a lot of this forum since then and although I don't have a 7800, I'm pretty interested in getting one and seeing what it can do, and what it could have done. I'm a machinist so I have tons of time to think when I'm doing a production job in front of the lathe. And yesterday I got to thinking about 320B mode and Nintendo's MMCs. From the software guide I gather Maria stops the processor while doing two jobs, assembling the Line RAM and then displaying. Unfortunately, while I understand some of what's happening, I don't understand most and I certainly don't grok it. So I came up with some questions: Would it be possible to build an IC to mount in the cartridge that you could offload assembling the Line RAM to, and if you could, would that actually reduce the amount of time Maria has to use Sally's resources? Would that make 320B viable for a full background including sprites? Would it have been possible to do this in 1988-90? I'm trying to find a period correct solution. No ARM shoved into the cart.
  11. Not really sure. I think I'm going to do my final setup and then finally get back to designing my cartridge scheme. I'd like to finish the designs for all of them and then start costing out injection molds. They're simple shapes, I think my machines can handle it.
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